7 Best Bedding for Outdoor Cat Houses in 2023 – Helpful Guide + List

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It’s always ideal to provide outdoor shelter for your feline friend so you can keep them healthy, active, and safe.

But while most people only pay attention to the shelter part of it, it’s even more important to ensure that your pet has a comfortable place to sleep.

Only the best bedding for outdoor cat houses will provide your pussycat with the comfort they need. And since cats spend an average of 16-20 hours sleeping every day, it’s pretty clear why this investment is quite important.

Top Quality Outdoor Beddings for Cats – Comparison List

Before we get started with our detailed reviews, here’s a comparison list. It comprises some of the leading outdoor beddings your pet might love.

1Wheat or Barley Chopped Straw for Animal Bedding by Standlee Hay CompanyRedCheck Price
2Self Heating Cat Pad/Self-Warming Cat Dog Bed by Mora PetsGreyCheck Price
3100% Natural Wheat Straw Grass by AA Plus ShopYellowCheck Price
4Fuzzy Deluxe Pet Beds, Super Plush Dog or Cat Beds by WONDER MIRACLEL-Eagle GreyCheck Price
5Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated Pet Bed by K&H Pet ProductsTanCheck Price
6ThermaNAP Self-Warming Quilted Blanket Mat by Furhaven PetQuilted Faux Fur LeopardCheck Price
7Cat Self Heating Bed Mat by PUPTECKRedCheck Price

The Best Bedding for Outdoor Cat Houses

1. Standlee Chopped Hay Company Wheat or Barley Straw for Animal Bedding

This is a stylish outdoor pet bedding. For starters, it’s a red all-natural bedding material mat made to give maximum comfort to your feline. What’s more, it is made from certified noxious barley of weed-free wheat straw.

At the same time, if you are environmentally conscious, we are happy to inform you that you will love this bedding for its ability to compose. Moreover, this bedding makes for excellent chicken coops.

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Other Features and Benefits

For the comfort of your cat, Standlee Chopped Hay is about the best outdoor bedding you will find in the market. It serves you well both during the winter as well as during the summer and keeps your cat safe and comfortable on both occasions.

Moreover, since this bed mat is made from hay, it is easily available and you will generally access it cheaply. In fact, it is conveniently the most accessible outdoor bedding.

Over and above this, this bed pad is much heavier and therefore makes for more comfortable outdoor bedding for your cat.


If you love smart and tidy jobs, the best way for you to clean and maintain this bed mat is to use the Furzapper in your laundry. This will help to adequately clean your cat bedding while at the same time keeping it in the best shape.

Again, we have established that you can also use the reusable dryer balls to pull cat hair away from the fabric. This way, you are able to clean your cat mat as well as keep your dryer vent from clogging.


  • Repels moisture
  • Helps cat retain warmth
  • Can get heated or non-heated
  • Needs no tool for assembly


  • Does not pull heat from the Cat

2. Self-Heating Cat Mat/Self-Warming Cat Dog Bed

Our team of experts has established that this bedding is professionally designed with 3 layers of lab-tested self-warming material. As a result, it is a kind of thermal pet bedding that will keep your pets warm during cold days.

As a result, we strongly recommend this bedding for all your small dogs, arthritic cats, again cats, puppies, or kittens. Again, with this mat, you will no longer have to worry about any kind of chemical or safety hazards.

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Other Features and Benefits

This is soft outdoor bedding which our team is confident that your cat is sure to love. In this regard, our team has observed that most cats love the plush and comfort nature of this mat.

In addition, as a self-heating/self-warming mat, you will not need to worry about safety issues such as chemical or hazard smell which may result from the use of an electric pad.


This self-heating/self-warming cat bed mat is almost automatic in all its functions. As a result of a regular-sized vacuum, your maintenance is as good as done. This vacuum has a brush as well as a crevice tool attachment to make your maintenance job easy.

Again, with this mat, our is happy to inform you that you have the convenience of putting it into the dryer for around 15 minutes over no heat or low air-dry setting.

This way, you excellently get to fluff the mat up thereby removing any hair. Moreover, you can still use the dryer balls or the pet-safe dryer sheet to remove hair and clean the dryer lint catcher.


  • Versatile bedding
  • Remains cool in summer
  • Comfortable all year round
  • Can be heated


  • Gets damp

3. AA Plus Shop 100% Natural and Authentic Wheat Straw Grass

Do you fancy a bedding material that you can replace without much hustle? Then this is your perfect fit. First, it is made of 100 percent all-natural wheat straw.

