The 11 Best Dog Supplements for Muscle

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Dogs make very good companions. As such, it is every dog owner’s wish to see their dog in top shape. And by top shape, we mean having ripped muscles. While some dogs are naturally born to be masculine because of their genetic build, others are not.

Fortunately, there are so many techniques in which you can help your doggie build muscles. Besides, physical exercises, there are dog supplements that can help your canine companion become more muscular.

So, in this article, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best dog supplements for muscle that are:

  • 100% safe
  • Veterinarian approved and formulated
  • Contain superior quality & natural ingredients
  • Safe for all dog breeds

We hope this guide will help you make the right choice for both you and your doggie.

Comparison Table of Best Dog Supplements to Gain Muscle

We all want healthy and happy pets, don’t we? In fact, we can go to any lengths just to make sure they are very healthy. But, what about bulking them up and building some muscles? Here, we take a look at the 10 best-rated dog supplements for muscle available on the market.

1Muscle Builder Ultimate Canine Supplement for Dogs by Bully Max5.64 OuncesCheck Price
2Formula Mass Health & Weight Gainer for Dogs by VMVP K913.76 OuncesCheck Price
3Bully Vitamins for Bully Breeds Pit Bulls by Muscle Bully2.13 PoundsCheck Price
4Puppy Naturals A Healthy Nutritional Formula by Muscle Bully1 PoundsCheck Price
5High Performance Super Premium Dog Food by Bully Max15 PoundsCheck Price
6Spine and Back Support Formula for Dogs by VetriScience Laboratories7.69 OuncesCheck Price
7Muscle Builder for Bullies, Pitbulls, Bull Breeds by Muscle Bully7.2 OuncesCheck Price
8Gorilla Max Muscle Supplement for Dogs by Gorilla Max13.6 OuncesCheck Price
9Weight Gainer for Dogs by Buddy & Lola1.75 PoundsCheck Price
10High Calorie-Nutritional Gel for Dogs & Puppies by TOMLYN4 OuncesCheck Price
11MYOS Canine Muscle Formula – Clinically Proven All-Natural Muscle Building Supplement for Dog6.35 OunceCheck Price

Best Dog Supplements for Muscle:

1. Bully Max Vet Approved Ultimate Canine Muscle Builder Dietary Supplement

This Muscle nutritional supplement by Bully Max will not only build your dog’s muscles but also improve their overall health and immune system.

Frequent use helps your pet to have a clear vision plus healthy skin and coat.

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This supplement works by increasing the tendon strength and enabling excellent bone nourishment.

Product Description

The packet contains 2 bottles of Bully Max Dog supplements with each having 60 tablets.

Each bottle weighs 6.34oz (180g) and features tasty pills that can be fed to all dog breeds. There is 8.1 Kcal in every tablet your pet takes.

Included are 19 all-natural nutritional supplements that boost strong muscle mass development. In fact, this Bully max supplement is recommended by most veterinarians as the most innovative and high-quality muscle builder.

We were especially pleased by the openness with which this product is presented. When you look at the label, all the ingredients are clearly labeled to avoid nasty surprises ahead.


  • 100% dog safe
  • Efficient muscle builder
  • Aids in the healing process
  • Improves the dog’s health and immunity


  • Expensive

2. MVP K9 Supplements Dog Weight Gainer Formula Mass

Is your dog a picky eater and eats quite a little or would you just like to add some pounds to your skinny pet? Then this MVP K9 weight gain formula will sort you out.

The Formula Mass features 50% crude healthy fats in each serving to help your puppies and dogs add on weight in just a few weeks!

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Product Description

The included proteins of 28% help in muscle building.

Generally, the formula is prepared from carbohydrates, vitamins, easily digestible fats such as omega 3 fatty acids, and other essential minerals for your athletic dog’s great energy sustenance.

To use, take the recommended serving of this powdered formula and sprinkle it on any dog food.

Lastly, the K9 dog mass gainer is ideal for dogs of any breed and age.

