Are Bees Good Luck? (Explained)

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Ever wondered if bees are good luck? Or what about if they have some supernatural beliefs to them.

Well, this might sound a bit strange, asking if bees are good luck or not. There are a lot of superstitious beliefs when it comes to bees.

Bees being good luck is one of such superstitious beliefs. So, yes bees are good luck. According to beliefs, If a bee flies into the house it is a sign of great good luck, or of the arrival of a stranger; however, the luck will only hold if the bee is allowed to either stay or fly out of the house of its own accord.

If you kill the bee, you will have bad luck, or the visitor will be unpleasant.

Are bees good luck or bad luck?

Are Bees Good Luck

Well, bees could be of good luck and they can bad luck.

It is said that bees are a symbol of wealth, good luck and prosperity since ancient times.

Charms made with honey bees are said to be good luck for attracting wealth. Therefore, the color gold is associated with wealth.

It is also believed that if a bee lands on your hand, you are very lucky indeed!

When this happens, it is advised that you sit quietly and try not to frighten the bee because a bee on your hand is a sure sign that money is on its way to you!

If a bee lands on your head, you can expect to be congratulated. You are going to have great success! And if a bee flies into your home, it is considered very good luck.

But, a bee can also be of bad luck when you give it away or chase it away.

Also, if you kill a bee, you will have bad luck. If a swarm of bees is settling on the roof of a house, it is a bad omen that means the house will burn down.

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What does the honey bee symbolize?

Honey bees are considered to symbolize something extremely auspicious throughout the world and this is because they have played an important part in symbolism since Ancient times.

The list of the virtues of the bee is quite long. Honey bees have been considered to be messengers of the spirit world in many cultures.

Bees also symbolizes wisdom and immortality, love and also fidelity and virginity.

They also represent industry. Bees are also believed to have knowledge of the future and secret matters.

 Is it lucky to have a bee hive at home?

Well, there are several reasons bees build nests near homes, or in the homes of people. Bees need to build their nests into cover in order to protect them from predators and rivals.

And homes provide a great safe cover that can be difficult for bees to find in the wild.

Anyway, the bee hive isn’t just built in your home for nothing. Bees bring good luck to your home as they come. So, yes, It is lucky to have a bee hive at your home.

Is it mean to take honey from bees?

Honey is meal with lots of nutritional value for humans, only that it is a food that humans cannot produce. Honey bees are the only ones that can produce this honey.

So, the desire for honey consumption humans has led to the increase of beekeeping – an art of keeping bee hives that has been practiced for several centuries now.

In beekeeping, honey is only one of the few products harvested from beehives, with the others being beeswax, propolis and royal jelly.

Each beehive product is used for different purposes and applications, and each product is sustainably harvested.

So, no, it is not mean to take honey away from bees, and this is asides the fact that honey is good for human consumption. Bees can adapt to the loss of their honey resources.

 Also, the fact that it is not mean to take honey from bees, doesn’t mean that the beekeepers are to take away all the bees’ supply of honey. 

Good beekeepers are to make sure to leave adequate honey in the beehive for the survival of the bee colony.

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Do bees have a spiritual meaning?

Bees have a lot of things that it symbolizes, and yes, it has a spiritual meaning. Spiritually, bees have significant meaning.

They are progressive, industrious, and hard-working, hence the term “busy bee”.

Bees are symbolic, and they represent  the ultimate degree of fertility and sexuality, their by-products being the sweet honey of life.

If by chance, you get stung by a bee, spiritually, the message is to wake up! Follow the rhythm of your own heartbeat. Listen to your true self, your higher self. Heed your inner voice and wisdom.

What does a bee symbolize in Christianity?

There are various meanings and symbols to bees. When it comes to Christainity, bees symbolizes a female prophet in the Bible.

Bees symbolizes the name Deborah in the Bible. She was a judge in Israel and many refer to her as the mother of Israel.

Her story can be read in the Book of Judges chapter 4 and 5.

Also in christainity, bees symbolizes the attributes of Jesus because they have all the important  virtues – unselfishness, cleanliness, courage, sociability, wisdom, chastity, administrative skills and spirituality.

The bee’s sting is also seen to symbolize the cross.

Are bees a good sign?

Let me guess, you’re probably one of those who fret at the sight of bees?

And this could be the reason you wanted to find out if bees are a good sign. Well, you’re not alone in this, I also wanted to know if bees were a good sign because of this.

Yes, bees are a good sign and this is because they depict the stinging Cupid – the god of love and desire.

Bees symbolizes love and then when they come close to you, they bring good luck your way.

What does it mean if you kill a bee?

Bees are quite protective of themselves, so, killing one of them is setting off an alarm to the colony and they might attack.

First of all, when you kill a bee, it means bad luck and this is because bees generally bring you good luck, but killing them bring you the exact opposite – bad luck.

However, killing a bee brings you more than bad luck. It will also earn you a swarm of bees attack.

The attack happens because bees give off a pheromone that attracts other bees when they die.

Is there a spiritual meaning for bees landing on you?

Generally, bees are flying insects with great significance to the earth, and there’s every possibility that while flying, bees could land on you.

However, is there a spiritual meaning to bees landing on you? Yes. There are various spiritual meanings to bees landing on you.

Bees landing on you could mean success and progression in your life. It could also mean a confirmation to an idea that you have.


Generally, bees are good luck. It’s possible to be scared of them because they sting.

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