Are Serval Cats Hypoallergenic?

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If you’re looking for a hypoallergenic cat, you might be wondering if serval cats are an option. We’ll go over what serval cats are and whether or not they’re hypoallergenic.

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Serval cats are a medium-sized African wild cat. They have a long neck, large pointed ears, and a spotted coat. They are the only member of the Felidae family that can leap more than 3 meters (10 feet) into the air. Serval cats are found in woodlands and savannas throughout sub-Saharan Africa.

While serval cats are not currently considered to be domesticated animals, there is a small but growing number of servals that are being kept as pets in homes around the world. Due to their wild nature and potential size (adults can weigh up to 40 pounds), servals are not suitable pets for everyone. However, those who are able to provide them with appropriate care and enrichment can enjoy many years with their unique and loving companion.

One question that prospective serval owners often have is whether or not these cats are hypoallergenic. Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to this question as everyone’s allergies are different and Servals have not been extensively studied in this area. However, we do know that servals produce less Fel d 1 protein than other members of the Felidae family, such as domestic cats. This protein is what causes most people to have allergic reactions to cats.

It is also important to note that even if a Serval is theoretically hypoallergenic, this does not mean that they will not cause any reaction in people with allergies. Allergies are a complex condition and can be triggered by many different things, including contact with the skin, hair, saliva or urine of an animal. As such, it is always best to consult with an allergist before getting any pet, just to be sure.

What is hypoallergenic?

The term hypoallergenic is often used to describe products (such as cosmetics and shampoos) that cause fewer allergic reactions than other similar products. However, there is no legal definition of the term “hypoallergenic” in the United States.

The word hypoallergenic is derived from two Greek words: hypo, meaning below or less; and allergen, meaning to cause an allergy. So, a product that is hypoallergenic has been specially formulated to reduce the risk of an allergic reaction.

Serval cats and allergies

Serval cats are not hypoallergenic. Many people who are allergic to cats can still have a reaction when around a serval cat. Serval cats produce Fel d 1, the protein that is responsible for most cat allergies.

Other hypoallergenic pets

There are a number of other pets that have been known to be hypoallergenic, including certain breeds of dogs, cats, rabbits, and even horses. The following is a list of some of the more popular hypoallergenic pets:

-Portuguese Water Dogs
-Bichons Frises
-Cairn Terriers
-Irish Water Spaniels
-Kerry Blue Terriers
-West Highland White Terriers

-Sphynx Cats
-Siamese Cats
-Devon Rex Cats
-Russian Blue Cats

Rabbits: -Mini Rex Rabbits -Himalayan Rabbits -Polish Rabbits -Dutch Rabbits -Jersey Wooly Rabbits


After researching the subject, we have come to the conclusion that serval cats are not hypoallergenic. While they may not trigger allergies in everyone, there is enough evidence to suggest that they can cause reactions in some people. If you are considering adding a serval cat to your home, be sure to talk to your allergist first and have a plan in place for dealing with any potential allergies.

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