We cannot wrap up our discussion without mentioning that this formula is clinically tested and proven entirely safe for the dog. It is also vet-recommended for delivering quick results.


  • Made from high nutritional value ingredients
  • Good for lactating mothers and puppies
  • Supports healthy skin and lustrous coats
  • Promotes healthy weight gain


  • Not offered as tablets

3. Muscle Bully 180 Vitamins for Bully Breeds

Are you looking for the best supplements for muscle development of your working dog? Then this multivitamin formula by Muscle Bully is one of the best there is!

The supplement contains these 5 key ingredients; chicken liver hydrolysates, Magnesium Oxide, Calcium Phosphate, and kelp that help in muscle gain.

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There’s more, they also strengthen the teeth, nails, the dog’s joint or bones and boost your pet’s immune system.

Product Description

This USA made product is prepared with ingredients that have undergone necessary safety checks and abide by the GMP Guidelines.

Each tablet of the 180 vitamins comprises more than 34 nutrients which include high vitamin concentration to improve the overall health and aid in muscle growth.

The supplement is great for dogs of all life stages like the American Bullies, Bulldogs, Exotic Bullies, and Pocket Bullies.

If you have a picky eater at home, you should have peace of mind knowing that this supplement has a great taste that would entice the canine to feed more. In the end, you should note an overall improvement in your canine’s health.


  • Promotes a healthy immune system
  • Stimulates muscle growth
  • Made with premium quality ingredients
  • Strengthens bones


  • Pricey

4. Muscle Bully All Breeds (60 Serving) Puppy Naturals Healthy Nutritional Formula

Your puppy needs sufficient nutrients and proteins to help it achieve healthy steady growth.

That is where this Muscle Bully Nutritional Formula chips in. It contains more than 23 key nutrients to help support bones, eyes, coat, the immune system, and the whole pup health.

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Every scoop contains 40% healthy fats for sustainable weight and 32% protein to boost muscle growth.

Product Description

If your pet is a picky eater, the smell and great taste of this formula will make it yearn for more.

For underweight or malnourished pups, the high fats in each scoop will assist them to increase their size, mass, and weight quickly.

But hey! In case you aren’t satisfied with this product, there’s a 100% money-back guarantee offered. What does this tell you? That the formula is of high quality and very effective.


  • Fortified with healthy proteins nutrients
  • Greater taste
  • Promotes overall health
  • Also good for pregnant or breast-feeding mothers


  • We don’t like its packaging

5. Bully Max Super Premium High Performance Dog Food

The whopping 5-star rating given to this product by the world’s first dog food online review site assures of its quality and safety.

Additionally, it’s the only formula in the dog food category that features real meat as the first ingredient.

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This formula also has more calories per cup as compared to other plant-based brands. To be specific, each cup contains 535 calories, this means your dog will only feed on less thus the meal will last for long.

Product Description

The food is ideal for puppies aged 4 weeks or older and has no age limit for adult dogs.

All the incorporated ingredients are all-natural and pass through a triple safety check system. The calorie content is majorly 30% Proteins and 20% Fats that support muscle growth, bones, immune system or general dog wellbeing.

Indeed, this is a joint supplement you can count on to help your doggie age gracefully.

Moreover, this premium dog food does not contain wheat, soy, artificial preservatives of flavors.


  • High-quality and great performance product
  • Good for dogs of all ages
  • Features real meat


  • Pricey
  • No smaller sizes offered

6. VetriScience Laboratories Vetri-Disc Dog Supplement

This formula is uniquely designed to exclusively support spine-linked connective tissues.

The Vetri-Disc is a combination of specified vitamins, minerals, silicon natural sources, and Bovine tracheal cartilage.

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This supplement also helps dogs with lameness, muscle spasms, bulging disc or damaged nerves to gain their normal mobility back.

Product Description

The featured bottle contains 180 capsules of the Vetri-Disc formula. Bovine Tracheal Cartilage is the main ingredient that is rich in Chondroitin sulfates.

