9 Best Dog Deodorant Spray of 2023 – Reviewed & Ranked

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Only a dog owner can explain the joys of having a dog in your home, but what most of them will not tell you, is that these adorable creatures can also stink – literally!

Even if you bathe your pooch regularly, they will still have a natural smell to them that may not be as pleasant as you like.

That is why the best dog deodorant spray should be part of your daily grooming activities. Come with us, as we explain to you how to buy the best spray.

Best Dog Deodorizing Spray – Comparison Chart

Before we get started, here’s a warm-up opportunity. We have a short and straight-to-the-point comparison section meant to give you a quick overview of the options available.

1Cat & Dog Deodorant and Scented Perfume Body Spray by Bodhi Dog2.4 Ounces (Package)Check Price
2Chamomile & Lavender Aromatherapy Freshening & Shining Spray8 OuncesCheck Price
3Deodorizing & Refreshing Pet Deodorant for Dogs by Wahl9.6 OuncesCheck Price
4Sugar Cookie Pet Daily Spray Dogs by SEAMUS6.38 OuncesCheck Price
5Pet Deodorant and Scented Perfume Body Spray by Bodhi Dog4.8 Ounces (Package)Check Price
6All Natural Deodorizing Spritz by Earthbath9.6 OuncesCheck Price
7Deodorizing Sprays for Pets by TropiClean9.6 OuncesCheck Price
8Natural Dog Puppy Deodorizing Grooming Spray by Sofee & Co.11.22 Ounces (Package)Check Price
9Clean Scent Cologne Dog Deodorant Perfume Body Spray by Pet Silk11.68 OuncesCheck Price

9 Best Dog Deodorant Spray – Reviews

1. Bodhi Dog Pet Natural Cologne

This Bodhi dog cologne is not only affordable but is also one of the top-rated dog deodorant sprays you’ll ever come around.

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The formula is made from all-natural ingredients and spiced up with a fresh baby powder scent that gets rid of smelly or stinky pet odors.

Moreover, this 4 fl Oz spray may be used on both cats, guinea pigs, dogs and doesn’t require washing or rinsing.


  • Keeps pets smelling fresh for long
  • Pet and environment-friendly
  • Good baby powder scent
  • Works on all types of coats
  • Offered in 8 different scents


  • The strong scent may overwhelm your dog at first

2. Gerrard Larriett Aromatherapy Pet Care Shining & Freshening Spray for Pets

If your dog barks, licks or chews more often, then this formula is equipped with lavender & chamomile to help reduce the anxiety that triggers the above situations.

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This solution features natural scents, vitamins and 100% pet-safe essential oils that will leave your dog smelling good as well as smoothen its fur.

The 8 oz bottle contains a non-toxic formula that is useful for pets with Eczema or inflamed skin as it boasts a high soothing effect.


  • Keeps dog coat shiny and soft
  • Has a fresh flowery smelling scent
  • Veterinarian recommended
  • Soothes the skin and shines up the coat


  • Doesn’t eliminate the odor but masks it up

3. Wahl Refreshing & Deodorizing Pet Deodorant for Dog

Value for money is what you get from Wahl products. This spray is formulated with Spearmint and eucalyptus extracts to help you get rid of the dog’s smelly skin and coat.

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The deodorant aids in the strengthening of the furs and at the same time make them shinier thus ideal for between baths refreshing.

What’s more, this spray has a well-balanced PH and contains no paraben or alcohol thus completely safe for your pet.


  • Great for dogs with allergies
  • Easy to apply
  • Deodorizes and refreshes the dog
  • Made with pet-safe ingredients


  • The fragrance lasts for a few hours only

4. SEAMUS Pet Daily Spritz Sugar Cookie Deodorant Cologne

Permeate your lovely dog or cat or other small animal’s coat with this cologne that smells like sweet sugar cookies. Also, the fragrance doesn’t fade off easily and will still linger on your pet for some days.

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Made from a water-based formula, the spray contains pet-safe constituents that won’t hurt your pet’s most sensitive skin.

Over time, the ingredients infuse further into your pet’s skin thus stimulating the formulas other uses; keeping the skin smooth and the coat sparkly.

Lastly, the deodorant can be applied to the dog kennel or beddings for long-lasting time-released freshness.


  • Made from human grade pet-friendly fragrances
  • Veterinarian approved
  • Gives a fresh long-lasting scent
  • Multipurpose application


  • Expensively priced

5. Pet Diesel Pet Premium Cologne Deodorizer

Nothing is assuring as having a relaxed dog with a shiny, smooth and fresh smelling coat. Besides this spray performing the aforementioned uses, it also eliminates bacteria growth thus keeping your pets healthy and strong.

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Since the formula is in mist form and features a strong lavender scent, leave at least 6 inches from the dog when applying. This prevents the dog from getting overcome by the fragrance.

The spray features premium quality essential oils, organic ingredients, plant extracts and pure distilled water which are all pet-safe.


  • Has lavender, Chamomile and Majoram fresh scents
  • Simple to apply
  • Couples as a carpet deodorizer


  • Direct application isn’t recommended as it will cause the pet to sneeze or cough

6. Earthbath Deodorizing All Natural Spritz

Are you shopping around for a dog spray for smell removal? Look no further as this Earthbath spritz will have you sorted.

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The formula is filled with colloidal oatmeal, meadowfoam seed oil, vitamin E and aloe vera to soothe or rehydrate the skinSimilarly, these ingredients make your dog’s coat shinier.

To help eliminate the dog’s bad smell in between baths, this 8 oz bottle contains a lavender powerful scent.


