Are Gardening Gloves Waterproof? (Answered)

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Gardening gloves are the delight of gardeners.

These gloves help them to keep their hands and especially fingernails clean and protected from infection.

Gardening gloves protects their hands also from cuts, blisters and bites while gardening or doing some work in the yard.

Are gardening gloves waterproof? In addition to these amazing benefits, gardening gloves are also waterproof. This means that gardeners can keep their hands dry while gardening!

While doing moisture related work in the garden, your hands won’t be getting muddy or wet.

Because of these gloves, wet tasks like irrigation do not scare farmers anymore.

Even if you’re hands deep into the soil, you can boast of clean and dry hands after doing hours of work, because the gloves shelters your hands completely.

What are gardening gloves made of?

Are Gardening Gloves Waterproof

Gardening gloves are made from different materials, and your choice may depend on your preference or the task you’ll be using it for.

We have gloves made from cotton, nitrile, suede, latex etc. Let’s talk about a few.

Cloth or cotton gloves are made from cotton or knit jersey.

They are soft and can be worn all year round because they are lightweight.

They can also be washed by machines.

They cannot however protect your hands from chemicals, bites or thorns and they are not water resistant.

Leather gloves.

These gardening gloves are made of leathers.

They can be real cowhide leather or leathers from other animals. 

They have spandex to give extra comfort and to have a better fit.

They are extra thick and protect your hands from thorns, rocks etc.

They also last long and are water and soil resistant.

Bamboo garden gloves.

These gloves are made with natural bamboo fiber with a seamless liner.

They are comfortable and fit snugly to the hands.

The palms of the gloves are also coated with foam latex.

Rubber gloves.

These gloves are sturdy and durable.

They are made from rubbers and can protect the hands from chemicals like pesticides and herbicides.

You should avoid them however if you are allergic to latex.

They can also make hands hot and sweaty.

What should I look for in a gardening glove?

Gardening gloves are essential in gardening, whether in a personal or professional capacity.

Getting the right gloves is also very important if you are going to have the best experience of using one.

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1. Durability.

When choosing a gardening gloves to buy, ensure you consider its durability.

You don’t want to buy garden gloves every month or season.

That would be too expensive and an inconvenience.

If you can afford it and it fits your style, leather gloves are a good choice.

Synthetic ones are cheaper and not diminished in quality

2. Fit.

It is important you go for a glove that fits your hands snugly.

This gives you comfort and ease of use.

Gloves shouldn’t be too big or too tight. If it’s too loose, dirt, insects or chemicals could get it while you are gardening.

If it’s too tight, you’ll find working difficult and the glove will wear out fast.

You can opt for one with an adjustable cuff at the wrist.

3. Water resistant/ non absorbent.

Garden gloves protect more when they are non absorbent.

This protects your hands from chemicals, dirt and water.

You don’t want your hands all muddy and wet after gardening.

Leather and rubber gloves are some of the waterproof gloves available.

4. Length.

What you look for in garden gloves may depend on what kind of gardening you’ll be doing.

This will determine the length you’ll be going for.

If you’re going to be handling roses, pruning trees or dealing with poison ivy, then you should go for gloves with long cuffs.

There are gloves that have cuffs that go all the way to the elbow.

These gloves better protect your hands and skin from harm.

How long do gardening gloves lasts?

The durability of a gardening gloves depends on the type and the materials used.

Cotton gloves do not last long.

They may not even last a season.

There are also disposable gloves.

Those ones are discarded almost immediately after use.

Some gloves like leather gloves however lasts longer.

Some even last for years.

So before you purchase a gardening gloves, check its features and durability.

Make a research and be sure it is one that lasts long.

Can you wash gardening gloves?

Of course gardening gloves are washable.

This is especially true for the non disposable ones.

Gardening gloves aren’t to be thrown away after use or used dirty over and over again.

Ensure you wash your gloves and dry it after use.

Are gardening gloves machine washable?

Yes, gardening gloves are machine washable.

Whether cotton, nitrile, knit or latex gloves, you can wash your gloves in the machine.

You shouldn’t mix colors together however.

Don’t wash white gloves with colored clothes and don’t wash colored gloves with white clothes.

What are the benefits of using waterproof gloves?

1. Waterproof gloves protect the hands from getting wet and muddy.

It also protect your hands from itchiness, skin irritations and redness.

2. They also protect your hands from cuts, bristles and bites and protect existing cuts on your hands from getting infected.

3. Waterproof gloves can also protect your hands from chemicals you may use in your garden.

Can you use latex gloves for gardening?

Yes, you can use latex gloves for gardening.

They are good in gripping tools and seeds.

They also protect your hands from chemicals like fertilizers while gardening.

Can you wash suede gardening gloves?

Yes, suede gardening gloves can be washed.

You can wash them by hand and also with a washer.

Salt solution with mild soap in cold water works well. You can also add some drops of olive oil.

Can you wash rubber gardening gloves?

Yes, you can wash rubber gardening gloves.

Rinse them off under a hose or faucet before washing.

You can use a dishwashing soap to wash your rubber gloves in cold water.

Ensure you air dry it so it won’t collect mildew.


Gardening gloves are useful in gardening.

They protect the hands from infections, cuts and chemicals.

There are some that lasts for years.

Gardening gloves can be hand washed and they can be washed in the machine.

Latex gloves can be used for gardening.

Suede and rubber gloves works well, lasts long and can be washed.


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