5 Best ATV for Duck Hunting in 2023

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As a duck hunter, having a vehicle that can take you through any terrain during hunting is very important.

Not every vehicle is suitable to go duck hunting with, and duck hunters can be notoriously hard on wheels, and it is most frustrating for your gears to break down during a hunt.

It does not happen if you hunt on dry land or a flooded field; you will need an ATV that will most likely be hauling 300 pounds, hunting buddies.

For those that hunt only during the weekends, it’s not critical to buy an ATV, but for others that track 30 days a season or more, you do need to purchase a beast of a machine that can serve you on your hunting adventures.

Reviews of the 5 Best ATV for Duck Hunting

1. 2016 Argo 8×8 Amphibious ATV

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The Argo Vehicle is the best vehicle to have if you want to explore outdoor activities.

The Eight wheels Argo features sporty engines and high suspension, enabling you to race across uneven terrain without any difficulty.

This vehicle uses the standard handlebar steering with speed and brakes that make it operate like a motorcycle. With the right wheel Argo, you can easily maneuver around mud and obstacles.

This vehicle is amphibious; it transverse both on land and water, making it the perfect vehicle to use on all terrains.

It features Snorkels built into the design, meaning that the engine will remain protected and dry.

Benefits  of Using 2016 Argo 8×8 Amphibious ATV

  • These vehicles are Rugged and Powerful
  • They can operate even in the worse conditions
  • It can pull heavier loads and carry out and haul more people
  • It comes with canopies allowing you to zoom on even when rain and snow starts falling
  • It is easy to go around mud and obstacles

2. RANGER XP 1000 Waterfowl Edition

The RANGER XP 1000 Waterfowl Edition is designed with added capability and strength to navigate both muddy and flooded terrain; with this vehicle, you can go for your hunting with ease.

It features a maximum capacity that helps you rise above logs and flooded objects with high clearance arched arms that offers nothing less than 14″ of ground clearance.

Hunting duck has not been more fun than with this vehicle.

It features 29″ pro-Amour Mud CX tires that maximize ground clearance and reactions yet can still maintain a smooth ride on trails.

Benefits of Using The RANGER XP 1000 Waterfowl Edition

  • With high-output LED headlights, you can go hunting even before first light
  • For waterfowl hunting, it is designed with a Camo Pattern that enables it to blend in
  • Crawl over obstacles with 29″ Pro Armor Mud XC tires
  • With high-clearance arched A-arms, it can rise above logs
  • Navigate water with high-mounted air intakes

Price, Package, Size of The RANGER XP 1000 Waterfowl Edition

The cost of the ranger, 1000 waterfowl edition, is $21.999. It features a 4-Stroke Twin Cylinder DOHC; it has Weight1,661 lbs (753 kg).

It is worth the value for the money, featuring exclusive Waterfowl Hunt Camo meticulously designed to mimic the specific nuances of marsh grasses commonly found in waterfowl environments.

3. Brute Force 750 EPS

X-PRO Adult ATV Quad Four Wheelers 200 Utility ATV Full Size ATV Quad Adult ATVs,Blue
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  • Luggage Rack is on the front and rear of the ATV. This is a fantastic upgrade for carrying anything needed.
  • Some assembly required: Assembly for ATVs include Handle bar brackets, all 4 wheels, front and rear racks (if...

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Combat harsh terrain with responsive acceleration thanks to Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT).

Experience superior traction and performance in various conditions with variable control front differential lock and selectable drive modes.

With variable control front differential lock and selectable drive modes, you can switch from 2WD to 4WD at the press of a button to optimize traction across a wide range of conditions.

The V-twin engine pumps out strong torque, especially at low rpm, for incredible bottom-end power, while precise fuel metering allows for easy starting and optimum fuel mileage.

The Pros of Using The Brute force 750 EPS

  • It is designed for high performance off-road
  • It is a thoroughly wet multi-plate rear braking system that keeps the mud out; it is compact and well protected from rock and tree stump
  • Optimized speed transition, increasing control during low-speed operation
  • Features six-spokes cast-aluminum wheels that enhance its stylish look while reducing un-sprung weight
  • It is designed to handle the rough and uneven ground.

Price, Package, and Size of The Brute force 750 EPS

The Brute Force 750 EPS with a curb weight of 699lb. It features a 4-stroke, V-twin, SOHC Cooling with a Torque of  – 42.7 ft. lb. @ 4,750rpm. It is worth the value for the money.

Here is an article I wrote on the best boots for duck hunting

Things to Look Out for Before Making a Purchase

It is essential to select the best vehicle when it comes to duck hunting; when considering what vehicles will be suitable for your hunting experience, some of the factors you should consider are:

  • Price
  • Dependability
  • Hauling Capacity
  • Maneuverability
  • Ground Clearance and warranty etc.

The 4WD can become very important to have most, especially if you will be working in areas like deep mud, snow, and other slippery conditions.

In tight places where your speed becomes negligible, your vehicle’s power might be the only thing to make all the needed differences.


An ATV can become your biggest ally your setting up and maintaining your hunting property.

Some of these vehicles are developed to even move through water, making your hunting journey all the more fun and without any problems occurring.

The RANGER XP 1000 Waterfowl Edition is the winner of this edition; it features Class-leading 29” Pro Armor Mud CX tires that maximize ground clearance, offers a durable 6-ply design, and provide a smooth ride on trails and better traction in the mud.

High-mount air intakes provide clean air to enter the engine, while sealed winch and electrical components are protected from water intrusion.

Navigate water knowing your vehicle is protected with full coverage, mud-specific bumper, and full-body skid plate.

It remains hard to see yet impossible to ignore with an exclusive camo pattern meticulously designed to mimic the specific nuances of marsh grasses found in waterfowl environments.

Plus, high-output LED headlights to provide maximum lighting for getting to your hunting spot in the early mornings and setting up decoys.

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