25 Special Dog Decals & Stickers in 2022 – For Your Car, Wall, Laptop, and More

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Have you always wanted to let everyone know your immense love for dogs? If so, dog decals are just what you need.

But with so many options to choose from, you might have a hard time finding the best decals for your needs.

To help you, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best dog decals you can find. The list includes decals for use on various surfaces including: cars, wall, laptop, windows (cars, trucks, home, etc.) and more.

Whether your favorite dog breed is a poodle, pug, or even a German shepherd, this list includes some really high-quality stickers. Feel free to check them out.

Dog Stickers and Decals

1. Nicker Stickers: Best Overall Decals/Stickers

Nicker stickers feature over 1300 decals with great captions, and almost every breed available. But what really makes them unique is the fact that they include the breed name together with a witty saying.

2. Enjoy It Dean Russo Boxer Car Stickers: Our Top Pick Decal for Car


Ideal for car windows and bumpers, this decal includes two stickers. What’s more? It boasts outdoor rated vinyl, adhesive and ink so it can last for many years in all conditions. Best of all, it’s easy to apply and remove.

The above link is only for the Boxer breed. For other breeds please click on the relevant breed name below.

3. Personalised Dog Paw Wall Art Sticker: Our Top Sticker for Wall


Designed for use on walls, the sticker is made from premium-quality vinyl for long-lasting performance. Besides, it is available in various colors and sizes to choose from.

4. Furivy 1Puppy Laptop Sticker: Top Pick Sticker for Laptop


This decal is our top sticker for laptop and can be used on Apple MacBook Retina/ Pro/ Air 13-inch. Also, we love that it’s easy to remove and does not leave any residue behind.

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5. DXYMOO Cartoon Animal Pet Decals

Perfect for car whole body including the window and rear wiper, these decals are built to be waterproof and long-lasting. Best of all, the sticker does not fade.

6. Winston& Bear 2 Pack 3D Dog Decals

For Maltese dog lovers, these two-pack decals are the perfect gifts. The stickers are ideal for any surface and are easy to apply. What’s more, they are water-resistant. You can also gift dog picture frames for dog lovers.

7. KCD1170 Dog Paw Heartbeat Decal Sticker

This is a die-cut sticker that is built to last up to six years on the outside of your car. It is suitable for use on laptops, walls or any smooth surface.

8. Doggie in the Window Dog Decal

Made from heavy-duty material, this decal can endure any conditions without fading or peeling. Best of all, it’s very realistic and available in 10 popular dog breeds to choose from.

9. KCD2628 Dog Mom Paw Sticker

While it is suitable for vans, trucks, SUVs, the Dog Mom Paw sticker can be applied to most smooth surfaces. Additionally, it’s easy to apply thanks to the clear transfer tape it comes with.

10. Wall Pops WPK0614 Wall Decals

Featuring 27 pieces, the Wall Pops WPK0614 decals are available in various sizes and shapes to choose from. To top it all up, the stickers are removable and reusable.

11. CliffBennett Vinyl House Number, Address, Mailbox Dog Decal

Made from high-quality vinyl, this Decal by CliffBennett can be applied anywhere you like including mailbox decal, mailbox decor, house number, address, cars, walls, windows, and more. What’s more, it will last for years without fading, chipping or cracking.

12. Fymural 3D Dog Cat Wall Decal

This decal includes two pieces of stickers that are of different styles. Best of all, it is backed by a 100% money-back guarantee just in case you’re not completely satisfied with it.

13. Blue Giraffe Inc Mom Car Sticker

For all the dog moms out there, this is a great sticker. It is scratch and waterproof so you can rest assured it will last for a long time.

14. DesignStickers Dog Wall Stickers for Kids

If you’re looking for dog decals for your girl, these stickers are worth considering. The decal is made from matte vinyl making it safe for use on painted walls.

15. SoCoolDesign Love Paw Vinyl Dog Sticker

Featuring premium quality vinyl, this decal is sure to last for three to five years. Besides, it is perfect for use on almost any surface.

16. Ohongs Design Studio 36 Dogs Pattern Decal

This dog decal boasts 36 different patterns to choose from. Also, they’re all custom designed and handmade. What’s more, it features 3-year outdoor durability.

17. Traciwithani Print Front Vinyl Decal

Available as dog and cat decals, these print front stickers are perfect for mugs, car windows, and more. To top it all up, the decals are weatherproof and easily removable.

18. Karybella Laptop Dog Decal

Looking for custom made decals? You should probably consider this sticker. It is not only easy to apply but also to remove. Besides, you can use it on most flat surfaces.

19. Traciwithani Script Front Vinyl Decal

While this decal is not reusable, it’s easily removable. And the best part is that the sticker is weatherproof so you can use it on any outdoor surface.

20. Sign Depot Vinyl Die Cut Decal

This is a die-cut decal that is made from premium vinyl. As such, it can last up to six years on the exterior of your car. It comes with a clear transfer tape and detailed instructions for easy application.

21. Bluegrass Decals More Dogs Decal

Not only is this decal weatherproof but also UV resistant. Therefore, it won’t fade even when exposed to sunlight. Not to mention, it’s constructed from premium-grade vinyl for maximum durability.

22. Enjoy IT LLC 19009CS Car Sticker

This is a car decal that is made from outdoor-rated vinyl, adhesive, and ink so it can last for years. As such, it can withstand snow, windshield wipers, sun, sleet, and even rain.

23. StickerLoaf Custom Paw Decal

Available in many colors to choose from, this decal is custom made to order. On top of that, it is designed for outdoor, marine, indoor, and automotive use.

24. CustomVinylDecor Vinyl Wall Decal

This yet another great dog decal that comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Made with Oracal vinyl, the sticker is sure to look good on any surface including the laptop, cars, and windows.

25. Country Chic Decals Labrador Dog and Ducks Decal

Last but not least, we have this sticker from Country Chic Decals that features premium-quality adhesive vinyl. The designs of this decal can easily be custom sized so they fit your space requirements.

Buyer’s Guide

Dog decals come in various designs, sizes, shapes, and colors. So, to find the best dog stickers for your needs, there are some things to take into consideration.

First, you will need to take into account the material used to make the decal. Vinyl is the most common one as it’s long-lasting. And when it comes to outdoor dog decals, they should be weatherproof to ensure they don’t fade or even chip.

More importantly, you need to consider how easy the decal is to apply on the surface and even remove it. As such, we recommend getting a sticker that comes with clear and detailed application instructions.

Last but not least, make sure to consider where exactly you plan to use the decal on. Luckily, most of the stickers in our review can be applied on almost any smooth surface.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now let’s take a look at some of the common queries dog owners tend to ask about dog decals.

Q: Is it illegal to have dog decals on your car’s window or bumper?

A: No it’s not so long as the decal is not blocking your view.

Q: Do dog stickers damage car paint?

A: The best decals for dogs are made using high-quality ink, vinyl, and adhesive. Therefore, it’s unlikely that they can damage your car’s paint.

Q: Can you reuse dog decals?

A: Some stickers are designed to be reusable once you remove them while others are not.

Our Top Pick

The Nicker stickers are our overall best dog decals and stickers. But if you’re looking for the best car decal, the Enjoy It Dean Russo Car Stickers is our top pick. Personalised Dog Paw Wall Art Sticker, on the other hand, is our top sticker pick for the wall. And as far as laptops are concerned, we recommend the Furivy 1Puppy Sticker.

Final Words

Dog stickers are the perfect way to celebrate your pooch with friends and family. So, show off the love you got for your furry friend with any of the above dog decals. Just make sure to choose the sticker that matches your lovely doggie.

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