Best Electric Fence Charger for Cattle in 2023 – Top 11 Chargers Reviewed

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Electric fence chargers are very important in maintaining the safety of your cattle on the farm. Also, they help in grazing control to keep the farm's pasture organized. However, these chargers come in different sizes, types, and brands.

Have you been struggling in controlling your grazing land and keeping predators away? Worry no more. In this review, we have selected and outlined the best electric fence charger for cattle that will give you good value for money.

Some chargers are powered by solar energy while others require an AC-powered device to charge. Therefore, we shall look at the differences between them while including the pros and cons of each charger.

Best Electric Fence Charger for Cattle - Comparison Chart

Before we commence on the reviews, here's a quick comparison list we've compiled for you. It brings together the best picks in our view briefly.







S10 Solar Electric Fence Charger by Gallagher

7 x 9 x 10.5 inches

4.59 pounds


ESP10M-Z 10-Mile Solar Low Impedance Electric Fence Fence Charger by Zareba

11.5 x 8 x 11.25 inches

4.11 pounds


6-Volt Battery-Operated 25-Mile-Range Electric Fence Charger by Parmak

17 x 8 x 13 inches

11.33 pounds


X Series with Remote – 6 Joule Dual Purpose Energizer by Stafix




12 Volt Battery Operated 30 Mile Range Electric Fence Charger by Parmak

21 x 17 x 11 inches

22.1 pounds


Super Energizer 5 Low Impedance Electric Fence Controller by Parmak

15 x 8 x 7 inches

4.18 pounds


Brute - 8 Joule Fence Charger by Cyclops

12.8 x 8.2 x 6.7 inches

5 pounds


ESP5M-Z 5-Mile Solar Low Impedance Electric Fence Charger by Zareba

7.9 x 7.9 x 15 inches

5.55 pounds


PMX120 Electric Fence Energizer by Patriot

5.5 x 14 x 9 inches

3.75 Pounds


SolarGuard 155 Fence Energizer by Patriot

15 x 12 x 8 inches

12 Pounds


EAC10M-FS 10-Mile AC Low Impedance Electric Fence Energizer by Fi-Shock

4.8 x 9.4 x 11.7 inches

3.1 pounds

11 Best Electric Fence Chargers for Cattle – Reviews

1. Gallagher S10 Solar Electric Fence Charger

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The S10 fence charger is the most suitable charger when you are in an area that is off-grid especially in remote locations away from big towns. It powers up to a 3-mile single wire fence perimeter fence that covers between 5 and 15 acres of land.

An amazing feature about this charger is its portability coupled with a built-in solar panel system and a 6V battery. Therefore, you will be able to install it quickly and its super tough cover allows it to last for long.

In addition, the Gallagher S10 is best utilized for livestock containment, garden protection, and temporary grazing applications.

More Benefits and Features

More to that, the charger has an amazing unique battery saving technology that lasts up to 3 weeks without sun. Therefore, you can rely on it for protection no matter the weather conditions.

Also, the charger is equipped with a 360-degree mounting capability that helps you install easily. Another feature that will come in handy is its water-resistant case with a carry handle and a built-in lightning protection system.


  • Easy installation
  • Built-in lightning protection
  • Unique battery saving technology
  • Water-resistant case


  • Limited to a 6V battery

2. Zareba ESP10M-Z Electric Fence Charger

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If you're looking for a charger that energizes up to 10 miles of electric fencing operating two weeks without recharging, then this is your ideal choice. Its built-in mounting bracket is compatible with T-posts, round-wood posts, and Y-posts.

This electric fence charger has a 1-year warranty that includes damage by lightning. You will not have to worry about purchasing a defective item. Also, you can use the charger with steel wire, poly wire, and aluminum wire.

Besides that, its easy-grip terminal knobs enable easy connection with ground-rods and your live fence fire. More to that, it has the ability to let you know the fence status through the simple Fence Ok light.

More Benefits and Features

The switch is securely located on the bottom of the charger protecting it from extreme weather. In addition, you will find the installation of the charger easy since it comes with a well-made mounting bracket.

