Are Cordless Secateurs Any Good? (Explained for Beginners)

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Tending to our yards and gardening is a healthy activity for both the mind and the body that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. 

This comes with a lot of advantages which include tasty fruits, vegetables, and herbs that you can grow.

However, every gardener needs a tool that can make gardening fun and help keep our garden and plants in a healthy state. 

What about cordless secateurs? “Are cordless secateurs any good?” we will find that out in a bit.

Are Cordless Secateurs Any Good?

Are Cordless Secateurs Any Good

Cordless secateurs are great for carrying out your gardening activities. They make gardening a lot easier and faster. 

Who says pruning jobs has to be tedious and stressful?

Cordless secateurs relieve stress and pressure on the joints of the fingers, hands, and wrists.

These kinds of secateurs have the strength to prune hard branches of trees and shrubs up to two centimeters thick. 

These handheld pruning shears are most commonly used to make cuts around the yard.

However, they can also be used in other ways.

Continue reading to find out more about this amazing tool.

Why Buy A Cordless Secateurs?


1. They are portable

Cordless secateurs are far more portable than corded secateurs. They are a lot easier to carry around.

This quality makes them an excellent option to consider. 

It is important to know that some products are more portable than others. This is a well-known fact among garden tools. 

However, if you want a more portable secateur, keep that in mind while you shop.

2. Mobility

You can move around while working with cordless secateurs. To complete a task, you do not need to be near a power outlet.

There’s also no need to be concerned about cord extension.

With cordless secateurs, you can reach tall trees and maneuver around them without constraint.


1. The possibility of running out of power 

One disadvantage of using cordless secateurs is this. It can be devastating to run out of battery, especially while you’re in the middle of pruning.

Some batteries have a longer life span. However, the majority of them are merely temporary.

Some last for at least 30 minutes before needing to be recharged. This will certainly restrict your tasks and cause you to operate more slowly.

2. It requires more expenses

Investing in cordless secateurs would be more costly. This is something you should be aware of before purchasing one.

If you’re going to use cordless secateurs, you’ll need to get an extra set of batteries.

This is one way to ensure speed while using these tools. And it will almost certainly cost you more.

Things To Look Out For Before Buying A Cordless Secateurs

In order not to go shopping blindly, I have compiled a list of things to keep in mind before buying a cordless secateur.

Battery capacity

When it comes to cordless secateurs, batteries are essential factors to consider. When you’re out shopping, look for cordless secateurs with a larger battery capacity.

It would be fantastic if the battery could last for 6-8 hours. Even if you decide to get an extra battery, this will save you time. 

Most products come with indicators that show how much battery life is left. This is another trait to look out for as it will give you the ability to plan ahead of time.

Lightweight and maneuverable secateurs

When choosing cordless secateurs, it’s best to choose those that are lightweight. This makes it easier to control.

Pruning is a piece of cake with lightweight and maneuverable designs. Furthermore, you will certainly enjoy the process.

Ergonomic grip

This feature is very important not just for cordless secateurs but for every kind of pruning tool. Ergonomically designed tools reduce repetitive hand injuries, fatigue, wrist strains, etc.

Selecting tools with this feature guarantees your safety while you carry out your pruning tasks. 

Handle compatibility

Secateurs are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate both small and large hands. This should make choosing the right one easy.

For secateurs to perform well, they should be comfortable in your hand and have a smooth-operating catch.

Handles should be comfortable to hold, especially when opening and closing blades for cutting. 

If you have a weak grip or small hands, it is recommended you choose one which would be comfortable and easy to use.

Here is an article I wrote on secateurs with long handles

Coatings for blades

Blade coatings are designed to protect your blades. They keep the blades from rusting, but the coating may wear away over time. 

The base coating comes in different varieties. Let us take a look at the variety of coatings that would enable you to make the right selection. 

Stainless steel: Stainless steel is a low-maintenance, corrosion-resistant, and attractive material that is preferred in many commercial applications. 

This is because it is protected by a layer of chromium oxide. However, it is not as long-lasting as the other materials.

Steel made of carbon: Carbon steel is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a low-cost metal.

This is because of the high carbon content, it is more durable. However, carbon steel is highly corrosive.

Titanium plating: One of titanium’s most notable advantages is its strength. It is one of the world’s strongest and most durable metals.

This is why it is used in so many industrial applications. It is long-lasting, corrosion-resistant, and strong. 

Are Cordless Secateurs Good For Pruning?

Cordless secateurs are good for pruning. Most products come with directions on how to use them.

This makes it easier to use them. 

Pruning is an important part of gardening. It has been practiced for years before secateurs were invented. 

Pruning is simply the removal or reduction of parts of plants or trees that are no longer required for their growth.

