Top 8 Best Cat Litter Disposal Systems: Review & How to Choose

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Obviously, taking care of your cat’s litter box is one of the least enjoyable things you will ever do in this life. It gets worse when you have to take the waste from the box to the trash cans.

Fortunately, the best cat litter disposal system can take care of that problem. You should know that there are many options in the market that can make the decision hard for you.

You should be looking for:

  • Portability
  • Odor control
  • Convenience

We are going to go through the buying process, so you may want to stay put.

Amazon’s Top 3 Best Seller “Cat Litter Disposal System”:

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Top Cat Litter Disposal System: Comparison List

If you’re here, chances are that all you’re looking for is a short and quick list. And in that regard, we have got one created just for you.

1.Portable Cat Litter Disposal by PetFusionWhite and blackCheck Price
2.Plus Pail Silver_DX by Litter GenieSilverCheck Price
3.High-Capacity litter disposal system for Littermaid by LitterWorksBirchCheck Price
4.LitterLocker Fashion Cat Litter Disposal Box White Check Price
5.Plus Hands-Free Diaper Pail by DekorWhiteCheck Price
6.Vapor Vault Cat Litter Waste Container by PetlinksGrayCheck Price
7.Neater Scooper Refill Bag Cat Litter by Neater Pet BrandsGrayCheck Price
8.Premium Odor-Free Cat Litter Disposal System by Lucky ChampGrayCheck Price

Best Cat Litter Disposal System In Review

1. PetFusion Portable Disposal Cat Litter Box

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It can be quite unhygienic and unrealistic for you to flush your cat’s litter down the toilet or alternatively dumping it in your trash bin.

That’s why PetFusion a trusted manufacturer for the best cat litter disposal system came up with this portable cat litter box.

The box is ergonomically designed with a locking handle which combines with the silicone gasket to prevent any odors from escaping.

This receptacle helps you minimize scattered litter for a cleaner home, Environment, and a happier cat.

To start you off, the box comes with 5 litter disposal bags with each having the capability of holding the waste of up to 2 weeks.

Moreover, the box isn’t limited to the included model litter bags but can handle other varieties. The included snaps will help you secure the litter bags in place.

The box features a non-toxic charcoal kitty litter deodorizer that contains the smell for around 6 months. Additionally, the deodorizer is compatible with many others.

This cost-effective litter box is made from high-quality plastic material and is backed by a 1-year warranty against any manufacturing defects.

Therefore, as far as durability of this product is concerned, it’s nothing to worry about. And the warranty is additional proof that the manufacturer is confident about the durability of the system too.


  • Biodegradable litter bags
  • Has a handle for convenient locking and carrying
  • Eliminates odor
  • Makes cat litter clean up and disposal easy


  • Little bit pricey

If you have cat-scratch problems in your house, you should check out this: No Scratch spray for Cats.

2. Litter Genie Plus Silver Pail

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Go on and play with your four-legged cat friend around the house without worrying about frequent litter cleanup or a smelly house.

The above description shortly summarizes the function of this Litter Genie silver pail. This pail comes already assembled with all pre-requisites to assist you to store your kitty’s waste for about 2 weeks.

Unlike the standard refill Litter Genie model that takes only 8 weeks, this plus pail’s 7-layer refill lasts 10 weeks! It thus helps eliminate bacteria and encloses the cat’s litter odors leaving you with a fresh-smelling house.

Just like how you normally refer to a genie as something unique, this genie litter pail is actual one!

The silver-colored pail measures 8.5 by 8.5 by 17 inches. Since it’s made with a compact design, the pail is ideal for apartments, condos or small homes requiring one or more litter disposal systems.

This cat litter disposal system requires only 3 steps; scoop the litter, flip open the lid then drop the waste, and finally lock the pail by pulling the handle.

The ergonomic design of the pail enables you to store it easily in a corner, cabinet or closer to your trash bin.