Again, for your convenience, it only weighs a mere 8 lb.

Moreover, this bedding is made from wheat straw that has been plucked of the wheat seed and then turned into hay bales.

Due to this, it also serves as a great item for event/house decoration in addition to being a pet’s bedding and animal farm housing.

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Other Features and Benefits

One thing about this Mat is that you can use it without any issues that our team can identify. First, the stray used in making this pad is crafted in a professional way that it does not loosen under the weight of your pet.

Again, we have noticed that the mat is made of high-quality straw that is easy to clean and does not break up into pieces.


Since this bed mat is made from straw, we recommend that you use a roller that is made specifically for removing pet hair.

For example for the best clean up job on this mat, you can use a sticky lint remover, duct or packing tape, a pet grooming mitt, or pieces of masking.

However, if you don’t want to come across any mess, you have the pricier option of using the handheld vacuum cleaner.

In this case, our team has observed that there are different vacuum tools, some with an attachment specifically designed for pet hair.

With this, you can be sure to get a good job over your bedding especially if you have multiple shedding cats.


  • Thermal design retains warmth
  • conveniently machine washable
  • Heat soothes sore muscles
  • Cute leopard print


  • Needs replacement after a short while

4. WONDER MIRACLE super Fuzzy Deluxe Pet Beds

When you think of your pet what comes into your mind? For sure you must be getting a lot from your pet.

With that Waging of the tail to welcome you home, before accompanying you quietly to the sofa, your pet also loves you unconditionally.

With all that in mind, then it is time for you to give something back for a reward. If this is you, then there is no better way than to get the WONDER MIRACLE CUTIEMATE for your pet.

Our review team of experts holds a very strong opinion that this mat will ultimately give your puppies, kitten, and bunnies a better and more comfortable life.

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Other Features and Benefits

This is your true wonder or miracle outdoor bedding for your cat. First, it allows you to conveniently use it over elevated beds for greater comfort of your cat.

Again, it does not make your cat smell in case, the bedding was previously used by other pets such as dogs. This makes it a great option for your cat outdoor bed.


For the best maintenance of this bed pad, you need to give it a good shaking. In Fact, from our long time experience, the best way to do this is to do it from outside the house.

This frees you from the worries of cat hair falling onto the ground.

Alternatively, you can clean this bed pad by hanging it over a railing or on a clothes dryer then hitting it gently with a broom handle or a large spoon.

This loosens the hairs’ hold on to the fabric for easy cleaning.


  • Ideal for any cat
  • Heated by pets natural body temperature
  • Durable suitable for use anywhere
  • Ideal for areas with extreme temperatures


  • May grow mold

5. K&H Lectro PET PRODUCTS Softother

Does your pet cat love to live in any place? In the doghouse, basements, barns, shed, porches, garages, or just about any other outdoor shelter available?

Then this is your perfect bedding. We have established that this bedding is made to suit all these places and conveniently so.

First, super soft PVC is used on the external in order to ensure that the bedding does not absorb water and stay wet as the fabric bed does. Again, for the comfort of your pet, this material is super soft.

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As a result, I made for an orthopedic bed that is unique but still soft, comfortable, and remains warm even under subzero weather.

Other Features and Benefits

While not the most suitable outdoor bedding for your cat, this K&H Lectro is not an extremely poor choice either.

For example, our team of experts has established that through this mat gets a little damp; it does not pull heat from your cat too.

This is definitely a great plus when compared to other outdoor beddings.


This mat serves more or less as a utility tool because you can use it over so many places. In the doghouse, basements, barns, shed porches, garages, or just about any other outdoor shelter available.

Due to this, it requires occasional but thorough machine washing. However, before your toss it into the washing machine we strongly advise that you remove as much pet hair on it as possible before the fabric gets wet.

Removal of the cat from this pad ensures cat hair does not clog your drain pipes either in the washer or in the dryer vents. This will help to keep your machine running for longer.


  • Made of soft comfortable foam
  • Ideal for any covered outdoor areas
  • A very safe choice
  • Excellent way for keeping cats warm


  • Retained odor and bacteria

6. Furhaven Pet – thermal Self-Warming Cat Bed Pad

Do you love the company of your pet when you travel? Furhaven pet is the perfect pet bedding for a traveling fan.

In this regard, our review team of experts loves its thermal pad that is light in weight and highly portable.

With this in mind, we can reliably recommend this bedding as your ideal bedding companion for your pets while traveling, hiking, camping, or undertaking any other outdoor activities of your liking.

