The 7 Best Carpet Sweepers for Dog Hair in 2023 – Reviews

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Cleaning your home is an endless cycle especially if you own a dog. There is nothing you can do to stop them from shedding hair because it is a natural occurrence.

So what if we told you there was a tool to make your work easier and flawless? Well, there actually is and that is why we are all about the best carpet sweeper for dog hair today.

This tool will offer:

  • Convenience
  • Maneuverability
  • Time saving

Surely, you want to find out more so come with us as we go deeper down this rabbit hole.

Best Dog Hair Carpet Sweepers – Comparison Chart

If you simply want to know what the top options are, the following list is for you. Hopefully, you’ll find the following section useful and informative.

1Swivel Sweeper Max by Ontel2.5 poundsCheck Price
2Natural Sweep Carpet and Floor Sweeper by Bissell3.3 poundsCheck Price
317027 Carpet & Floor Sweeper by Fuller Brush2.4 poundsCheck Price
4Rechargeable Floor and Carpet Sweeper by SharkNinja4 poundsCheck Price
5Pet Hair Eraser Rechargeable Sweeper by BISSELL3.98 poundsCheck Price
611410 Classic Manual Rotaro Carpet Sweeper by Leifheit5.35 poundsCheck Price
7Swift Sweep Sweeper 2201B by BISSELL3.2 poundsCheck Price

Best Carpet Sweeper for Dog Hair – Reviews

1. Ontel Max Swivel Sweeper

Are you looking for the best carpet sweeper for dog hair? This swivel max sweeper is here for you.

The sweeper is rechargeable, operates cordless and swivels through 360 degrees enabling you to cover a wider area in a short time.

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Product Description

The kit comes as a complete package with a charger, 7.2V battery and the swivel itself.

This sweeper weighs only 2 pounds and is made from durable plastic. It also has a low profile which makes cleaning under chairs, cabinets and the not easy-easy-to reach areas a breeze.

The corner brushes have a high spinning power of 4000 rpm for faster cleaning. This 4-Quad-Brush technology enables the sweeper to pick dirt from all the 4 sides.


  • Flat shaped for convenient cleaning
  • Reusable bristles
  • Cordless operation
  • Lightweight
  • Bagless


  • The receptacle requires frequent emptying
  • Has to be recharged

2. Bissel Natural Floor and Carpet Sweeper

Save yourself the frustrations of replacing batteries or frequent recharging associated with most electric sweepers and obtain this whole manually operated sweeper.

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You can use the sweeper once in a while when general vacuuming isn’t required to do carpet, hard floors, or rug’s quick cleanups.

Product Description

The sweeper weighs about 4 pounds and features dual rotating brushes.

Those brushes support front and return passes for easy picking up of large debris like beads, cereals or bread crumbs to collecting very fine particles like pet hair, dirt, and dust.

Additionally, there are 2 small corner brushes that help you capture debris and dirt at the edges of your furniture or walls.


  • Cleans all types of surfaces
  • Made of PVC free pure recycled plastic
  • Collects both large and small debris
  • Equipped with rubber bumpers to protect walls and furniture


  • Difficult to navigate through corners

3. Fuller Brush Electrostatic Floor & Carpet Sweeper

Every home is bound to have spills, debris or crumbs, worry not as this sweeper that uses an electrostatic charge to lift up dirt and items will sort you out.

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The sweeper operates cordless and requires no electricity or batteries thus easy to maintainIt is also surrounded with a vinyl soft bumper for protection against scratching your beloved items or walls.

Product Description

This Fuller Brush sweeper is perfect for cleaning floors or carpets and features a strong metal housing.

The unit has a bristle natural brush that is capable of picking up dust or debris while the additional vinyl blade helps in the cleaning of messy foods.

This sweeper weighs 2.4 pounds and is equipped with a metal handle with 4 sections for more convenience.


  • Agile & sturdy
  • Folds flat for easy storage
  • Works great on different surfaces
  • Sweeps through a 9-inch space
  • Easily portable


  • Very expensive
  • Swivels through a smaller path

4. SharkNinja Rechargeable 10” Carpet and Floor Sweeper

SharkNinja is the leading manufacturer of both carpet and floor cleaning options.

This ultralight 4 pounds sweeper is just but one of SharkNinja’s tried and proven to be effective products.

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The sweeper boasts of a powerful motorized brush that swivels to 10 inches allowing you to finish your cleaning in minutes!

Product Description

This sweeper has a swivel steering for easy maneuverability and weighs only 4 pounds hence simple to lift or move around.

The sweeper is uniquely made with a back saver folding wand for easy navigation around walls or furniture.

Lastly, this vacuum sweeper is great for carpets or hard floors and will suck any size of debris into its empty dust cup.


  • Backed by a 5-year limited warranty
  • Low profile for easy navigation
  • Multipurpose operation
  • Sweeps over a larger area
  • Powered by a durable Ni-MH battery


  • A bit expensive
  • Needs recharging

5. Bissel Pet Hair Rechargeable Eraser Sweeper

This eraser sweeper gives you a 60-minute service after a full charge. As an extra bonus, the sweeper has a charge indicator light that alerts you when the battery is completely charged.

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The sweeper has a soft rubber paddle that effectively removes debris, dirt or pet hair from low pile carpets and even the bare floors.

Product Description

This cordless Bissel sweeper weighs 3.99 pounds and has a large capacity container for collecting all the picked-up dirt. In fact, you will finish your work without having to empty the dust cup.

