3 Mental Health Benefits of Owning a Dog

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The dog is the favorite pet animal. The study of science shows several psychological and health benefits of having a dog as a pet. According to the data, 74% of world people love to have a dog as a pet. Dogs are great friends and are the pet of choice for many because they make themselves loved. Dogs treat us in a particular way, without judging us.

But what are the benefits of having a dog at home? How does this pet affect our health? Having a dog gives mental and psychically health in important aspects of your health and wellbeing.

Having a dog is a big responsibility. Therefore, having a dog as a pet can make you learn great lessons about life. You have to feed them, get them out to do their needs, need to be educated, etc.  

Having a dog requires discipline, motivation and also requires proper economic management. Unfortunately, there are people who buy one on a whim and then realize that a dog needs to be taken care of. That is why it is important to love dogs as they love us.

Healthy Exercise Company

Patients with mental health problems, enjoy animal therapy which helps them to reduce their anxiety levels more than other conventional therapies. Pets for depression and anxiety offer the unconditional love that is very useful for people with mental health problems.

All those who have dogs can enjoy an afternoon walking with dogs. Other pets provide many benefits, but it is not very common to take a cat (who usually enjoy more freedom) or a rabbit. Dogs need to leave home to do their needs several times a day, and they need long walks to enjoy a healthy life. Accompanying them on these walks also benefits you, because walking is an excellent aerobic exercise.

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Going for a walk for mental health animal with the dog is an excellent opportunity to lose weight and enjoy greater cardiovascular health thanks to physical exercise. But also, it is a great opportunity to meet new people. The parks where dogs usually go running are full of people who enjoy the same hobby as you.

Growing up in a house with dogs helps you and your children safe from allergies throughout their lives. This is what a study carried out by a group of researchers. Interestingly, dogs have the positive effect of keeping secure the likelihood of developing allergies.

Reducing Stress Level

It is difficult to get distracted from alternative ways that are not television or the Internet, but next to a dog it is much easier and recreational to reduce the stress level of our mind, for example, when taking it out for a walk or playing with it. Dog makes it easier for us to be distracted and clear our mind. It even encourages us to exercise and, as was proven in a study, it keeps us in better physical condition than those who do not have dogs.

A lot of studies have shown that dogs reduce stress levels. Stroking your dog, playing with it or simply noticing your love can reduce your stress level daily. Science shows that having a dog reduces hormones related to stress therefore pets for depression and anxiety reducing is best.

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Spending time with dogs is good for our cardiovascular health, which connects with stress healing. Several studies have shown that having a dog reduces the chance of having stress which automatically help reduces the heart attack by up to 40%. It has also been proven that the purring of the dogs contributes to lower blood pressure and strengthens the bones besides it is a delight to listen and feel it.

It can also help people with chronic pain, such as fibromyalgia, whose patients have felt a significant relief when carrying out therapies with dogs. This, even, reduces the patient’s need for medication.

Dog as a pleasant pet provides many psychological, social and physical benefits. The company with dogs benefits children, adolescents, the elderly, the mentally ill, etc. They are the best source that helps achieve benefits and improvements in people.

Happier And Secure Life

Pets for depression and anxiety reducing are a perfect company because they are there for us in good times and bad times. In fact,  loneliness can increase the risk of death and dogs will not leave you alone. Researchers have shown that dog keepers tend to suffer less depression, as being in the care of these animals provides valuable companionship and helps people to be more positive.

Having a dog at home helps the person feel more confident and more protected. It can also help avoid states such as depression due to feelings of loneliness, as your company encourages physical contact and communication. The owners of pets, after sharing a game, experience an increase in oxytocin, stimulates the production of serotonin and dopamine, at the same time that cortisol is decreased, all these hormones help Decrease stress levels and they are a good antidote against depression.

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Dogs are an effective source of security system, in addition to alerting you to the presence of strangers with their barking, dogs are also protected with their owners. Surely if you need help, where he will be to protect you. Without a doubt, dogs increase your sense of security.

Dogs can be very funny and can make you have great moments. Dogs with an early age of children can help the child to enjoy the company of a dog.  As we get older, have a partner with whom to go for a walk on the beach, to run or just to play a little with the ball, it entertains us and allows us to spend great moments with him.

Including the above benefits, there is nothing more effective in creating responsibility in a child than giving them a dog. This allows them to develop care about a being that depends on it. Having a dog allows them to learn to set priorities based on the animal’s needs. In the case of children, it is ideal because it not only fosters responsibility but also respects other beings. Dogs are ideal to create these values in the youngest, being care animals and stimulate the emotional bond the child feels responsible for him and for his care.


Many have proven that there is no greater happiness than to share life with a dog. That limpid and honest love that awakens us is a mystery, but intuitively the owner of the dog can experience it. In the same way, we also feel its benefits to our mental health even if they are inexplicable or, in many cases, we do not realize that they are due to frequent contact with owning a dog. However, these benefits have been explained by science in various studies and investigations that are little more than surprising. Dogs have the ability to cure some diseases whether physical, mental or spiritual or at least make them more bearable. They are even capable of making us more long-lived.

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