5 Best Balcony Bird Feeders in 2023

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Birds have a way of reminding us of nature and at the same time beautifying our space.

Have you been trying to get birds attracted to your balcony? Well, a balcony bird feeder would do the trick.

A balcony bird feeder is a great way to bring a variety of birds to your balcony space, while at the same time improving the overall health of these beautiful creatures.

Are you searching for the most suitable bird feeder for your balcony?

This article provides you with the best bird feeders for balconies, as well as what to consider before purchasing a bird feeder. Let’s dive right in!  

5 Best Balcony Bird Feeders

Best Balcony Bird Feeders

1. Jarkyfine Balcony Bird Feeder 

Size: 7.9L x 4.75W x 7.9H

Material: Glass

This balcony bird feeder has outstanding features.

Being a large-capacity bird feeder, it can handle seed weights up to 500lbs.

It has strong suction cups which makes it easy to accommodate about 6-8 birds at a time.

If you are looking to get a bird feeder that will attract a lot of birds, this bird feeder is just perfect.

The Jarkyfine Balcony Bird Feeder has drainage holes which are great for getting rid of water after it rains.

This drainage hole gets rid of waste and also prevents the germination of roots by getting rid of water.

Fixing this feeder is super easy; it comes with acrylic attachments which can be used to attach them to your balcony.

This low-maintenance bird feeder has detachable food trays which make cleaning super easy.

Are you worried about experiencing squirrel attacks with bird feeders? Worry no more.

This bird feeder is made of glass; this makes it completely impossible for squirrels to climb this feeder.

2. REALEAD Balcony Bird Feeder 

Size: 8L x 7W x 11H

Material: Metal and glass

The REALEAD Balcony Bird Feeder has a unique shape; it appears to be like a house with a roof.

Its unique shape makes birds easily attracted to the bird feeder. This bird feeder can handle a capacity of 3lbs.

If you want a bird feeder that wouldn’t occupy a lot of your balcony space then this bird feeder is perfect.

It is perfect for small spaces. It is made of glass surrounding which makes cleaning easy; it also enables the bird feeder to withstand very extreme temperatures.

This bird feeder also has lift-lids which ensure you don’t have to stress over refilling seeds.

The clear panels make it easy for users to inspect seeds to ensure they are in perfect condition.

Its roof-like covering protects the seeds from direct exposure to sinking, rainfall, and other harsh weather conditions.

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3. Juegoal Balcony Bird Feeder

Size: 7.6L x 7.6B x 14H

Material: metal and plastic

The Juegoal Balcony Bird feeder is particularly ideal for hummingbirds; it has a large seed carrying capacity of 28 ounces.

It is made of a red ABS plastic base which makes birds easily attracted to the bird feeder.

It is designed to accommodate a lot of birds at the same time. Its 5 feeder ports serve as outlets for the seeds.

It has an in-built ant moat which prevents insects from accessing the feeder; this protects your seeds from insects attack.

Maintaining this bird feeder is also easy; it is easy to clean and refill. In addition, it can accommodate a large number of seeds that will last for a long time.

4. Jealoeur Outdoor Balcony Bird Feeder

Size: 7.8L x 7.6W x 8.7H

Material: Plastic

You would love this bird feeder for its unique shape.

Aside from its incredible shape, it is made with high-quality materials which guarantee its durability.

This bird feeder isn’t weather selective; it can be used in both mild and intense weather conditions.

Furthermore, its large black roof protects your seeds from harsh weather conditions like rain and snow.

The Jealoeur Outdoor Balcony Bird Feeder is also squirrel proof; so you wouldn’t have to worry about attacks from squirrels.

It comes with easy to operate latch and the lids that are very easy to open and close. Another quality of this feeder is its plastic composition.

So even if it falls off, the possibility of getting broken is zero. Lastly, this feeder can perfectly fit into any space, without occupying much of your balcony space.  

5. Hanizi Wild Birds Balcony Bird Feeder 

Size 8.5L x 7.9W x 7.3H

Material: Plastic

Birds are naturally attracted to colors, so getting a colorful bird feeder is an interesting way to attract them. This feeder has a unique green roof that can barely go unnoticed by birds. This bird feeder is lightweight, it is also designed with durable metal rope and a twist lock lightweight; this prevents squirrels from having access to this feeder.

