Are Hummingbirds Goodluck? (What You Need To Know)

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With their tiny bodies, long bills and multicolored feathers, we can all agree hummingbirds are a sight to behold.

Hummingbirds are seen as a symbol of good things in many cultures.

It is safe to say hummingbirds are a symbol of goodluck, peace, hope and happiness. The hummingbird serves to remind us to take pleasure in the simple things of life. 

Today we shall discuss the symbolism of hummingbirds the world over, whether they are good omens, if they are good to have around and other spiritual meanings of this beautiful bird species. 

Are Hummingbirds A Good Omen?

Are Hummingbirds Goodluck

Hummingbirds are creatures that have fascinated humans over the course of centuries and this has led to a whole string of folklore around these beautiful birds.

Hummingbirds are usually seen as a good omen because of their happy carefree attitudes. If a depressed person sees a hummingbird suddenly, they usually smile and forget their troubles for a while.

Hummingbirds are signs that humans should not get too worried over situations and that things will definitely get better.

They also remind us to seek out what’s good in life and enjoy all of life’s pleasures.

Different cultures see the hummingbird in various beautiful ways.

In Native American culture for example, the hummingbird is seen as a healer, good luck bringer, peace and joy.

Are Hummingbirds Good To Have Around?

Hummingbirds are great birds to have around. If you have hummingbirds in your garden, they bring a note of positivity and lightness to their environment. 

With their beautiful feathers and fast zippy movements they are always flitting here and there with happy movements.

Hummingbirds help us see the beautiful things in life and it’s positivity reminds us we should take pleasure in the simple joys of life. 

The hummingbird is a natural life spectacle as its multitude of colors and hovering over flowers depicts it as a tireless lifeforce.

For some cultures, the hummingbird is seen as a messenger which brings messages from the creator.

So when a hummingbird is spotted it is a sign of good and happy times to come. 

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What Does It Mean To See A Hummingbird In Front Of You?

If a hummingbird shows itself then it is quite important and you should pay attention. Seeing a hummingbird can symbolise different things. 

A hummingbird can appear to remind you that you shouldn’t focus on the difficulties of life but go through life with grace and agility.

The hummingbird can fly in difficult conditions such as when it’s windy.

They are also able to adjust to different situations and know that different seasons bring change to their lives. 

The hummingbird also reminds us to be receptive to good luck and happiness.

Despite their high energy activities, hummingbirds are always vibrant and also show us that good things happen to the people who await them.

Remember to stay positive and always proclaim positive affirmations.

What God Do Hummingbirds Symbolize?

Hummingbirds are more popularly seen as spirits and messengers from angels or creators to humans.

Because of their beauty and happy natures they are usually symbolized as harbingers of good messages and tidings from the supernatural realm.

In Native America, the hummingbird is a spirit animal worshipped by the Pueblo clan and they have a lot of spirituality surrounding the hummingbird.

The hummingbird is believed to be the guardian of the tobacco plant in the culture as it is believed to have rescued the plant from the jaws of a demon for a dying old woman.

The bird also brings messages from the tribe’s shamans to the Great Mother.

The hummingbird spirit animal is believed to give stability and resilience to its followers. 

For the ancient Aztecs, the hummingbird was seen as a reflection of the war God Huitzilopochtli.

They believed the souls of dead warriors reincarnated as hummingbirds and also took the form to join the war God who is also depicted as a hummingbird.

Warriors were also regular seen wearing hummingbird totems round their necks or on their person as a sign of protection and loyalty to the God.

The hummingbird also represents virility and potency among these people.

What Does It Mean Spiritually When You See A Hummingbird?

You can see hummingbirds physically in dreams or in a trance. Seeing a hummingbird is usually seen as a sign of good things to come.

Hummingbirds are associated with happy seasons, good tidings and peace.

Seeing a hummingbird in your dream especially during a tough period is a good omen that symbolizes good luck is coming your way soon.

Quick motions of the hummingbird in dreams also reveal that in a short period of time, success will pile up at your doorstep.

It also symbolizes that you only need to take small quick steps and you would realize big success.

Hummingbirds also represent agility in many cultures and it goes to show that you shouldn’t let any obstacle stand against you achieving great things.

Like the hummingbird who will push through stormy winds on its migration journey, you should challenge the obstacles in your life and achieve all your goals. 

What Does A Hummingbird Symbolize In The Bible

Although there is no specific reference to the hummingbird in the Christian Bible, it has been associated with death and resurrection.

This association has come about because hummingbirds usually look lifeless in sleep but by morning they are awake and going about their daily activities vibrantly.

For many Christians, the hummingbird is a symbol of hope and a comfort in periods of distress.

Hummingbirds appearing to people who just lost their loved ones is usually interpreted as God’s way of telling them to be comforted and to rely on him.

It is a messenger of consolation and comfort to humans.

Many people take it as a belief that their dead loved ones are safely in heaven and that one day they will be reunited with them.

Many preachers use it to pass the message of assurance to recently bereaved individuals

What Does A Dead Hummingbird Symbolize?

A dead hummingbird is usually seen as a symbol of a new beginning for a person.

Unlike other dead animals that might represent negative omens, seeing a dead hummingbird usually signifies that you are about to start a new phase in your life.

Seeing a dead hummingbird in your dream is not a thing to be particularly scared about.

Seeing a dead hummingbird might also refer to your state of mind, especially if you are in a situation where you are confused and perplexed.

This calls for you to take some time to think about your current situation and challenges and find the best possible way to get out of it. 


Hummingbirds are beautiful and magnificent creatures which go to show the wonderful works of the creatures.

In almost all cultures of the world, hummingbirds signify good luck and positivity.

They are seen as good omens which symbolized the beginning of new and graceful things in an individual’s life.

Hummingbirds have meanings for various folks and some see them as spiritual guardians, spirit animals, messengers from God and even angels.

Hummingbirds will always be a symbol of hope and resurrection to people the world over.

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