12 Best BlackLights for Cat Urine in 2023: Our Top Picks & Guide

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Definitely and for everyone, the smell of cat urine is pungent, unpleasant, and strong. Unfortunately for you, the stains can be hard to find. Does this sound like a description of your situation?

Luckily for you, we have found an easy way out for you. Once you read this guide, you will no longer need to rely on your nose to find the stain of cat urine or the source of this odor.

In this case, we strongly recommend working with the best black light for cat urine (also referred to as UV light). When you shine this, a black light in a dark room, any cat urine glows green or yellow.

This way, it is easy for you to see exactly where to clean. Having found the exact spot, all you need to do is use an enzyme cleaner to neutralize the urine.

High Quality UV Lights for Cat Urine – Comparison List

Looking for a good way to detect cat urine at home? The following flashlights might help.

1UV Black Light Flashlight 100 LED #1 Best UV Light and Blacklight by KOBRABlackCheck Price
2TT-FL002 Black Light by TaoTronicsPurpleCheck Price
3Black Light UV Flashlight by uvBeastAnthracite GreyCheck Price
4LED Ultraviolet Blacklight Detector Aluminum Torch Light by OxyLEDBlackCheck Price
5Flashlight 128 LED 395nm Wavelength Blacklight for Pet by BRIONACBlackCheck Price
6UV Flashlight Black Light by ESCO LITEDarkCheck Price
72 Pack UV Flashlight Black Light by COSOOSBlackCheck Price
8Ultraviolet Blacklight Flashlight Perfect Pet Urine Detector by FOLKSMATEBlackCheck Price
9Anipaw UV Black Light Flashlight by BougainvilleaCheck Price
10UV Blacklight Flashlights Detector for Pets Urine by TaoTronicsBlackCheck Price
11UV Flashlight Black light, Vansky 51 LED Blacklight Pet Urine Detector by VanskyBlackCheck Price
12Pen Flashlight Black Light, Blacklight Detector for Dog Urine by INFRAYBlackCheck Price

Review of The Best Blacklights for Cat Urine

1. KOBRA UV Ultra-Black Light Flashlight 100 LED

After a long and thorough review, we are happy to inform you that this is a good time and money saver black light for Cat urine.

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First, you will marvel at its wide application of UV light. As a result, we strongly recommend this light if you want to pinpoint the source of any leaks of Cat urine in your house.

Other Benefits

This light places a high wavelength light at your disposal for a good job. You will particularly love it for its continued emission of a powerful bread beam even when the battery is low.

Again, it gives you the ease of mobility due to its house that has a portable strap to help you carry around at your convenience.


  • Powerful bread beam
  • Great on carpets, floors, or bed sheets
  • Saves time
  • Solid and strong


  • Poor accuracy

2. TaoTronics 51 TT-FL002 Black Light

Having problems with invisible Cat urine stains? This is your ideal black light. In fact, with Tao Tronics, you can go one step further.

Imagine this torch can help you detect Cat food and urine on your rugs, clothes, or carpets, all which are otherwise invisible to your naked eye.

Other Benefits

Given this small size and lightweight, this is the multi-purpose light that you can use for detecting any dry cat urine stains on your carpet.

Over and above this, it is made of a unique design to aid its ability to endure rough handling or falling.


  • Highly portable
  • Durable and strong in construction
  • A multipurpose device
  • Small and light in weight


  • Poor battery power

3. uvBeast V2 – Black Light UV ambient Flashlight

For the precise detection of Cat urine stain, UVBEAST VERSION 2 is the most powerful blacklight. Over and above this, if you want to stay a few feet ahead, this black light features a UV range that makes the difference.

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What’s more, it has now been upgraded to give you more power, range, better build, and incorporate an upgrade of its UV beams.

Other Benefits

We can confidently tell you that this is your excellent design light. With a grove on his head and an aluminum tail, you will enjoy its enhanced battery connectivity.

Again, this torch is equipped with IP45 water-resistant protection. As a result, it can endure bad weather while still performing well.


  • Gives heated dissipation
  • Sturdy and durable in design
  • Dustproof
  • Anti-skid design


  • Collapses if immersed in water

4. OxyLED UV 51Flashlight Black Light

If you are tired of the smell of Cat urine but short of time, this is your device of convenience. First, it will give you a beam that is 30% brighter. This will ensure that you spent minimal time looking for Cat urine stains.

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Again, it features a 51 UV LEDs capability to cover visibility over a larger area compared to other black lights. This way, it gives you extensive detection of cat urine over a short time.

Other Benefits

For your convenience, this torch uses the common AAA battery. This way, it saves you energy owing to its reduced purple illumination light.

In addition, it is made from high quality aerospace aluminum so its surface makes for enhanced gripping thus reducing any chances of slipping from your hand.


  • Light and compact
  • Detects watery spots
  • Highly portable
  • Good energy saver


  • Battery must be removed after use

5. BRIONAC UV 128Black Light Flashlight

For a pro job, this black light is professionally made to the recommended 385-395 nm wavelength standards.

