Are Cats Afraid of Owls?

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A common question we are asked is if cats are afraid of owls. The answer is yes, they definitely are!

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Most people think that cats are afraid of owls because they are natural predators. However, this is not always the case. While some cats may be afraid of owls, others may see them as nothing more than a harmless bird. It really depends on the individual cat’s personality and experiences.

What do we know about cats and owls?

Cats are often afraid of owls because they are predators. Owls can also be a threat to cats because they can prey on them. However, we do not know a lot about the relationship between these two animals.

Cats are predators

Most people think of cats as timid, skittish creatures that are afraid of just about everything. But the truth is, cats are natural predators. In the wild, they hunt small animals for food. So when they see an owl, their instinct is to kill it.

Now, most domestic cats will never actually attack an owl. But they may hiss at it or try to chase it away. And if they do catch an owl, they could seriously injure or even kill it. So if you have a cat and an owl in your backyard, it’s best to keep them separate.

Owls are predators

Owls are predators. Cats are their prey. It’s that simple. When an owl sets its sights on a cat, the cat is in trouble. There’s no mistaking the intent of an owl’s gaze; it is a cold, calculating look that says, “I’m going to eat you.”

cats have every reason to be afraid of owls. Fortunately for cats, owls are not particularly common predators, and most cats will never have to experience the terror of being hunted by one of these majestic birds.

Do cats see owls as a threat?

It is a common belief that cats are afraid of owls. Some people think that it is because they are nocturnal predators and their hunting habits are similar to those of cats. Others believe that it is because owls are larger than most birds and their pellets contain bones and fur that resemble those of a cat.

Cats are attracted to owls

While it is true that cats are naturally afraid of predators, they are also attracted to anything that moves quickly. Owls are one of the few animals that can fly without making a sound, and this makes them very intriguing to cats. In addition, owls eat small mammals, so a cat’s natural curiosity may lead it to see an owl as a potential source of food.

Cats are afraid of owls

It is a common misconception that cats are afraid of owls because they are natural predators. However, the truth is that most cats are not afraid of owls at all and will not avoid them when they see one.

There are a few reasons why cats might be afraid of owls, including the fact that owls are much larger than cats and have sharp claws and beaks. Additionally, some owls hunt during the daytime, which can startle a cat that is not expecting to see an owl. However, for the most part, cats are not particularly afraid of owls and will go about their business as usual when one is nearby.


It seems that, while some cats may be afraid of owls, others are not. If your cat is afraid of owls, there are a few things you can do to help them feel more comfortable. First, try to keep them indoors at night when owls are most active. You can also provide them with a safe space, such as a room with no windows, where they can go to feel more secure. Finally, try to create a calm environment for your cat by keeping noise and activity levels low in the house.

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