It's improved with a low-impedance technology that will allow less battery drain. You need to know it’s capable of resisting short-circuiting in the event that the fence comes in contact with weeds.


  • Low-impedance
  • Easy installation
  • Fence Ok light
  • Short resistance


  • Short cord

3. Parmak DF-SP-LI Solar Pak 6 Electric Fence Charger

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For cattle owners with medium to large ranches, this charger has a 25-mile range charging capacity that is enough to protect the animalsIt's operated by a high-quality battery that uses solar energy to operate and takes time before it gets depleted.

You are assured of 21 days of performance with no sunlight energy. Also, its low impedance therefore it effectively shocks through leafy vegetation around the land. It has a sturdy, durable, and weatherproof body hence giving you increased durability on the farm.

In addition, the charger gives out 1.4 joules of energy becoming very effective in keeping predators and unwanted domestic animals roaming into the farm.

More Benefits and Features

What's more, the charger comes with a built-in meter that shows charging levels and how much power is used every minute. Its 6 v-volt battery enables it to have a powerful shock absorbency feature.

Besides that, the charger is light in weight to carry and has an easy installation procedure that will not take you a long time to complete. It's also flexible to give you two options between the back or front side installation.


  • High quality
  • Built-in meter
  • Flexible
  • Low impedance


  • Expensive

4. Stafix X Series with Remote – 6 Joule Dual Purpose Energizer

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An outstanding feature about this electric fence charger is that it is equipped with a remote control which helps you switch it on or off without the need to be near it. Also, the battery has a backlit LCD screen which displays battery and output voltage.

In terms of power, it releases 6 joules with a slider that helps you to select several functions. The charger is a dual-purpose that can be powered by both a 12 V Alkaline battery or 110 V mains.

More to that, the charger has low-impedance therefore great on your grassy or weedy farm.

More Benefits and Features

In addition, the charger has four color-coded points that increase its functionality. Its slider allows you to control the charger manually. Besides that, the charger can easily help you adjust power and pulse speed to suit your specific fencing needs.

You need to know that the charger has a 2-year warranty that gives you value for money as it cautions against replacement in case of sudden malfunctions. You will definitely enjoy the high quality that comes with this energizer.


  • Backlit LCD screen
  • Adjustable power
  • Color-coded dials
  • 2-year warranty


  • Prone to breaking

5. Parmak Magnum Solar-Pak 12 Electric Fence Charger

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Fitted with a state-of-the-art solar panel, the Parmak Magnum charger charges up to 30 miles of fence for long without having to recharge itYou can be sure to save money and time that could have been used recharging lower quality chargers more frequently.

Also, the 12-volt rechargeable batteries in the charger provide the ability of the charger to have low impedance for maximum power and durability. The material used in creating the top cover is weatherproof thus withstanding extreme weather conditions.

More to that, the charger is designed with advanced and exclusive circuitry that has an in-build meter to help you check on battery use and power output.

More Benefits and Features

It has highly improved solar panels that maximize shock on the fence.

In, addition, you will enjoy a 2-year warranty which shall include damage by lightning. Besides that, the 12-volt battery has a 1-year warranty. It's created for large pastures since it has high power that can serve your farm effectively.

It's important to note that this charger has very minimal operation costs hence good for farmers who expect a high performing charger with minimal repair costs.


  • Weather-proof
  • Performance meter
  • 12 v rechargeable battery
  • High-quality Solar panels


  • Fairly expensive

6. Parmak Super Energizer 5 Electric Fence Controller 

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Large farms require a high voltage electric fence that covers large areas. The Parmak Super energizer covers an impressive 50 miles of electric fence distance with volt power of between 110/120 volts. With such power, you are assured of maximum security.

Also, the charger has a built-in digital performance meter that helps you know the conditions on the fence. It can hold over 8,000 volts of power with a 500 OHM load.

In addition, the charger shocks through wet weeds and brush effectively controlling cattle and their predators. It's an ideal choice if you want to control grazing on your farm and keeping off predators on the farm.

More Benefits and features

You need to know that the charger has fuse protection that also acts as a lightning arrestor. Therefore, you will not have to worry about damage from lightning. What's more, it has a full 2-year warranty that even covers damage by lightning.