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Again, it features a multipurpose 128 high quality LED light that is 80% wider and brighter. This helps to ease your work in finding what you want.

Other Benefits

This is your perfect 385-395 nm flood wavelength light. This gives you the ideal bright environment for spotting cat urine stains on either clothes or floors.

Again, the light features enhanced and well-designed abrasive surface treatment such as a nonslip surface grip coupled with an added lanyard for attaching to your wrist.


  • Durable and strong construction
  • Light and compact
  • Great anti-slip surface
  • Gives up to 20 hours of lighting


  • Not useful over many liquids

6. Escolite UV 51 Flashlight Black Light

Are you and you Cat the outdoor pair? In this regard, our team has established that this is the ideal black light for spotting Cat urine over outdoor surfaces.

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The light features a 51 UV LEDto give you a wider coverage area and emits 390 to 395 nm of wavelength.

Other Benefits

If you are an enthusiast with many Cats in your place, then this is your perfect black light for cat urine. It features floodlight effects that range from 385 and 395 nm UV light for the ideal coverage of ample space.

With this, you can’t miss any spot in your search. For example, the sharpness and intensity of this light allow you to see up to 50 feet without straining.


  • Strong and durable construction
  • A multipurpose device
  • Last up to 100, 000 hours
  • Good powerful illumination


  • Not very bright

7. 2 Pack UV LED Flashlight Black Light

This blacklight gives you the best quality of full brightness. As a result, we are fully convinced that it is your perfect torch for detecting Cat urine stains.

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What’s more, this black light is made of great technological innovations so you have a device that gives you a cycle of five different wavelength output levels. As a result, you can adjust it to your convenience and use it over different places without wastage.

Other Benefits

In case your Cat urine stains present with both indoor and outdoor challenges, you can now rest easy. This black light features the right compactness and lightweight for use in these two areas.

This way, it saves you time and ensures your convenience. Further, with a 51 LED light and 395 nm of wavelength, you get the benefit of the brightest black light in the market.


  • Multipurpose black light
  • Sleek high-end design
  • Light in weight and compact
  • Gives good all-round radiation


  • Bulbs flicker on rough handling

8. 2-Pack UV 51 Flashlight Black Light

Are you a perfectionist? Then here is equally a perfectionist tool. We are confident that this is your best and most efficient cat urine detector black light.

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For your perfect job, this light is designed with high quality 51 LEDs that cover a large surface area without weakening the light. It is also bright enough to pick dry Cat urine stains.

Other Benefits

Let’s talk about the class here. 2-pack UV 51is your all compact design torch. Just your favorite for use at any point as you can carry it to any place.

Over and above this, it has a lifespan of 15 years and features 52 high quality UV light LEDs. This means you get the best that the market has to offer in Cat urine detection.


  • Powerful illumination
  • Comes with UV safety glasses
  • Durable and strong construction
  • Multipurpose black light


  • Picks only dry Cat urine spots

9. Anipaw 100 LED Black Light Flashlight

If you want a multi-purpose black light, we strongly recommend this for you. This light will help you detect and Cat urine over floors, carpets, ceramic tiles, household fabrics, or even on hardwood floors.

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What’s more, it is made of a durable and bright aluminum alloy making it more durable.

Other Benefits

For the ultimate in Cat urine detection, we strongly recommend this one to you. Anipaw 100 features enhanced silicone O-rings which are resistant to both dust and water.

Moreover, the torch has the ability to withstand excellent shock and is made from lightweight material and its design allows you to move it to different places.


  • Both dust and waterproof
  • Powerful illumination
  • A very stable wavelength
  • Can last up to 100,000 hours


  • Batteries may heat up

10. TaoTronics 12 LEDs Black Light

Are you the mobile person who is ever on the move? Tao Tronics black light is your ideal pick for cat urine. First, it is a pocket-sized UV blacklight made of ultra-compact design.

As a result, you can carry it anywhere to detect Cat urine over your car, office, or holiday homes.

Other Benefits

This blacklight is made from an anticorrosive material; it is durable and light. As if this was not enough, it is ergonomically, designed to include rubber handle grips for your firm grip.

This way, it is not easy to fall off and get damaged and is compatible enough for you to take it anywhere you want since it takes little space.


  • Very bright light
  • Durable and strong construction
  • Perfect 51 LED powerful lighting
  • Gives a very bright light


  • A little too bulky

11. UV Vansky 51 Flashlight Black Light

Is your cat peeing and you cannot find the exact spot? Then just buy this black light. This light features top quality lads with tenacious 51 UV light LEDs.

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Within this, you will never again, worry about invisible cat urine stains. What’s more, you can use it in detecting Cat urine over rugs, clothes, or carpets which are otherwise invisible to the naked eye.

Other Benefits

We have observed that this black light has the right power concentration to give you considerable coverage.

Again, it features a high quality and 3 strong enough AAA batteries charge that last long during extended use.