Thanks to this design, you can also discreetly store the system even in a cabinet. Consequently, this makes the product ideal for homes with multiple litter box options and small spaces.


  • Built-in cut out handle
  • Comes with a litter scoop
  • Delivers endless odor control


  • You will need to pull the slide to open, quite tiresome
  • No pre-designed place for storing the litter scoop

3. LitterWorks Litter Disposal System High-Capacity Littermaid

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This cat waste disposal system by LitterWorks comes as an alternative to the ordinary receptacles you are used to.

What’s more, the system requires little or no clean up at all and doesn’t need any maintenance.

Contrary to other litter box models where waste is collected into a bag inside a can or pail, with this type the waste is passed through a customized adaptor chute.

From there, the soiled litter is then dropped into a liner below. Cutting of the full part when the bag is filled is all you need to do. That will be after every 2 weeks or when you deem fit.

Finally, tie a knot and you will have a new bag, very sanitary and simple right!

The product is basically high-quality sanding wood except the plastic chute. Although the top littermaid isn’t included, it may be ordered separately.

This pet waste disposal mechanism contains the mess and reduces the odor for a hygienic fresh-smelling home.

On the flip side, though, it does not come with wheels and is relatively pricey. As such, portability may be an issue for some people.


  • Compatible with other littermaid boxes
  • Easy to use
  • Large capacity


  • The littermaid is not included
  • Little pricey

4. LitterLocker Fashion Cat Disposal Bucket

When it comes to disposing your cat’s litter conveniently, this LitterLocker Fashion disposal bucket offers this and more. Therefore, as a cat owner, you might want invest in one of these systems.

Similar to other disposal systems, this bucket allows you to collect dirty litter clumps completely odorless and hygienic before disposing it.

It features a built-in cassette that is equipped with a multi-layer and air-tight film tube. This cassette helps trap odors, germs, and even bacteria thoroughly.

Another thing we love about this bucket is its large capacity. Basically, its capacity can last for at least 2 weeks, which eliminates the hassle of emptying it frequently.

You know what the best part is? This system comes in stylish designs for a beautiful look in addition to its functionality.

Basically, it comes a fabric cover that is available in five attractive designs to choose from. You can also get additional washable fabric covers to complement your decor.


  • Equipped with a secure latching system
  • Big capacity for little yet compact
  • Quick and easy to clean
  • Minimal trips to the wheelie bin
  • Does not let out odors


  • Hard to find refills and can be expensive

5. Dekor Plus Step-Drop Hands-Free Diaper Pail

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Just like the name, this Dekor plus pail is 100% hands-free; simply step on the foot pedal and then drop your soiled diaper. This saves you from the frequent bending associated with most litter pails.

Because of this pail’s effectiveness, many people are not only using it for disposing of baby diapers or wipes only but also for pet, bathroom, garage, and kitchen wastes.

This is due to the bucket’s convenient way of litter waste storage and the triple odor-reducing mechanism.

This white w/gray trim pail has dimensions of 22.2 by 13.5 by 9.8 inches, weighs about 9 pounds and is made from long-lasting ABS plastic.

The pail is ergonomically designed with a childproof lock so that kids can’t open it accidentally.

Furthermore, the pail comes fully assembled together with a pre-installed full-size Dekor refill. When the refill is over, you can easily order for another one, but mind you the included is quite long and will last for long.

To remove the filled refill, cut it out with the included kid-safer cutter then discard it. The next step is to tie a fresh knot in the leftover bag, the pail is then ready for use again.

Since most people are picky as far as colors are concerned, the pail can be obtained either as gray, black, blue, pink or soft mint.


  • Available in different colors
  • Affordable
  • Hands-free operation
  • Easy to use


  • There are some complaints about the pail letting out a faint smell when you toss in the new litter

6. Petlinks Cat Litter Vapor Vault Waste Container

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When looking for the best litter disposal system, there are three factors to consider; the simplicity of storing the poop, capability of maintaining the odor and lastly the cost.

