5 Best 3-Point Fertilizer Spreader in 2023

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If you are looking for the best 3 point fertilizer spreader, then you should read this article to the end.

Farming can be fun and at the same time a daunting task. Especially for those that do large large-scale farming. 

It can also prove to be a thankless job for those who own gigantic tracts of land. Tilling just a small portion of it, or even preparing it for it for tilling is a big task.

However, the recent spike in the advancement of agricultural technology has helped to ease the labor burden. It has also helped farmers lose their economies of scale.

The advancement of technology in agriculture has become so relevant. 

Agriculture equipment has played a pivotal role in transforming traditional farming into a streamlined, efficient process. Modern machinery, from precision planters to smart harvesters, enables farmers to maximize productivity and minimize resource wastage.

It has yielded the emergence of such vital tools as the three-point hitch and the three-point fertilizer spreader.

A 3-point hitch is the specialized contraption by which implements are attached to your spreading locomotive (your tractor). It utilizes three main connection points in doing so.

It’s main purpose is to provide a stable and reliable way to optimize the mechanical capacity of your tractor.

My Best 3 Point Spreader

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 1. Farm Star 3-Point Spreader

This 3-Pt. Spreader with gearbox and PTO driveline is built for the farmer who requires a quality, economical broadcast seeder/spreader.

This 500-lb capacity broadcast spreader easily handles all grass seed, wheat, oats, and fertilizers. It also produce a uniform spread pattern while spreading.

One interesting feature about this product is that the models offer three spread contols with choice spreads. There are  Left side only, Right side only, or Full 180° spread by moving a lever.

This spreader has a 6 bushel capacity. Both with a spun steel hopper.


• Easy material flow

• High hopper capacity

• Quality and economical

• Effective at lime and fertilizer application

•  Handle all grass seed, wheat, oats, and fertilizers with ease


• Prone to rusting

• Can be quite wasteful if enough caution isn’t taken

 2. Behlen Country 80112701 3-Point Spreader

The Behlen 3-point spreader works perfectly with tractors seeking to spread large amounts of seed and fertilizers in a significant way.

Behlen Country 3-Point Spreader features a a steel hopper (dependent on product) with the capacity to carry up to 850 lbs, a spreader that is PTO driven, and in-hopper agitator. It has the ability to spread up to spreads up to 46′ with directional spreading available.

The 3-Point Spreader is the absolute sizeable-acreage moisture-less fertilizer and applicator of lime. The spreader is impeccable in its ability to provide high rate of precision control.

The 3-Point Spreader, with the high rate precision control, work with wide widths, and heavy capacity spreads. 


• High hopper capacity

• Effective at lime application


• It is relatively expensive

 3. Field Tuff AS-80ATV12 Receiver Mount Spreader (80 Pound)

The Field Tuff AS-80ATV12 fertilizer spreader is one of the best 3-Point Spreader. It spreads seeds and fertilizer easily with Field Tuff’s 12-Volt ATV Hitch-Mount Spreader.

With this ATV Receiver Mount Spreader, Field Tuff has now made it even easier to spread your seed and fertilizer. This Spreader easily attaches to almost any ATV, UTV, or utility tractor.

The powerful 12 volts DC Motor is efficient and reliable product because of its rated speed of 570rpm. The motor is also sealed for protection.

The 12-Volt motor powers the Field Tuff’s 80 lb. Receiver Mount Spreader. Also, it holds up to 80 pounds of seed or fertilizer and will mount onto a 1-1/4 inch or a 2 inch receiver.


• Reinforced stamped steel

• Offers awesome control

• Comes with a rain cover which will make your product last longer


• Prone to rusting

 4. Field Tuff AS-125ATV12 Receiver Mount Spreader

 Field Tuff AS-125ATV12 Receiver Mount Spreader, also known as “Guide Gear Heavy Duty Mount Spreader” ensures effectiveness at performing a variety of different tasks.

This spreader has been specifically processed with organic vegetable growers, tree farmers and small farmers in mind.

Those who use this product testified that the spreader has been the perfect product for mixing seed or more effectively, for liming their fertilizer.

Its use has been approved for most strains of moist soil. It is useful for any kind of wet agricultural lime, all organic products, fertilizers, topdressing soils, seeds and compost heaps.

Those wishing to keep their golf course lawns perfect will adore this three-point spreader.

With this spreader, you are able to mix lime. You may use it to spread fertilizers, organics, sand and even pre-emergent pesticides all simultaneously.

This 3-Point fertilizer spreader is very beneficial for those farmers who own ranches and livestock.

This spreader is a fast and certain way to deliver fertilizers, seeds and onto the cattle’s pasture.


• Approved for most lawns

• Perfect for erosion control

• Easy to assemble and use


• Needs primer

• Prone to rusting

 5. Yard Tuff AS-80LTV12 Lawn Tractor Spreader (12-Volt)

Looking for an ideal 3-Point fertilizer spreader? This 3-point fertilizer spreader is ideal for spreading fertilizer.

It is a broadcast spreader with the motor being powered by 12 volts.

It features a quad-part fan, together with lapped-over blades, a gearbox bathed in oil, and a 3-part mount which is easy and quick.


• Amounts disbursed is at user’s control

• Makes for a beautiful uniform spread

• Comes with shielded take-off shaft with replaceable universal bearings

• Agitator rotates for uniformity

sturdy and corrosion-resistant alloy of aluminum with replaceable blades.


• The model is quite expensive

• Can be quite wasteful if enough caution isn’t taken

When trying to execute any farm task that involve tilling and fertilizer spreading, 3-Point fertilizer spreader are awesome devices to use.

What are the things to look out for before purchase this product?

First you have to consider how durable the material you need. You have to ensure the machine you want can handle the tasks correctly.

If you want a 3-point spreader that is durable enough, you have to chose the spreader that is capable enough of doing the job.

Secondly, consider the size of your field. Capacity of your lawn can make all the difference in saving you time and money.

Choose the right size 3-point fertilizer spreader that will suit your needs.

Another option to consider before purchasing a 3-point spreader is the warranty. Go for a 3-point spreader that gives you the best guarantee.

This is much necessary. A good warranty means that you can trust your machine is built with quality materials by expert technicians.

How do you keep fertilizer spreaders from rusting?

Below are few steps to keep your fertilizer spreader from rusting and to be in good working condition.


Avoid leaving your fertilizer in your spreader.

You should always ensure that you have emptied your spreader before storing it (indoors) and let the rollers lie on a flat surface.

This helps to increase the lifespan and save it from getting rust.

Keeping it clean

You should make it a habit to clean your spreader after every use. Always brush out small bits of the fertilizer, rinse it and then dry it completely.


Ensure you lubricate your spreader. This is because oiling all moving parts prevents them from being stuck, breaking or rusting.

Disassembling your spreader

When lubricating, always ensure you mark where each part of the spreader belongs. You may risk the chance of the spreader not returning to its right form if you’re not keen while reassembling the spreader.


Remember that those parts that are made of plastic may wear off. You should therefore ensure you repaint as this prevents rusting.

Worn out parts

Ensure you do regular check-ups on your spreader to note the worn out parts. Always repair the worn out parts where need may arise to prevent problems or spreading of rust. 

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