  • Ideal for multipurpose use
  • Gives wider coverage
  • Made of strong rugged material
  • Great fluorescing capacity


  • Poor water resistance

12. INFRAY Pen Pros IPX5 Flashlight Black Light

This blacklight features a zoom light to allow you the choice of focusing on one object or the whole room. This way, you are able to check Cat urine over wet beds by illuminating the fluids.

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Moreover, it features an in the fray UV flashlight with adjustable systems to allow you to cover either large areas or narrow areas.

Other Benefits

For all your purposes and intend, this is a high-quality, and sturdy aluminum alloy black light.

Functionally, it features Led lights that emit UV light that is up to 30% brighter than any other torches in the market. This makes it your preferred black light in cat urine detection.


  • Strong and powerful illumination
  • Strong and durable in construction
  • Multipurpose
  • Lightweight so highly compatible


  • Bumping it causes flickering

Buyers Guide to the Top Back Light for Cat Urine

For sure when buying a black light for cat urine, you need to get a good value for your money. As a result, the type and strength of the bulb you buy are of paramount importance.

In this case, the strength of the bulb is not related to the brightness that your eyes can see. On the contrary, it indicates the power of the build.

In this case, drawing from experience, we have established that the higher the power of the bulb, the better the Cat’s urine will glow, and the easier it is for you to detect and locate it.

So what is the most ideal black light for cat urine you may want to ask? To make your work easy, here are the factors you need to consider before making a purchase.

Protection of Your Eyes from the UV Lighting

Under any circumstance, the protection of your eyes is of utmost importance to you. We all know that prolonged exposure to UV lights can endanger your health.

As a result, if you wish to use the strongest of the black lights for Cat urine, consider a device that comes with UV sunglasses.

In addition to protecting your eyes from potentially harmful UV lights, these eyewear accessories will also help you to see Cat urine stains more clearly under this abnormal lighting.

The Present Number of LED Lights

The more bulbs that your blacklight has, the stronger its UV lighting will be and so the easier it will be for you to identify or detect the spots where your Cat has done its thing.

The Presence of the Appropriate Wavelengths

Our team has noticed that some black light brands in the market may not carry information about the wavelengths of light that they emit.

On the other hand, others may not carry the ideal or the necessary wavelengths for you to detect any and all cat urine. As a result, be careful to look for black lights with wavelength strength of between 365 – 385 nm.

These will give you a better glow of Cat urine making your work easier.

How to Use a Black Light for Cat Pee

For the best results, purchase a handheld black light with 9 -12 bulbs. Always make sure to go for a black light rated between 365-385 nm (nanometers).

According to a review by our team of experts, a lower rating may not be strong enough to light up the cat urine while a higher rating would be too similar to natural light leading to minimal effect.

Armed with the Ideal Black Light, Follow the Simple Steps Below

1. Start by making the room as dark as possible. For example, you can wait until evening or you can try to draw the curtains in the room as tight as possible.

2. Once ready to begin the search, turn off the lights in the room as well, as along the adjacent hallways.

3. Now go to the areas where you suspect the cat urine may be located and turn on the UV light.

4. Flash the blacklight systematically all around the room. Bear in mind that when the UV light comes into contact with the cat urine, it starts to glow. So look for any glowing green or yellow spot in the room.

5. Sweep your light back and forth as you check different and various surfaces. So, do not just check the floor, Cats can sometimes urinate on different surfaces.

6. Slowly sweep your light from side to side, along door frames, the wall, on top and on the sides of furniture as well as any bedding in the area.

7. Once you spot a cat urine stain, mark the edges so as to know where to find it.

Remember the marked spots are the stained spots to clean.

Frequently Asked Questions on Cat Pee Blacklight

To this end, you probably have some pending questions on this topic. It’s now time for us to respond to those.

What is the best enzyme cleaner for cats?

Although many pet enzyme cleaners exist, it is the Rocco & Roxie product that seems to tick all the right boxes according to popular opinion.

How do I get cat urine out of a carpet?

Usually, you can get rid of cat urine from a carpet easily by sprinkling baking soda and letting it sit for about 60 minutes. Be sure to vacuum it up from the carpet.

Why does my house smell like cat pee even though I do not own a cat?

It is not unusual for houses to smell like cat urine. In fact, certain types of mold have been reported to produce a similar smell among them the infamous black mold which is best managed by professionals.

Best Choice

After a thorough review by our team of experts, we strongly recommend the UV Vansky 51 Flashlight Black Light as the best black light for cat urine. This light offers you a higher frequency compared to the other visible violet lights.

This light is invisible to the human eye but it emits a visible light and Owing to this, our team has established that it helps you to locate even the invisible cat pee stains which shine fluorescent green or yellow under its light.


This article carries all the relevant information that you may wish to know about high-quality black light for cat urine. Our selection was informed by the ability of each light to detect Cat urine even long after it has dried.

In this case, our experts were keenly interested in the ability of each black light to make Cat urine glow when exposed to it. This makes Cat urine stains visible and easy to find.

It is our sincere hope that this extensive guide will help you find the black light.

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