The compact design of this unit allows you to store it in smaller spaces. However, the bin can only be used to store pet’s litter waste of up to 1 week.

This litter container is made with hard thick plastic that is highly effective for ensuring no odor escapes from the bin.

Interestingly, to help you save on costs, you can use the normal grocery bags though you can still purchase refills that are precisely made for this container.

The container can store wastes of about 1.8 gallons and is ideal for homes with single cats.

Also, this grey-colored receptacle weighs just about 1.5 pounds, it is to clean with just soap and water.


  • Compact design to occupy less space
  • Inexpensive
  • Compatible with most standard waste bags
  • Contains litter waste odors


  • Doesn’t come with the scoop
  • Has a smaller holding capacity

7. Neater Pet Brands Cat Litter Neater Scoop System

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Sometimes using a scooper to collect soiled cat litter and then disposing in your bin still means more work. That’s why this unit by Neater Pet is attached to the scooper to simplify your work.

In addition, this all-in-one unit allows for one-hand operation and helps you minimize on time. Amazingly, the scoop can be detached and placed upside down in the container for easy storage.

You only need to tilt your wrist when depositing the cat’s waste in the litter box bag, easy right! 

For increased convenience, the Neater Litter features 4 boxes of 15 lightly scented bags each (Scooper 60-count refill bags). Every single bag has easy tie handles for easy fastening, carrying and disposal to the garbage.

Forget about litter boxes that scatter dirt all over the place as the unit encloses all the mess and smell. 

The elegantly positioned trap door enables you to clean the litter container easily.

In conclusion, this grey pet litter disposal unit measures 5.9 by 5.6 by 11.7 inches and is made in the USA.


  • Very affordable
  • Requires just one-hand operation
  • 2-in-1 system
  • Allows quick disposal when filled


  • The unit is quite small and gets filled quickly
  • The cat’s mess builds up on the sides of the scoop hence difficult to clean off

8. Lucky Champ Odor-Free Premium Cat Litter Disposal System

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Are you are looking for an innovative mechanism to safely put away your cat’s waste? Then Lucky champ has the solution for you.

The receptacle is equipped with an exclusively designed triple seal that keeps the odor inside thus highly hygienic.

The Litter Champ is simple to operate; just scoop the cat’s mess, step and lastly drop it into the pail.

The 4-gallon capacity of the pail means you won’t have to be empty it often until when it’s full. This helps save time and energy you normally spend going to or from the garbage section using smaller litter boxes.

This pail is made from durable ABS resin hard plastic and given a beautiful grey finish to easily complement your home décor.

The pail includes a litter scoop and a free bag line to give you a quick start.

When full, open the champ’s door then pull the bag a little downward, cut the liner on the remounted door safety cutter before disposing of and tie off the remaining liner ready for next litter collection.


  • Supported by a 5-year manufacturer warranty
  • Elegant design
  • Odorless system
  • Secure childproof lock


  • The waste bags are expensive
  • The opening for depositing the litter is relatively small

What are Cat Litter Disposal Systems and How do they Work?

As the name suggests, this a cat waste bin that is specially designed for disposing of your kitty’s waste. It usually comes with a plastic or metal container and a lid for odor control.

But how do they work? Well, different systems have different working mechanisms. Nevertheless, they work in almost the same way.

Basically, each system comes with a refill cartridge that you need to tie up on end of the waste liner. Then, then put it in the receptacle. If want to dispose of the scooped litter, you just open the lid, dump the waste and then close.

When the trash bag is full, simply remove it from the container, secure it or tie a knot on it. Next, throw the biodegradable bag in the garbage.

Why Use a Cat Litter Disposal System?

Overall, there are many benefits that come with using a system for disposing your cat’s litter. Some of these include.

Additional Convenience

With a little disposal system, it can be quick and easy to funnel the litter in and then out of the waste bag. This is compared to scooping the crystal litter and taking it the garbage daily.