Other than its low impedance features, it functions in both single and multi-wire high tensile fences. The charger has an advanced built-in computer controlled circuitry with a digital meter that shows voltage on the fence.


  • Digital meter
  • Low impedance
  • 2-year warranty
  • High quality


  • Must be used with Indoor installation

7. Cyclops Brute - 8 Joule Fence Charger

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 Cyclops Brute charger has a higher power supply than most of the electric fence chargers for cattle in the market. It's available in a wide range of sizes which makes it easy to choose depending on the size of your farm.

This charger provides 8 joules of power output to give maximum protection against predators and intruders. Also, it has a small compact design that enables you to use it even in small spaces.

In addition, the charger is easy to set up and has been fitted with high-quality durable material that lasts for a long time. This will give you a guarantee of both safety and you will not have to repair it frequently.

More Benefits and Features

More to that, the charger is fitted with a lightning protection system that ensures that it is safe whenever lightning strikes.

It has a heavy surge processor that makes it become safe in case of power surges. The charger will give you quality performance that will surpass your expectations.

You will definitely get value for money with this charger.


  • Strong lightning arrestor
  • Superb battery life
  • Made in USA
  • 8-mile protection


  • Shipping could improve

8. Zareba Solar Electric Fence Charger ESP5M-Z 5-Mile

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The Zareba ESP5MZ-Z charger is a low impedance electric charger that energizes up to 5 miles of electric fencing and can operate up to 2 weeks without sun. This makes it a very reliable companion in your farm's safety and cattle control needs.

Also, the charger has built-in mounting brackets for round wood posts, t posts, and Y posts. Therefore, you are given the choice to use the kind of posts that you desire. Its solar panel has a strong energy absorption feature that allows for maximum energy storage.

In addition, it can be used in a fence that measures up to 5 miles.

More Benefits and Features

What's more, it's a versatile charger that can be used with steel wire, Aluminum wire, poly tape, poly wire, or poly rope. It has easy-grip terminals on the terminal knobs that help you connect the ground rods and your live fence.

Besides that, the Fence Ok light helps you check the status of the fence and shows the battery levels as it gets depleted. You need to know that the charger comes with 1-year damage including lightning damage.


  • Easy to mount
  • Great technological features
  • Durable case
  • Easy-grip terminals


  • Low shock levels

9. Patriot PMX120 Electric Fence Energizer

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 One of the most unique features of this charger is that it can be powered in three different ways. It can be charged using solar energy, a 12V battery, or plugging it into an alternating current.

You can therefore use it even in seasons that have little or no sunlight through a DC connection. It's a good charger that ensures that your cattle are safe while avoiding harming them with too much shock.

What's more, predators such as bears will find it difficult to trespass into your farm hence helping you avoid losses and death of cattle.

More Benefits and Features

This charger is lightweight and easy to install on the fence. More to that, it’s fitted with a tough sealed water-proof case that increases its life span. It has an indicator light that shows the status of your fence at a given time.

However, it's important to note you have to buy a solar system, a battery unit, and an AC adaptor separately making it quite costly. Besides that, you get a full 2-year warranty that will help you replace it in case of a sudden breakdown.


  • Durable
  • Indicator Light
  • Easy to install
  • 2-year warranty


  • No switch

10. Patriot SolarGuard 155 Fence Energizer

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 This solar-powered energizer releases 0.15 joule that is enough for your small animals on the farm. It has an amazingly sleek design that is highly functional and easily manageable.

Also, it has a reach of about 1 kilometer while producing up to 4.7 kilovolts in its open-circuit setup. What's more, a solar panel that can charge a 5-volt battery is pre-installed to last for a long time before recharge.

In addition, the outer casing is waterproof and hence you are assured of safety during harsh weather conditions. The charger is easy to install and has a 2-year warranty which means it's a product you can trust in terms of quality.

More Benefits and Features

Besides that, the Patriot SolarGuard 155 energizer has a built-in mounting device that you can fits perfectly onto a T post. Furthermore, it has a smart battery system. Therefore, the battery does not get drained at a fast rate.