In addition, there’s manganese, Equisetum Arvense – a silicon natural source, vitamins, Zinc and many more. They all help in the synthesis of the connective tissues for great mobility, muscle relaxation, and bone development.


  • Maintains a proper spine structure
  • Boosts general mobility and comfortability
  • Promotes stable growth
  • Quite affordable


  • The capsules are quite large

7. Muscle Bully 120 Tablets Bullies Muscle Builder

Finding a safe but effective muscle building supplement for your bully can be tiresome. Worry not as Muscle Bully has come to your rescue.

The supplement has been approved by many veterinarians to be 100% and tested to contain high-quality dog-friendly ingredients.

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Product Description

This USA made formula is specially designed for bullies, Pit bulls and all other bully breeds.

The 7.2-ounce bottle comprises of 120 chewable tablets that should be given to your bully every day for muscle stimulation and weight increase.

What’s more, the formula can be used together with dog vitamin muscle enhancement pills for outstanding results.

To back the supplement’s quality is satisfaction or money-back guarantee.


  • Top-rated muscle and mass builder
  • Has no side effects
  • Easily digestible
  • Great for all bully breeds
  • Supports the dog’s immune system


  • Some people say that extended use make the bullies more aggressive

8. Gorilla Max HDP Dog Protein Muscle Supplement

This formula by Gorilla max is ranked as one of the highest protein supplements in the world. It features an exceptional 70% proteins that can help your athletic dog become a champion in various contests.

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Importantly, it features a high biological value which refers to the rate at which protein ingredients get digested.

Product Description

The supplement is offered in powder form and may be given to dogs aged 12 weeks or older.

This formula is preferred by many people because it contains the most revolutionary nutrients with no side effects.

In each serving your dog takes, he or she will be consuming 20 grams of proteins.

The ingredients help in great muscle development, boosts the immune system and improves the dog’s health.


  • Stimulates canine strength
  • Aids in general well-being
  • Good for all breeds
  • Helps in muscle growth and sustainability


  • Makes some sensitive dogs might have loose stool or throw up

9. Buddy & Lola (90 Servings) Dogs Weight Gainer

Maybe a pocket-friendly mass gainer formula for dogs is what you have been looking for.

The featured essential proteins and nutrients help your dog to increase in its size as well as gain a healthy mass.

This supplement is greatly suggested for underweight dogs, picky eaters and generally all dog breeds.

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Product Description

The formula includes 29% proteins, 43% healthy fats and 18 BCCAs. These ingredients provide maximum energy, healthy weight, improved muscle strength and help in injury recovery.

Still on performance, the formula is suitable for puppies and nursing mothers because it aids in body tissue development.


  • Good for picky eaters or malnourished ones
  • Comes with a scoop
  • A powerful weight gainer


  • Some dogs don’t like the smell
  • A few people complained of no notable change in dog weight

10. Tomlyn Nutri-Cal Dogs

This tasty malt-flavored Nuri-Cal formula is the best source of natural vitamins for dogs and is made precisely for the choosy pets.

The gel is formulated with premium quality nutritional ingredients that make it a high-calorie supplement for your pet.

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Product Description

The 4.25-ounce gel features a high concentration of vitamins and minerals to help in appetite stimulation.

Key ingredients include; corn syrup, malt syrup, and soybean oil.

Similarly, the formula is perfect for puppies, dogs, cats and ferrets who are ever active thus require an extra source of energy.

To conclude; Tomlyn provides a 100% gratification guarantee on each purchase!


  • Keeps the dog’s blood sugar normal
  • Improves a pet’s appetite
  • Irresistible flavor
  • Easily affordable


  • Low in proteins
  • Contains grain by-products

11. Myos Canine Muscle Formula

Here is a formula that we believe would help your furry friend improve his muscle mass. It comprises fertilized egg yolk in addition to other ingredients that would play a vital role in building muscle and supporting connectivity tissue development.

