Hello everyone and welcome to my site HayFarmGuy.com

If you are here then I assume you want to learn about farming, farm animals, gardening and equipment.

My name is Alex Kountry, and I am the owner and Chief Editor of this website and you can contact me here.

I have always loved farming and owning my own farm has been a life long dream.

This website has been created to help anyone who needs adequate and excellent information on how to start and run their own farms.

I have also assembled a team of very experience and detailed authors to also share their insights and advice on how to start your own farm and rear farm animals.

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Chukay Alex

Chukay, is a fantastic pet writer/blogger and writes professionally for many websites and magazines. He is currently building a pond in her front garden and is looking forward to owning a Gerbil after writing some recent articles on them which get her hooked!

Here are some examples of his writings

Kloee Ngozi

Kloee is an avid gardener and backyard farm that loves to tend to her gardens. She writes most of our garden and garden care articles, seeing as she is our go to expert for all things gardens.

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