5 Best Bird Feeders for Crows in 2023

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One of the most fascinating and intelligent birds to have around is the crow. These migratory birds help keep our streets clean and are excellent pest controllers.

However, since these birds don’t frequently visit feeders, attracting them can be difficult.

But, in this article, we’ll outline 5 bird feeders that crows will find attractive in your garden. To learn more, keep reading.

5 Best Bird Feeders for Crows 

Best Bird Feeders for Crows

1. Wild Wings Cedar Tray Bird Feeder

Size: L – 10 inches, W- 2inches, H – 10 inches

This bird feeder features an open design, making it one of the most adaptable feeder types.

Thanks to its ample space, it can attract large birds like crows and mourning doves.

Its large space allows you to fill it with a variety of bird food, such as sunflower seeds and corn, which will draw crows and other birds to your backyard.

The premium cedar used to construct the bird feeder is naturally rot-resistant.

Additionally, the product’s hardware parts and seed tray are completely rust-free, ensuring longevity.

The feeder also includes a steel hanging cable with vinyl coating; this makes it easy to install the bird feeder in your desired location.

The bird feeder also has a removable feeder tray, making cleaning easy when required.

The patented removable seed tray has a good airflow and water drainage system. This guarantees both the longevity of the feeder and the preservation of the seeds.

2. Ground Bird Feeder Tray 

Size: L – 7 inches, W- 2inches, H – 7 inches

This bird feeder tray is designed from heavy-duty steel mesh and coated with rust-resistant black powder; this makes it survive very weather conditions and also guarantees its durability.

This feeder can attract different kinds of birds including crows. And, they can be placed on the rooftop, patio, birdhouse, or backyard.

The feeder is designed with raised edges that prevent the seeds from spilling over your garden, backyard, or rooftop.

Its curved steel bars ensure that the feeder does not trip over under the weight of small birds.

With its mesh, you’re sure that the smallest seeds are secure and wouldn’t fall out.

Cleaning this feeder is also super easy; all you need to do is turn the tray downwards and hose off the musk.

A bleach solution of 9 parts water and 1 part bleach can also be used to hand wash the bird feeder tray.

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3. Nature Window Bird Feeders 

Size: L – 4.33 inches, W- 9.84 inches, H – 9.84 inches

This feeder is made to be placed right by your windows.

Any window with plain glass can easily accommodate it. Since Squirrels do not climb glasses, this is a good feeder to keep them off.

The feeder provides you with a clear view so you can appreciate nature.

Additionally, it has a divided tray that allows you to use two different types of bird food simultaneously.

Its sliding tray makes it easy to take the tray out and clean it when it gets dirty. A unique feature of this feeder is that it is made of 4 mm thick premium polycarbonate.

The filling is incredibly simple thanks to its sliding feature.

You can simply slide the patented tray out, add your bird food, and then, slide it back in rather than removing the entire tray.

Also, its air circulation will maintain the freshness of the birdseed.

4. WOSIBO Metal Bird Feeder 

Size: L – 8 inches, W- 7 inches, H – 2 inches

 The bird feeder tray is designed with a metal mesh tray. This makes it easy for water to drain out and guarantees that seeds are kept dry and fresh.

This mesh tray is strong, long-lasting, and resistant to rust. The product is sturdy and weather-resistant thanks to its black powder coating.

Not only does this feeder draw crows and other birds to your garden, but it also enhances your garden’s appearance.

Simply turn the bird feeder tray face down and wipe or rinse it with water to clean it. This feeder is incredibly simple to hang and fill as well.

5. Perky-Pet Squirrel-Be-Gone Bird Feeder

Size: L – 7.63 inches, W- 6.97 inches, H – 19.84 inches

The best birdfeeder to deter squirrels is the perky-pet squirrel-be-gone model.

Squirrels cannot access the feeding ports because it is constructed with metals and a weight-activated cage.

The weight-activated cage is made to support the weight of birds; consequently, a squirrel’s weight would inevitably cause the cage to droop.

As a result, squirrels would naturally avoid it, since it cannot hold their weight. Also, squirrels can’t chew on the feeder because of the metal cage.

Furthermore, the metal on this feeder has a powder coating that adds to the rustic look.

The feeder is designed with rust-resistant materials, making it suitable for all seasons. Its multiple feeding ports allow several birds to feed from it at the same time.

It can hold up to 2 lb. of bird food, and the transparent reservoir allows you to easily keep track of seed levels so you can fill the feeder before it runs out of feed.

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Buyers Guide: Things to Look Out For Before Making a Purchase 

Bird feeding requires a significant financial outlay, so choosing a feeder should be done with great care.

Perhaps you’re thinking about buying a bird feeder, or maybe you’re unhappy with your last purchase and want to know how to make your next one better.

Here are four important factors to consider before making a purchase.

1. Pick a feeder that would keep Squirrels off

It is not surprising to see squirrels around bird feeders because they feed on bird’s seeds as well.

Squirrels may eventually destroy your bird feeders if they continually visit them.

Choose a feeder that is squirrel-resistant to deter them from visiting your bird feeder.

Additionally, always keep the areas beneath your feeder clean as it would keep these feeder invaders away.

You can also mount the feeder on a pole or add a baffle around the feeder to prevent squirrels from accessing them.

Investing in a glass window feeder is also the best deterrent for squirrels.

Birds will have exclusive access to the feeders because squirrels are unable to scale glass.

2. Pick easy-to-clean bird feeders 

Cleaning bird feeders should be done as often as possible. Most people advise doing it once or twice a week.

Whatever cleaning option you chose is appropriate; however, glass, plastic, and steel bird feeders are easier to keep clean.

Feeders made of clay or wood are typically more challenging to maintain and clean. Because they need to be cleaned more frequently, these feeders require more care.

Additionally, feeders made of plastic, glass, and steel are weather-resistant, so they are more durable.

Wooden feeders, however, might not be able to withstand rainy seasons as they are prone to rot.

3. Choose quality materials 

The quality of the material used determines how long your bird feeder will last. It also determines how safe and simple it is for birds to feed on.

Since a good material determines the durability of the feeder, be on the lookout for feeders that are weather-resistant, waterproof, sturdy, and rust-resistant.

4. Choose the right color 

One important aspect to take into account when choosing a bird feeder is color. The ideal color scheme is one that perfectly complements the surroundings.

This keeps the birds safe from predators because they can easily blend in if a predator is nearby.

Colors like brown, gray, tan, or dull green are typically the best choices.

Due to their perfect environment integration, these colors appear to be invisible to predators.

Metallic and fluorescent colors in particular should be completely avoided. They tend to draw the attention of predators because they are bright.


Knowing which feeder to use doesn’t only attract birds, it also deters predators from preying on them.

This article explores five incredible bird feeders that work wonders at attracting crowds. The Perky-Pet Squirrel-Be-Gone Bird Feeder is a good choice to consider.

This feeder is built to naturally deter squirrels. It is also made of high-quality materials, which guarantee its durability.

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