The formula has been tested to be 100% safe for all dog breeds and ages. Further, it is entirely free from toxins that may be difficult to digest and harm your canine in some way.

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Product Description

You should also be pleased that all the safety claims are not mere assumptions, but the formula has been clinically tested and vet-approved as being safe for your pet.

And if you need any further evidence of the formula’s reliability, it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

In the end, you can expect your pet to regain his weight and muscles fully, plus he should be more active. First, however, ensure that you follow the vet’s or manufacturer’s recommendation on the proper amount to feed the canine.


  • Clinically proven to be 100% toxin-free
  • Works for all dog breeds and ages
  • Made out of fertilized egg yolk


  • Pricey

Benefits of Dog Supplements for Muscle

Besides the obvious reason of being good looking, there are so many benefits to incorporating dog supplements in your pet’s diet. Here is a list of them:

Minimizes injuries

As dogs grow old, their muscles tend to become prone to tear and can even be lame. However, by building your doggie’s muscles while they are still young, it will help him withstand degradation as he gets older.

Enhanced stamina

Dogs make great companions when going for any kind of adventure. Muscle supplements, therefore, give your canine companion the stamina it needs to keep up with you. As such, you won’t need to worry about your pooch getting tired early on during the adventures.

Healthy joints

Just like humans, dogs too may experience joint problems as they grow old. The use of dog joint supplements, however, can help them in creating strong joints thereby protecting them from joint disease. Consequently, your dog will have the energy to exercise daily, which may also help to improve its joint health.

Prevents obesity

Dog supplements for muscle usually encourage the formation of lean muscle. They work by burning out fatty tissues in your dog’s body which help in eradicating obesity. This helps in keeping your pet healthy while also lowering the chances of diseases like diabetes.

How to Make your Dog Stronger

If you didn’t know any safe way of bulking up your dog, you are in the right place. In this section, we shall provide you with some safe alternatives that you could explore to help your canine build some muscles.

I) Consult your Vet on whether it is Safe to Increase the Exercises

When we make this point, we assume that you are already subjecting your canine to some form(s) of exercise(s). However, if you are thinking about increasing them, you should make a point of talking to your vet beforehand.

The professional will guide you on the appropriate exercises to choose and the safe way of assisting your dog build some muscles. It is easy to ignore this step, not knowing the kind of impact it can have on your dog.

II) Weight Training

Here, we suggest that you get weight vests specially designed for dogs. Once you have them, you can use the weights during walking and other exercises to help your dog burn some calories.

Initially, you should only use small weights and then increase the capacities with time. However, even as you increase the weights, you should ensure that you never do so by more than 20% of the canine’s body weight.

III) Go for Safe Supplements

There is a wide variety of supplements for dogs in the market that provide the required nutrition to build muscles. Ensure you do thorough research on the different brands available and their ingredients so that you can be sure of not exposing your dog to harmful toxins.

There’s no harm in involving your vet in the discussion so that you can get the necessary advice on what you are getting yourself into.

IV) Patience

Good things take time, and so you should not expect your dog to bulk up overnight. Instead, think of it as a marathon rather than a sprint so that you can have peace of mind knowing your dog will eventually develop the muscle tone that you were hoping for.

Avoid putting your canine on a hectic exercise schedule just because you feel that things are going slow.

What to Look Out for When Buying Dog Supplements for Muscle

We all have to agree that there is a wide array of dog supplements for muscle on the market. And for this reason, finding the best one for your canine companion can be overwhelming.

So, in this section, we’re going to take look at the features to watch out for in the best supplement. They include:

Ingredients List

Generally speaking, the best dog supplements for building muscles should be of nothing high-quality ingredients. Also, they should be all-natural and 100% safe. This way, you won’t have to worry about any side effects.

What’s more? All the ingredients should be clearly listed on the product label so you know exactly what you’re giving your dog. Besides, you need to look out for any artificial preservatives, additives, flavors, and colors because they’re not good for your dog.