Cleaning, refilling, and generally maintaining this bird feeder is easy. Also, with its plastic nature, lifting and cleaning are easy.

Being a large-capacity bird feeder, it can handle weights up to 47 oz. And with its drainage system, waste and water are removed effectively. It also has a cover that protects seeds from rain and harsh weather conditions.

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Buyers Guide: Things To Look Out For Before Making A Purchase

1. What types of birds do you want to attract 

This is most likely the most important factor to consider.

Knowing what species of birds you want to attract will help you choose the type of feeder and the food options to include in it.

While some birds prefer a fat ball, others prefer seeds.

Many birds are receptive to visiting feeders at balcony height.

Birds such as parrots, sparrows, hummingbirds, finches, doves, orioles, and tanagers will be on your balcony early in the morning.

However, your feeder will also attract potentially harmful birds like pigeons.

Due to their size, they frequently dominate feeders and prevent smaller birds from approaching your feeder.

Including foods like sunflower hearts, nyjer seed, and suet balls will keep large birds like pigeons away from your feeder. This is because pigeons do not consume these foods.

Also, keeping your feeder clean always is a good way to keep these pests away.

Another method to deter pigeons is to purchase a bird feeder cage with holes that only permit smaller birds to reach the food.

2. Is it acceptable or convenient for your neighborhood?

There may be restrictions on bird feeders in some HOAs or tenancy agreements.

These restrictions may be on the type of food you can put in them or even whether you can even put up a bird feeder on your balcony.

It’s important to find this out before going ahead with your purchase.

Additionally, you should be aware that bird feeders draw pests like rats and squirrels, which are not safe for the environment.

These pests wouldn’t be as much of an issue if you lived in a high-rise apartment.

However, you should think twice before purchasing a bird feeder if you reside in a lower-level apartment because these pests may pay you frequent visits.

A good bird feeder for a balcony should be designed to keep animals like rats and squirrels away.

There are feeders that squirrels cannot access because they are squirrel-resistant, opt for such feeders.

3. Quality of material used

When purchasing a feeder, certain features should be considered.

First and foremost, the feeder should be strong and able to withstand a variety of weather conditions.

For example, if you buy a wooden bird feeder, make sure it is weather-resistant, as this will protect it from being ruined by water or rain.

Feeders are meant to be cleaned and filled regularly, so ensure you go for feeders that are easy to refill, empty, and clean.

Additionally, make sure the feeder won’t draw pests.

For instance, to deter pests like rats and squirrels, plastic feeders should have metal support around the feeding ports.

You can buy a long-lasting feeder by keeping an eye out for this feature.

Tips for Feeding Birds from a Balcony

If you want birds to use your feeder, you must first attract them to your balcony.

The question is, how do you attract birds to your feeder? Are feeders sufficient to attract birds? Do I need to take any extra steps?

Here are some tips to help you feed birds from a balcony;

1. Create a natural habitat

Birds are naturally drawn to nature.

To attract birds, it is a good idea to create a habitat on your balcony. So how do you go about doing this?

Place a variety of flowers and plants on your balcony. Sunflowers, potted plants, and climbing plants are excellent bird attractor plants.

2. Protect delicate plants

If your balcony contains any unique or sensitive plants, you should protect them from birds.

You can do this by covering the plants.

Feeders can draw a variety of birds to your balcony; while some will benefit your plants by eating pests, other birds may harm your plant.

3. Place a birdbath

You can never go wrong with this option. A bird bath gives birds access to water for drinking, bathing, and simple self-cooling.

Your balcony will become the primary stopping place for neighborhood birds if it has a bird bath.

4. Use baskets and ribbons

Hanging baskets on your balcony makes it appear more natural.

Birds will flock to your balcony if you use brightly colored ribbons like red and yellow.

These colors are more likely to draw birds because they are linked to food in the bird kingdom.


Having a bird feeder is an ideal way to keep birds coming to your space regularly.

Asides from aiding the feeding of birds, bird feeders also create an environment for birds to play around.

This article reveals the 5 best bird feeders to consider.

However, the Jarkyfine Balcony Bird Feeder is our favorite. This feeder is perfectly constructed to accommodate a large number of birds. In addition, it is squirrel-proof and easy to clean.  

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