If you're looking to undertake grazing control activities on your small farm, then this should be your ideal choice.


  • Portable design
  • Easy Installation
  • 2-year warranty
  • Good for small farms


  • Ineffective for large livestock

11. Fi-Shock EAC10M-FS 10-Mile AC Low Impedance Electric Fence Energizer

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An AC powered electric fence energizer is more reliable than a solar-powered charger on the farm. The Fishock EAC10M-FS delivers this with its 0.5 joules output power that can cover a 10-miles fence.

Besides that, its low impedance design ensures a steady output of 10,000 volts despite the presence of big grass or weeds on the farm. It has a space that you can easily mount it to a wall or a post.

However, you will need to provide shelter against harsh weather conditions such as rain since it's not water-proof. Corded controls with a Fence Ok indicator light shows the status of the fence at any given time.

More Benefits and Features

You can find different designs that cover a 25 miles range and 50 miles range. You are entitled to a 1-year warranty that includes lightning damages. In addition, the charger is easy to set up and install and thus will not consume much of your time.

It's a good choice in keeping small cattle safe and away from predators.


  • Simple design
  • Great value for money
  • Indicator light
  • Low impedance


  • Needs a waterproof shed

Buyers Guide for Top Electric Fence Charger for Cattle

When deciding on which electric charger is best for your cattle safety and control, there are various factors that you should consider before purchase. We have outlined the most important features that you need to look for below.


For cattle, an electric charger is supposed to be having a low impedance. This helps in decreasing energy drain when wet weeds and grass come into contact with the fence. If an electric charger has a high impedance, then it won't last for long before requiring a recharge.

Power Source

Electric chargers have different power sources. However, it's most recommended to have an AC source charger since it's most reliable. However, if you are in a remote area, solar and DC powered chargers are the most convenient and have little to no operation costs.

The Fence Area

Different electric chargers have a limit to how far they can transmit current on the fence. Some can be used for huge farms while others are for small farms. Therefore, you have to find out how long the chargers can transmit power before buying one.

Animal Type

Big and aggressive animals require large electric power helps to keep them safe on the farm. However, if the animals being kept are small, you may not require too much electric current for them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Have you still got some questions related to this topic? We have responded to some of the most commonly asked ones out there.

Who Makes the Best Fence Charger?

Gallagher and Zareba brands electric fence chargers are our best picks compared to the rest of the brands in the market. They are made with superior quality that will give you value for money.

What size fence charger do I need?

Depending on the length of your fence line, you will need a unique charger that can deliver enough power to energize the whole area. Therefore, the more a fence is long, the bigger the charger needed to keep it properly powered.

How many joules is dangerous?

Lower joules are recommended in electric fences since they are meant for cattle control and keeping off predators. However, over 10 joules can be dangerous to livestock since the power can cause serious shock that may lead to death.

What happens if a child touches an electric fence?

No. The currents in an electric fence are low and therefore may not do much harm to the child apart from a shock. However, it's important to keep your child away from the fence as much as you can to avoid unexpected accidents.

Are solar-powered electric fences any good?

Solar-powered electric fences are convenient since they are used to reduce electricity bills and help in protecting cattle in remote locations. They are fairly durable and are best for temporary grazing applications.

How long does a solar fence charger last?

Solar fence chargers are different in terms of the time taken before they get depleted. Normally, electric fence chargers will keep the fence energized for about 1-3 weeks depending on the size and brand.

Best Pick Overall

In our view, the best electric fence charger for cattle is the Gallagher S10 Solar powered charger. This charger is made of high-quality and durable material that will last for a long. It has a good battery saving technology that you will enjoy for weeks without needing a recharge.

Final Thought

Electric fence chargers for cattle come in different sizes and types that can be confusing to a farmer. They have different abilities and additional features that stand out in each one of them.

In this review, we have carefully selected and reviewed the best electric fence chargers for cattle in the market exhaustively. It includes a buyer's guide that enables you to make an informed decision to buy a charger that fits your needs.

We have also provided a comparison list that lists all the products for a quick look. We, therefore, wish you all the best in your shopping.

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