With Furhaven your pet will be safely warm wherever, and whenever.

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Other Features and Benefits

With this bed mat, you cannot go wrong. First, it features a sleep surface made of plush faux fur. Now, this is luxuriously soft for your cat.

In addition, you will love this bed pad for its quilted seams that give an extra cushioning for greater cuddling comfort.


This bedding is machine washable. However, in order for your pet to be on the safe side, we strongly recommend that before you begin the washing of this bedding material, check out the manufacturer’s label for the complete care instructions.

In addition, you remember that this bed pad is made to suit your traveling needs, as a result, one of the best ways of maintaining its hygiene is to keep excessive hair off.

For this, regular brushing and grooming of the cat hair will go a long way in keeping this bed and clean.


  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Modern, versatile and stylish
  • Ideal for cats of all sizes
  • Durable and washable


  • Poor quality bedding

7. PUPTECK cozy Cat Self Heating Bed Mat

For all your small pets, PUTECK cozy cat will give you your dream bedding. First, it is Anti-skid.

Additionally, it is designed with features such as slide proof rubber dots on the back. With these, your baby cat is able to safely remain in place instead of sliding around.

Again, it features a loop for you to hang it over either a door handle or on a hanger. This makes it very easy to carry and store.

Over and above this, the bedding is made of special Cornposite aluminum foil and polyester wadding.

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As a result, it is self-warming and has the ability to lock-in the heat thereby keeping your cat warm without any need for plugging in.

Other Features and Benefits

For your outdoor cat comfort, this mat is made of special Cornposite material to lock in the heat and keep your cat warm with no need for plugging in.

Again, it is light in weight thus easy to move, as a result, you can place it hence, and it is a great helper for the protection of your bed, chairs, hardwood, or your sofa.


If you want to get the most or long service from this bedding, our team strongly recommends that you wash it occasionally.

For example, if you have a heavy shedding cat or a hairless breed that has oily skin residue.

Again, occasional washing is advised if your cat has health problems. In this case, proper washing of the bedding will help you to avoid any health problems for your beloved cat.


  • Perfect for both in and outdoor use
  • Can be placed in different areas
  • Weather ready
  • Ideal for any cat


  • Moves around too much

Buying Guide for the Good Bedding for Outdoor Cat Houses

Most people face serious challenges identifying or even choosing the perfect beddings for their pets. And now, in the following section, we’ll briefly explore some of the features worth looking out for.

Cat’s Sleeping Style

Does your cat enjoy sleeping all stretched out or by curling up? If your pet prefers the former, you’re better off getting them something that’s flat or rectangular in shape. As for the latter, the ideal choice is typically a doughnut-shaped bed.

Chopped Straw

Chopped straw is quite effective at absorbing moisture and providing your pet with a comfortable surface to sleep on. However, it should be noted that this material absorbs water and may start to mold if unchecked.

It, should, therefore, be changed regularly. Alternatively, all water leaks in the cat’s house should be identified and sealed.

The Ability to Keep Warm

Whatever the material you opt for, it should be capable of helping your pet retain its body heat all night long. It should, therefore, have insulating properties.

Most professionally made beds do provide such benefits but might not last long when used in outdoor conditions. Straw can still play this role although it works best when kept in dry locations.

Frequently Asked Questions

And now, we’d like to respond to some of the questions that people commonly asked about these beddings.

How do you keep an outdoor cat house warm?

There are many ways to go about this. But the most important thing to keep in mind is that strong insulation plays an important role. Also, it’s good to limit the interior space available for the cat so it has an easier time keeping it warm.

Do outdoor cats need a bed?

Naturally, cats are meant to live outdoors. However, this leaves them susceptible to predators and that’s why you should find them a proper bed and a little shelter to keep them safe.

Are cats happier outdoors?

The answer to this question may vary depending on different cats and their preferences. Some experts caution people against believing that their cats are happier outdoors and, therefore, forcing them to spend time outdoors.

It’s, therefore, best to go with what works best for your cat. Don’t force them to stay outdoors unless they show signs that they really like it.

Our Best Pick

In our view, K&H Lectro PET PRODUCTS Softother is your best bargain. This bedding is made by loosely packing the straw in the shelter to halfway point or to the quarter.

As a result, these dry leftovers from different harvested crops repel moisture making it your best choice.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it, our extensive list with details on the process of identifying the perfect bedding for and outdoor cat house. Your pet deserves to live comfortably. So, go ahead and find them something that works best for them.

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