The unit is ergonomically designed with bumpers in order to safeguard against destroying your furniture or precious walls.


  • Picks up dirt easily
  • Durable rechargeable battery
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile
  • No bristles and only rubber flappers so no hair is caught up


  • Doesn’t have a low profile thus cleaning under furniture is difficult
  • Misses dirt in the corners

6. Leifheit Manual Rotaro Classic Carpet Sweeper

What if you stay in an area with no power or frequent power outages yet you still need to sweep your floor or carpets?

This is where this Lefheit manually operated sweeper comes in handy. The rotaro is quiet and uses 3 rotary brushes to collect as well as sweep dirt of the floor quickly.

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Product Description

The rotaro weighs 5.35 pounds and is supported by a 2-year warranty.

Moreover, the all-natural bristle brushes are adjustable and precisely designed to adapt to different carpet thicknesses.

For easy debris removal, the sweeper has a detachable tray plus a thread comb that effectively takes away lint and hair from the brushes.


  • Collapsible handle for gathering dirt below furniture
  • Removable debris tray
  • Adjustable bristle brushes
  • Does not need batteries


  • Manually operated and requires more energy input to propel the brushes

7. Bissel Swift Sweeper

It doesn’t matter the type of floor you have or the size of your home, this sweeper gets the work done.

This is why this 3.3 pounds lightweight sweeper cleans swiftly and tints to collect dust or lint beneath the furniture.

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Product Description

The double direction brush roll picks up dirt in both reverse and front, to enable a wide coverage.

Notably, the sweeper has twin dustpans that empty the collected debris with just a simple underneath push.

You will love the clip-on comb that will assist you to clean the rotating brush roll.

To conclude, the sweeper is made of strong durable steel, stands 43 ½ inches tall, and has a base of 10 ½ by 9 ½ inches.


  • Features dual dustpans
  • Suitable for all types of floors and carpets
  • Durable construction
  • Cleans swiftly


  • Doesn’t sweep larger objects

Buying Guide – Carpet Sweeper for Dog Hair

If you are serious about wanting to get a carpet sweeper that will help keep your home free of annoying pet hairs, then you have to consider a few factors such as:

Sweeper Power

When it comes to raw power, carpet sweepers are no match for vacuum cleaners. Nonetheless, carpet sweepers are not the same.

They do not have the same suction degree and they brush at different speeds. Since your main aim is to get rid of dog hair, you may want to get an electric sweeper because it has more power.

If you have hardwood flooring or live in a small apartment, a lesser-powered manual sweeper would be ideal.

Sweeper Run Time

This will not be a problem with manual or corded electric sweepers. However, if you are considering getting a cordless electric sweeper, you may want to consider its run time.

Nothing will be as frustrating as having a sweeper that goes off in the middle of your cleaning session simply because it does not have the staying power.

Cost of Appliance

The price of an item will always play a part in your buying decision regardless. Luckily, most cleaning appliances are affordable.

You want to consider things like the cost of spare parts for your sweeper when buying instead of focusing on the bottom line.

Product Warranty

With any home appliance, you will require after sale services even if they are in perfect condition when bought.

There is no telling when your carpet sweeper will suddenly malfunction or require a replacement and you want a warranty to cover such.

Moreover, a warranty is one of the ways you can gauge whether a product is of first-rate quality or not. A manufacturer who is worth their salt will offer a warranty along with their product to show how confident they are about it.

Manual vs. Electric Carpet Sweepers

By now, you can tell that carpet sweepers will either come in manual or electric versions. The question then becomes; which is better? Let us compare the two to see what the answer is.


With a manual carpet sweeper, you have to push it along your carpet for it to function. On the other hand, electric carpet sweepers are electric powered which means they continue spinning even when the sweeper is stationary.


Although both manual and electric sweepers both do the job of cleaning carpets, the electric ones tend to be more efficient.

An electric sweeper is in a better position to pick up most of the dog hairs in your space than a manual one that depends on your physical effort.


If you are the kind of person that values their quiet time, you want to go for a manual sweeper since electric ones are noisier.

This is not to say that manual sweepers do not make any noises, but they are quieter.


Electric sweepers are more expensive than manual ones. Besides, electric sweepers require electricity to function and that needs to be paid for as well.

With a manual sweeper, all you have to do is be fit enough to move it around.

Ultimately, whether you choose a manual or electric sweeper depends on your personal preferences, your budget, and available space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any questions? Look through the ones answered below; you may get a clearer picture.

Q: How do I keep my carpet sweeper from smelling?

A: Carpet sweepers can smell gross – literally. Therefore, you want to empty yours each time you use it. Never leave any dirt sitting there even for a few hours.

You can also use an all-purpose spray to dilute any smells.

Q: What is the difference between blades and bristles in sweepers?

A: Blades are used to scoop bigger pieces of dirt while bristles are used to sweep fine particles. They are also made from different material.

Usually, blades are made of rubber that will not scratch your carpet or hardwood floor.

Q: Are carpet sweepers effective on all kinds of debris and dust?

A: Yes, they are. These sweepers clean a broad range of materials. Brushes gather dust from rough outdoor surfaces or carpets, while blades pick up large debris pieces.

Best Choice

We absolutely love the simplicity of the Ontel Swivel Sweeper Max. It’s quite well made plus doesn’t require any fancy, messy bags. That’s why it’s our best choice.

Final Thoughts

You now know what you need to be looking for in an ideal sweeper. We have done our best to bring you this guide and it is now up to you to go out there and pick the right carpet sweeper to get rid of those annoying dog hairs.

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