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Looking for the best way to feed your chicken might not be easy regarding the demands of your chickens' living conditions. Of course, feeding your flock in a free range is still a choice, but the wastage and contamination that comes with it is a hassle that every chicken farmer would want to avoid. Luckily, many options for the best chicken feeders might be confusing, especially to new farmers.

There's quite a wide range to choose from in size, design, material, and color. You might need a soldier that protects from pests, weather conditions, and feed wastage and spoilage. Or you might be simply looking for an indoor hanging feeder to keep the space clean and tidy. Whichever reason it is, there's something for everyone.

What is a Chicken Feeder

A chicken feeder is a vessel you use to dispense food for your feathered flock. It is usually designed with an opening to allow the hungry chicken to access their food anytime, keeping it safe and conserved. Chicken feeders have different options; galvanized, plastic, painted, tripod and treadle chicken feeder options. Additionally, different feeders are designed for either gravity feeding systems or automatic feeding systems.

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I have a selection of the best products to help you find the right chicken feeder for your and your poultry's requirements. Dig in

1. Harris Farms Free Range Hanging Poultry Feeder

Harris Farms Poultry Feeder | Manna Pro Chicken Feed, Free Range Hanging Chicken Feeder, Chicken...
  • Heavy duty galvanized feeder
  • features rolled edges for safey and a convenient hanger/carry-handle
  • Design makes for easy 3 position height adjustment and is ideal for larger birds such as pheasants or chickens
  • feeds 30-50 birds

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Harris farms free range hanging poultry feeder comes in two variants regarding its weight; 7 pounds and 10 pounds. This feeder is easy to fill for enthusiasts and can handle a big flock at a time. In addition, I didn't have to worry about feed wastage with its design because the feed ring could prevent the chickens from scratching the food.

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Harris' feeder price is reasonable considering its show-off feeding, filling, and cleaning capabilities which come in a circular hanging design. As a result, I could rank it as one of the most cost-effective feeders on the market.  

On the downside, it is not waterproof. Harris feeder can feed up to 25 chickens and keep your hen house tidy, but you might consider other choices for an outside feeder. It is also not based on a gravity system, and you have to check frequently and add feeds to your flock as you keep watch on the wastage too.


  • Can feed up to 25 flocks
  • A feeding ring preventing feed wastage
  • Hanging circular design tray prevents feed from rodents and pests
  • Easy to clean and fill
  • Affordable price


  • Non-waterproof
  • Lack of gravity feeding system

2. Chicken Feeder-Holds 20 Pounds-Pellets-Crumbles-Grain in Bucket

Chicken Feeder-Holds 20 Pounds-Pellets-Crumbles-Grain in Bucket - for 21st Century Chicken Owners -...
  • πŸ“ For chickens 12 weeks and older. (Younger/smaller chickens can crawl in the port) No-Roost Cap included! Place...
  • πŸ“ MADE IN THE USA with US and Global Parts!
  • πŸ“ No more squirrels, wild birds, mice or rats getting into your coop looking for feed on the ground 99% of feed...
  • πŸ“ 100% Food Grade and BPA Free Plastic - Comes fully assembled - Simply fill with feed and it's ready for your...
  • πŸ“ Available in Center or Corner placement Models

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This simple chicken feeder bucket with an automatic refilling system kept all my birds well-fed. It features two feeding ports that are hung on a coop. This feature enables your chicken to feed faster 

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In terms of spoilage resistance, this product is a great deal. My chicken couldn't scratch out feed, which helped reduce feed wastage. It also has a rain cover with a well-designed water protection structure that keeps the feed dry and safe from vermin.

This chicken feeder might not be your choice if you are after fancy looks and durability. It has a fragile plastic finish that won't last long on the extreme weather exposure


  • Great spoilage resistance
  • Protects against
  • Rodents and vermin
  • Weather-proof
  • Significant feed wastage reduction


  • Low quality plastic material
  • Best for chickens 12 weeks or older

3. Miller 9112 12lb. Galvanized Hanging Poultry Feeder

Miller 9112 12lb. Galvanized Hanging Poultry Feeder
  • This item is a Miller 9112 12lb. Galvanized Hanging Poultry Feeder
  • Purpose of use for Farming, Livestock Care
  • This product is manufactured in United States

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Simple and durable. Miller 9112 12lb feeder is made of galvanized steel that assures you quality service for many years.

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This simple feeder stood out for me in solving problems such as feed wastage and unwelcome guests. Additionally, it can be easily cleaned and filled. In short, this miller poultry feeder can meet all your chicken feeding needs.

Unlike flowers that can for almost a week without water, your chickens need water frequently. You can also use this feeder as a waterer for your chickens. Unfortunately, with all the outstanding qualities, this feeder is likely to get rusty because it is not water resistant.