Protein quantity

A good dog supplement designed for muscle growth should include lots of protein. So, you need to look out for pet supplement brands that are very high in protein. Such supplements should include fish, chicken, meat and whey protein as the top ingredients on the list.

Veterinarian approved

Another feature worth considering is whether the canine supplement for muscle you want to buy is approved by a veterinarian. Dog supplements that are veterinarian formulated mean they are safe and with no side-effects.

Dog’s age

Most dog supplements for building up muscles are designed to be used for dogs of all ages. This means, that you can use them on pets as young as 7 weeks and older. Also, most of these supplements are safe for use by all dog breeds. Therefore, it does not matter whether you’ve got a Pit Bull, Bull Terrier, American Bulldog or Pocket Bullies.

How to Help Your Dog Gain Weight

For some reason, your dog may need to put on a few pounds quickly. In such an instance, the supplement alone may not be enough, and you will have to use it with other methods. These include:

Frequent Snacks

If your underweight canine doesn’t seem to have a great appetite, you could offer him snacks to stir up the desire to eat. Here, you could use dog treats as well as human food such as cooked fish and eggs and peanut butter.

Ensure that you add some weight gainers to the equation.

A Regular Feeding Schedule

In this instance, we are talking about adding an extra meal to your dog’s feeding schedule. For example, if you used to feed him twice a day, you could train him to feed three or four times a day.

And when you add the extra meal, ensure that the food has a higher calorie content than usual. For example, you could go for food with high whey protein and fat content.

Regular Exercise

The idea here is that when your dog exercises more, his appetite improves, and he ends up eating more food. The result will be the canine gaining more weight. You may experience a challenge when dealing with a sick or older dog, but a short walk daily could do the trick.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions dog owners might have before using dog supplements for muscle.

Q: Can dogs take human supplements?

A: No, it’s not advisable unless you get the OK from your vet that it’s safe to do so. Some human supplements might cause serious side effects on dogs.

Q: Should I check with my vet before using dog supplements for building muscles?

A: Yes, you must check with your veterinarian before adding new supplements to your dog’s diet.

Q: Can dog supplements for muscle accelerate muscle recovery?

A: Dog supplements for muscle contain high levels of protein which helps in maintaining and repairing the muscles. This allows for faster recovery of muscles.

Q: What foods builds helps build muscle in dogs?

A: A diet consisting of foods rich with natural meats and natural meats. Corn-based by-products have little to no nutritional value.

Q: How can I make my dog stronger?

A: There are a few tips that you could employ to help your dog become more robust than before. First, you could indulge the pet in weight training by using weight vests specially designed for dogs. This will help the dog burn some calories as they walk or run about.

Then, you could go for pet-safe supplements with the proper nutrition to help in muscle mass building. Only go for something you have done proper research on.

Lastly, please consult your vet on the safe exercises that you could subject your pet to so that they gain some muscles.

Q: Does my dog need to gain weight?

A: Similar to overweight canines, an underweight dog is also at risk of various ailments. These include a weaker immune system, risk of bone and joint pain, and stress and depression.

In some instances, your malnourished pet may start losing some teeth. And if your canine has aching joints, a formula with joint pain relief glucosamine supplement could do the trick.

Our Top Pick

While all the dog supplements in this review are equally good, our top pick is the Bully Max the Ultimate Canine Supplement. Designed for use by all dog breeds of all ages, this muscle builder for the dog is vet formulated and approved.

What’s more, it is all-natural and does not contain any harmful ingredients such as steroids or creatine. On top of that, the supplement is 3rd party tested for safety, purity, and quality. As such, you can be sure it’s 100% safe and won’t pose any potential side effects.

Final Verdict

Dog muscle supplements can help your canine companion to be more active and improve its coat. They may also make your pooch less prone to diseases.

So, if you want to make your dog stronger and with ripped muscles, we recommend you try any of the above supplements.

It does not matter what breed of dog you have or whether he is a puppy or an adult. These supplements can provide you with the results you need. Besides, you can combine the supplements with a bit of exercise for faster results.

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