Are Cordless Secateurs More Powerful Than Others?

Cordless secateur is a powerful product that would save you time and energy. It would serve its purpose based on its required task. 

However, they aren’t more powerful than other secateurs. Every kind of garden tool has a unique quality that makes it stand out.

They have disadvantages as well. 

The best secateur for you is dependent on the nature of your farm. Nonetheless, cordless secateurs can get the job done faster. 

What Are The Best Cordless Secateurs? 

Who does not love good products? This is why choosing the right secateurs varies depending on specific needs.

I have recommended a few products below. 

1. KOHAM cordless secateurs

KOHAM Professional Cordless Electric Pruning Shears with 2pcs Backup Rechargeable 2Ah Lithium...
  • ✔ Extra Sharp & Super-Powered: KOHAM professional cordless pruning shear blade is forged from Top SK5 high carbon...
  • ✔ Long Working Time & Durable: 2 pcs rechargeable 2Ah lithium batteries, long battery life, help to cut about...
  • ✔ Safety Charger & Planet-friendly battery: KOHAM is the only powered pruner with a charger that passed the [UL...
  • ✔ Portable & Ergonomic Handle: Compact design with good material make users operate it flexibly in different...
  • ✔ Wide Range Uses & Save Time & Effortless: KOHAM electric pruning shears solves the problem of a laborious and...

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This product is lightweight and simple to use. It has a sharp blade made of SK5 alloy that is designed to give you a clean cut.

When pruning your plants, whether trees, shrubs, or other plants in the garden, you want to provide the cleanest cut possible.

Furthermore, this secateur includes a powerful battery. It comes with two rechargeable 2A lithium batteries that have a maximum run time of 7 hours.

Because this product is of high quality, it is quite expensive.

Product Specifications 

Blade material: carbon steel

Cutting capacity: 0.87 inch

Batteries: (2) 7.2V rechargeable 2Ah lithium

Cutting hours: 4 to 7 hours

Weight: 1.38 lbs

Dimensions: 13” x 6” x 4”

Warranty: 1 year

This product comes with;

· Pruning shears

· 2 lithium-ion batteries

· 1 adapter for charging

· 2 toolkits

· Box made of paper

· Bottle of lubricating oil (oil not included)

2. KOMOK professional cordless secateurs 

KOMOK Electric Pruning Shears, Professional Cordless Electric Pruner, Battery Powered Tree Branch...
  • 【Non-stick DLC Coating】 Low-friction coating helps blades glide through wood, prevents the blades from gumming...
  • 【Very Sharp & Strong Power】 -- KOMOK electric pruning shears blades forged from sk5 high carbon steel and...
  • 【Battery Long Time Working】 -- This battery operated pruners comes with 2pcs batteries, 2ah large capacity,...
  • 【Portable & Save Your Hands】 -- The comfortable ergonomic non-slip handle design makes work much easier and...
  • 【Safety Switch】-- The KOMOK pruning shears have a built-in safety switch to prevent children from accidentally...

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This product is long-lasting. We all want our appliances to serve their purpose and give us our money’s worth, so look no further. 

This is a very sharp and powerful pair of secateurs. The blades are constructed of SK5 carbon steel.

The brushless motor, which is powered by two rechargeable batteries and has a maximum power of 600 watts, provides the power.

This product also comes with a pair of gloves. This is a safety gesture by the producers to ensure the safety of their customers.

Product Specifications

Blade material: carbon steel

Cutting capacity: 1.2 inches

Batteries: (2) rechargeable 2Ah lithium

Cutting hours: 6 to 8 hours

Weight: 1.5 lbs

Dimensions: 11.02” x 4.49” x 2.52 inches

Warranty: 18 months

This product comes with;

· Pruning shears

· 2 lithium-ion batteries

· 1 adapter for charging

· Toolbox

· Case for tools

· Work gloves for manual labor

3. KUN-TING Devon Cordless Pruning Shears

Kun-ting Cordless Pruning Shears are small, light, and simple to use, and they come with a portable carrying case. 

The double trigger safety button means that you must first activate the safety button before you can begin cutting, ensuring the user’s safety.

Product Details

Built-in 4v lithium-ion battery

Battery charge time 1 hour

Teflon coated steel blade

Double trigger safety button

Cuts branches up to 14mm

LED light for more ease of use

This product comes with;

· Spare blades are available

· Carrying case


Cordless secateurs makes excellent gardening tools. These tools make gardening easier and faster.

These tools are quite portable and easy to move when pruning.

However, they are quite expensive tools to have. And, having cordless secateurs with a low battery capacity can slow down your work.

Battery capacity is one important factor to consider when purchasing a cordless secateurs. This can save you time.

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