  • Sturdy
  • durable
  • space saving
  • hanging design keeps food safe
  • reduces feed wastage


  • non-water resistant
  • No gravity feeding
  • Not chew proof

4. Grandpa's Feeders Automatic Chicken Feeder

Grandpa's Feeders Automatic Chicken Feeder - Sturdy Galvanized Steel Poultry Feeders - No Spill with...
  • BUILT TO LAST: Unlike other chicken feeders, Grandpa's Feeders have a high quality galvanized Steel finish, which...
  • FEED ON DEMAND - Grandpa's Feeders provide Feed on Demand for your flock. At the same time Grandpa's Feeders also...
  • LARGE FEED CAPACITY: The Standard Automatic Feeder will hold 20 lbs (9kg) of feed. This feeds approximately 6...
  • SAVE MONEY: Many customers tell us that their Grandpa’s Feeder paid for itself in its first year simply by...
  • TRUSTED FOR OVER TWENTY YEARS: Proven design, sold worldwide. Don’t be fooled, Grandpa's Feeders have been around...

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This galvanized shiny steel feeder attracted me at first sight. I was pleased to notice that its impressive finish also drew my chicken's attention. The common belief of practicality and stunning appearance not coming together is contradicted by the creation of grandpa's feeder

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Grandpa's high-end finish weather-proof material is sturdy. This protected my chicken from the harsh weather conditions and the unwelcome guests who would try to eat their feeds.

All thanks to the treadle that the chicken step to get the lid open and feed. The feeder also dispenses automatically, reducing spoilage, so I could relax or get involved in other activities as my poultry feeds. Another helpful feature is the two training bolts for the chickens. With the heavy treadle, you won't have to worry about the squirrels, wild birds, and mice that might impersonate your chicken and steal their feed

Grandpa's feeder is a slope-style feeder. Thanks to gravity, you can fill it up and be gone for days with the assurance of your chicken feeding enough. Though pricier, with all its qualities, the price is fair, especially if you are looking for a long-lasting feeder.

The feeder's lid might scare bantams when being left on a treadle by their heavier fella, but not to worry, it won't chop off the chicken's head. It took me almost 3 weeks to train my poultry to adapt to this feeder, and the feed got wasted along the way. But it was worth the wait.


  • Weather-proof
  • Gravity feeding
  • A capacity of 9kg feed
  • Spoilage reduction
  • Protects against Rodents and vermin
  • High-end finish
  • Treadle style feeder


  • 3 weeks of training time
  • Pricey
  • Heavy lid (a potential problem if having bantams only)

5. Kaytee Gravity Bin Feeder with Bracket

Kaytee Gravity Bin Feeder with Bracket ( Assorted Colors )
  • 5.25" long, 5.75" wide, 8.25" high
  • Connects to wire cage
  • Assorted colors, color received will vary
  • For guinea pigs, rabbits and other small animals
  • Unique design prevents dust

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Kaytee's gravity bin feeder comes in various colors with a simple, easy-to-use design. galvanised For my small poultry, its capacity of 1kg and narrow design is just perfect. However, I hang it on a wire cage to keep it tidy and safe from vermin.

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Simplicity and compatibility make this Kaylee feeder stand out without a doubt. This feeder is the best quick-choice and a low-budget option. Its feeding gravity system also saves you feed and money. Although during the rains, I had to find shelter for my chicken feeds.

For someone not worrying about rain and looking for a fair-price basic feeder for a few chickens, this easy-to-assemble chicken feeder is a dream fulfiller

On the downside, this feeder's design requires a wire cage to be attached and doesn't meet waterproof requirements. You might want to think it through before you buy it


  • Spoilage reduction
  • Assorted with colors
  • Well designed, considering the low price for all its features
  • It can be attached anywhere using quick karabiner locks
  • Saves space
  • Built-in sifter keeping out dust and pallet
  • Good budget option


  • Made of plastic, hence vulnerable to damage
  • Not a good choice for outside mounting
  • It needs to be hung on a wire cage
  • Small size

6. Royal Rooster Chicken Poultry Feeder with Rain Cover

Royal Rooster Chicken Poultry Feeder with Rain Cover – 6.5 Pound Capacity
  • Save time and money feeding your chickens. Innovative design for reduced wastage - pays for itself
  • Feed only your chickens not the wild birds or rodents. Rain cover for weather protection
  • Hooks straight onto mesh or you can attach to a solid wall with free aluminum brackets included
  • 1 feeder suits 4-6 chickens. Suitable for most feed types – pellets, general feed mixes
  • Holds approx 6.5lbs of feed and is 20 inches tall

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This Royal Rooster Feeder with Rain Cover stands like a chimney at 20 inches tall. Having several of them at my small poultry farm saved me space and kept the hen house looking clean and tidy.