  • High efficiency at a great price
  • Features all-natural non-toxic ingredients
  • Conditions, detangles and deodorizes dog coat


  • The strong smell may upset some people
  • Not good for cats as they will lick up the spritz

7. TropiClean Spray for Deodorizing Pets

In contrary to other dog sprays that tend to just mask up the odors, this deodorant works by breaking down the elements that constitute the awful smells.

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After eliminating the pet’s odors, the spray then leaves behind its own pleasant and fresh smelling baby powder scent.

This 8 fl oz spray may be applied to both cats and dogs aged 12 weeks or older. You will be amazed by the deodorant’s ability to make your pet’s fur shiny and more beautiful.


  • Takes away smelly odors
  • Features an appealing baby powder fragrance
  • Formulated with pet-safe natural ingredients
  • Offered in different scents


  • It may take some time before your dog gets used to the scent

8. Sofee & Co. Dog Puppy Natural Deodorizing Grooming Spray

This white pear spray takes care not to irritate your dog, pup, kittens or cat’s highly sensitive noses by having a subtle and light fragrance.

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The spray is specifically made to get rid of bacteria that cause bad odors while leaving behind a pleasant scent.

Beyond deodorizing your pets, the spray can be applied directly to furniture, beddings, carpets or any other places that may need refreshing.

This mild and gentle formula is safe for everyday use as it constitutes non-harmful natural ingredients.


  • Multiple uses
  • Safe for direct application
  • Non-toxic and cruelty-free


  • The pear scent fades away quickly

9. PET SILK Dog Deodorant Clean Scent Dog Cologne

Since you can’t bath your dog on a daily basis, it’s significant that you use this PET SILK cologne to keep your pet fresh always.

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This leave-in treatment spray neutralizes and eradicates any lingering odors fully thus leaving your dog smelling fresh in minutes!

To add on that, the spray is made with non-harmful ingredients that work gently on your dog’s skin and coat.


  • Moisturizes the dog’s skin and shines up the furs
  • Convenient and portable bottle
  • Perfect for different pets
  • Large 11.6-ounce bottle
  • Clean scent fragrance lasts all day long


  • Quite expensive

Buying Guide

Your dog is meant to be a cuddle bag but that is not a beautiful thought if they smell awful, and it is even worse if they leave that smell on anything they touch.

To get the best dog deodorizer sprays, you want to consider a few factors including:

The Ingredients in the Spray

You want to get a deodorant that is safe for your pooch and you can easily determine this by looking at the ingredient list.

Your pooch may be allergic to particular substances and you need to watch out for that. Common substances to avoid include sulfates, dyes, parabens, and alcohol.

These are known to be harmful to dogs and you want to steer clear from them.

Deodorant Safety

How can a deodorant be unsafe for a dog? Well, it really can be, especially if its ingredients are synthetic.

As such, you want to get one with as many natural ingredients as possible especially if your pooch has sensitive skin.

Remember that your dog can also be allergic to natural ingredients so pick carefully. Also, endeavor to use water-based sprays instead of alcoholic ones as they tend to make the skin dry.

Scent Strength

How powerful your dog’s spray is will affect you and whoever comes around your pooch and you may, therefore, want to get a mild spray.

Strong scents can overpower your nose, so imagine what they can do to your pooch. Dogs have particularly sensitive senses and a strong scent could cause them a lot of discomfort.

You want to observe how your pooch responds and reacts to different scents before settling on a particular one.

Price of Spray

Generally, dog sprays are quite affordable but you will always find some at a higher price perhaps to cater for those who want luxurious or designer brands.

However, the fact that a dog spray is expensive does not guarantee its quality. You want to have a budget in place to guide your purchasing decision.

After all, there is no need to overspend on a spray when there are cheap ones that will do the same job perfectly.

Remember that your dog has other needs that require you to spend money as well.

Product Guarantee

We would definitely recommend getting a dog deodorant that comes with a money-back guarantee. Why? Because every dog has their own unique personality and personal preferences.

What another dog likes can be unbearable for your dog. With a money back guarantee on dog sprays, you can always get a refund of your money if your dog does not like the spray you buy for them and try another one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Definitely, you have questions in respect to this topic and we are ready to tackle them. Below, we have answered a few that can be of help.

Does my dog really need deodorant?

Absolutely, they do. Even with proper grooming, dogs have a natural smell that is not really pleasant. You need a good deodorant to keep them smelling nice and fresh.

Just ensure that the scent of the deodorant you pick is not overpowering.

Are dog deodorants safe?

Yes, most of them are. However, you need to read the ingredient list before buying one to check if your dog is allergic to any of them.

Stay away from alcohol based deodorants and try to go natural as much as possible.

Can I spray my puppy?

We would advise not to. It is not recommended to use dog deodorant on a pooch who is less than a year old and that would be a puppy.

This is because a puppy’s immunity is not fully developed and there is no telling what effect a spray can have on them.

Extra Tip

If you cannot find the perfect spray for your pooch in the market, you can always make your own. With an essential oil of your choice, a few drops of liquid minerals and vitamins, as well as some water, you can make your own dog spray.

Best Choice

For a good smelling pooch and at an affordable budget, we’d recommend the Bodhi Dog Pet Natural Cologne. It’s quite well made and quite reasonably priced especially if you subscribe for it.

Final Thoughts

There is virtually a solution for any problem your dog may be having. Did you even know that dog sprays existed?

You want to be as cautious as possible when choosing something that comes into direct contact with your dog’s skin.

We have provided you with all the information you need to make the right decision in respect to buying a dog spray so go ahead and do it.

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