Controls Odor

Cat’s urine is known to have a strong ammonia odor that can be hard to get rid of. Even the feces have unpleasant odors. A little disposal system is designed to seal the smell away inside.

Minimizes Allergies

Some people are allergic to cat litter. So, a litter disposal system can help control the allergy symptoms and flares by limiting your contact with the litter.

Bacteria Control

Lastly, these systems help contain the bacteria present in your kitty’s waste. These bacteria may make you sick if not safely contained.

Buying Guide for Top Cat Litter Disposal System

Getting a top-rated cat litter disposal system is not an easy task so you may want to have a checklist in place to determine what features you want.

Here are some that you need to consider:

Odor Control

Cat’s feces and urine smell terrible to stay the least and you wouldn’t want to stay in a house with that kind of odor.

With a litter disposal system, you will be able to control such smells and keep your home habitable. A disposal system is also able to dilute your cat’s natural smell which is not as pleasant either. 

Compressed Design

You want to pick a disposal system with a compact design so that it can fit anywhere from under the stairs, basement, or bathroom.

It needs to be compact enough to be kept near your kitty’s clumping litter for an easy and quick cleaning process.

Scoop Container

It is important to get a disposal system with a scoop container. Its purpose would be to scoop your cat’s waste from the litter box into the cat litter bin.

The scoop container will also reduce your chances of getting infected with cat bacteria since you will not be in direct contact with the waste.

Number of Cats

How many cats do you own? If it is more than one, you may want to get a pail for each cat and position it next to the litter.

This will make it easier for you to clean the litter tray and dispose of the waste.

Uncovered or Covered

We all have different preferences; so while some people would rather have an uncovered disposal system, others would opt for a covered one.

However, our recommendation here would be to go for a covered one since it will prevent waste from spilling and prevent odors from spreading in your house.

We highly doubt that anyone would want an uncovered system where they risk spillages and bad odors in the house.


Another feature to consider is the construction material for the trash can pail, liner, and cartridge. Ideally, the pail should be made of BPA-free materials like ABS or polypropylene plastic. Same case with the cartridge for added durability.

Generally, ABS plastic is highly durable and boasts superior odor control. The polypropylene, on the other hand is perceived to be more environmentally friendly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the questions we have answered in respect to this topic that can help you get a clearer picture.

Q: How do I dispose of cat litter?

A: Put the litter into a plastic bag, tie it, and put it into another bag and tie it as well.

Q: Is it okay to flush cat poop?

A: That may seem convenient but we advise against it simply because cat poop can contain parasites that can cause you serious health problems.

Q: How to pick the best cat litter disposal system?

A: Well, there are factors to consider including odor control, number of cats, availability of a scoop container, and design.

Q: What should you know about cat litter disposal systems?

A: There are the most convenient ways of getting rid of your cat’s waste. Also, they come in different designs and capacities.

Litter Genie vs. Litter Genie Plus

The litter genie and litter genie plus are litter disposal systems that seem alike. However, aside from their main features, there are also differences that can influence your decision on which of the two to purchase.

First, the genie plus comes in an assortment of more colors than the litter genie. Therefore, if silver is not your cup of tea, or does not match with the rest of your décor, you can choose navy, espresso, or black from Litter Genie Plus.

Another thing about Litter Genie Plus is that it comes with in-built antimicrobial features to control odors and bacteria from your cat’s litter.

Finally, Litter Genie Pail Plus comes with a refill cartridge that lasts much longer than regular refills. Whichever you decide to buy between the two, you can be assured that you will only get the best from the Litter Genie brand.

Best Choice

The Litter Genie Plus Pail is probably the best litter disposal for cats available out there currently. We think it’s quite well-made plus it has also received rave reviews from its users. Highly recommended!

Final Thoughts

Cat litter disposal systems offer an economical way of getting rid of your kitty’s waste. Besides, they control the bad odor that your cat’s litter produces.

With all the information in this guide, you can now be able to buy the best disposal system for your cat’s litter.

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