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With a capacity of 3kg, it's the best choice for an average farmer. The design is waterproof with a rain cover and is easy to clean. It reduces feed wastage. Even if I had to spend a little more on purchasing it, eventually, it paid back with its good qualities

Feeding my chickens outdoors was easy and fun with Royal Rooster Chicken Poultry Feeder because the feeder tray and rain cover kept the feed clean and dry. This feeder's success is because of its design to hang off the ground. Compared to other feeders on the market, the royal rooster chicken poultry feeder wins at space saving and keeping the outdoor hen house neat and clean

Otherwise, this feeder is a great minimalist choice for outdoor feeding. But, the price for its non-resistant plastic finish, and limited feeding capacity, is a subject of a big dispute


  • Reduces feed wastage
  • Rain cover keeps the feed dry and clean
  • It has a capacity of up to 3kg of feed
  • UV resistant
  • Anti-rodents and birds


  • Can feed no more than 6 chickens at the same time
  • Relatively high price

7. Ware Manufacturing Chicken Feeder Troughs

Ware Manufacturing Chicken Feeder Trough (2)
  • 2 Pack Of Ware Chicken Feeder Trough
  • A metal trough feeder made for backyard chickens.
  • Wire scratch guard protects the food.
  • Designed to help discourage chickens from climbing into and pooping in the feed.
  • Trough measures 16 inches long by 6 inches wide by 6 inches high.

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Who wouldn't mind more for less? This simple and inexpensive product of ware manufacturing company always comes in a pair. Their design of galvanized metal makes them waterproof and durable. With its special wire design over the top, whether feeding my the chicken hot dogs or the normal poultry feed, they couldn't scratch their food all over the ground, so besides keeping the chicken coop clean, it also reduced food wastage.

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With my small flock, the feeder troughs were perfect for holding just a small amount of feed to feed them daily. The troughs are also easy to maintain because of their small size fit for backyard chickens' feed

Although to keep the feeders safe from tipping over and unwelcome guests like rodents and other animals, you may have to wall-mount them.


  • Wire top reduces feed wastage
  • Made of galvanized metal that does not rust
  • Easy to maintain
  • Durable


  • It holds a small amount of food
  • Tips over easily
  • Do not keep rodents and other animals out of feed

Chicken Feeders Buying Guide

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When buying chicken feeders for your flock, there are basic factors to take into consideration to navigate your search correctly

a) Size of Your Flock

If you have a flock of 2 to 5 chickens and planning to feed them daily, a small feeder without the feeding gravity system would still serve you well, minimizing food wastage and saving space. On the other hand, a larger flock will require bigger feeders or too many of the smaller feeders, and it's ideal to go for the feeders with a feeding gravity system.

b) Age of Your Flock

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If you are starting out and have only baby chicks, the heavier chicken feeders with treadles might not be a good option for the safety of your chicks. A flock of full-grown hens is best fed using metal galvanized feeders with a design that does not allow them to scratch food. Luckily, there are chicken feeders that are good for mixed flocks, so if you are expanding your flock with a combination of both baby chicks and full-grown hens, you don't have to go for different feeders

c) Price

Chicken feeder prices range from inexpensive plastic feeders sitting on the ground to fully mechanized feeders measuring the feed based on the settings you provide. Depending on your budget, you can still get a good chicken feeder that meets your flock's feeding requirements. If your flock is big, you can also opt for DIY chicken feeder that is affordable

Benefits of Chicken Feeders

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Here are the key reasons you should buy chicken feeders for your flock to make your life easier as a farmer

i) To Keep Food Safe

Intruders such as rodents and other animals are always attracted to farms. They can enter the chicken coop and disrupt your feathered flock's peace, but feeding on your chicken feed is the most annoying part. Chicken feeders keep the feed safe with a safety net around the feed. Some are equipped with heavy treadles for intruders to step on and open. Others are also designed to hang, keeping unwelcome guests away.

ii) To Keep Food Clean

Chicken feeders are carefully designed to keep the elements away from the food. They reduce the damage from unpredictable weather, keeping the food dry and clean. Moreover, they are designed to prevent the chicken from standing in the feeding trays. Hence there is no space for soiling the meals

iii) To Prevent Wastage

There is a higher chance of food wastage when you feed the chicken at free range by hand than by feeder. Chicken feeders are designed to prevent chickens from scratching food, reducing spillage. The food fight is also restricted by the inability to stand over the food. Additionally, with their measurements provided, you can keep the food supply regulated

Bottom Line

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Whether you have a flock of 2 or 50 chickens, there's a chicken feeder for you. But if not, you can make a DIY chicken feeder even though you'll just be making a few adjustments from the existing ones. Whichever choice you make, it is wise to go for a feeder that meets all the requirements of your chickens' living conditions and needs.

Also, prevent wastage and keep the hen house tidy and healthy. You can clean the feeders with vinegar or any other disinfectants to avoid disease outbreak.

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