5 Best Gardening Gloves For Cold Weather in 2022

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If you are looking for the best gardening gloves for cold weather, then you should read this article to the end.

During the cold weather period, to many, planting time is a busy routine. Hands get cold quickly which makes it a difficult task to carry out the work effectively.

Many finds this difficult while partaking in some cold weather activities like gardening. In such a frosty climate, a pair of gloves to keep your hands warm is essential.

Cold weather can have a severe impact on performance when working outdoors, but this problem can be tackled with gardening gloves.

Finding the perfect pair of gloves for gardening in the cold weather can be quite a challenge. The gardening gloves need to be thick and made of the coziest material, and be still functional for every activity.

In this article, I will be showing you

  • My top 5 best gardening gloves for cold weather
  • Pros and cons of each one so you make the right decision
  • Tips and advice to know before making any buying decision
  • Frequently asked questions from past buyers
  • And so much more

My Top 3 Gardening Gloves for Cold Weather

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My Top Rated Pick

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How do I keep my hands warm in the garden?

Best Gardening Gloves For Cold Weather

When working in your garden, especially during the cold season, you want to make sure that your hands are warm.

How to get through winter with Troy...
How to get through winter with Troy Lee Designs

When working in your garden using the right gloves, it should have something called an elasticated cuff.

What this means is that the gloves are usually snug fit which helps to reduce the risk of soil, mud and debris entering your hands while also keeping them warm.

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 1.  Briers Ultimate Warmth Thermal Gardening Gloves

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Briers Ultimate Warmth Thermal Gardening Gloves is an ideal choice for both professional gardeners and hobbyists gardening in cold environments because they provide quality protection while keeping hands warm and comfortable.

Also, the thermal lining helps to keep your hands warm, while the nitrile coating adds a tough and dexterous additional layer of protection.

According to previous reviews, the key features of Briers Ultimate Warmth Thermal Gardening Gloves are as follows: 

– Designed to protect hands while gardening in cold conditions

– Flexible down to -30°C for ongoing dexterity

– Thermal lining keeps hands warm while working during winter and colder months

– Tough nitrile coating provides dexterity for easier handling

– Liner is seamless and stretchable for improved comfort and dexterity

– Elasticated cuff helps to keep out dirt and debris

– Snug fit for greater dexterity and sense of touch

– Good abrasion and cut resistance to reduce the risk of injury

– Conforming to EN 388 with a rating of 3221

– Conforming to EN 511 with a result of 12X

The Ultimate Warmth Thermal Gardening Gloves can tackle cold weather when working outdoors.

According to previous reviews, they feature a thermal lining for warmth and comfort, and they even remain flexible down to -30°C to ensure that hands can remain dexterous and able to perform their best.

In addition to keeping hands warm, the Ultimate Warmth Thermal Gardening Gloves, while handling tools, equipment, and garden materials improve safety and efficiency thus providing quality dexterity with a seamless, stretchable construction, with an elasticated cuff to keep dirt and debris out.

With maximum grip and a good sense of touch, the user can keep a firm grip on potentially dangerous tools and equipment.

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 2.  Ejendals Tegera 517 Insulated Waterproof Precision Work Gloves

Ironclad General Utility Work Gloves GUG, All-Purpose, Performance Fit, Durable, Machine Washable,...
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE TASK SPECIFIC WORK GLOVE - The number one selling Ironclad work glove
  • HAND SAFETY - Thermoplastic rubber knuckle protection provides impact and abrasion protection across the knuckles
  • SECURE FIT - Adjustable Hook and Loop Closure provides a secure custom fit for ideal performance
  • SWEAT MANAGEMENT FEATURE - Terry cloth sweat wipe conveniently located on the back of the thumb allows you to stay focused on the job at hand with one wipe of the brow
  • MACHINE WASHABLE - Machine wash cool. Air drying is recommended in order to keep the size consistent with its original form from time of purchase

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 The Ejendals Tegera 517 Gloves, based on reviews are excellent winter gloves, offering protection against water, cold, wind and rain.

With a grippy palm, protective coating and sensitive liner, these gloves are so versatile and can be used for DIY tasks or professional work applications.

According to previous reviews,  these gloves offer:

– 100% waterproof liner

– Cold resistance to -10°C

– Windproof protection

– Oil and grease protection

– Flexibility for handling

– Hi-vis markings

The Ejendals Tegera 517 Gloves are best suited to harsh winter conditions, or harsh, simulated indoor workplaces.

They protect hands against -10°C temperatures, retain comfort without feeling the cold bite and retain warmth over long periods which is ideal for shift workers.

Ejendals Tegera 517 Gloves are durable in cold weather because they are designed for lightweight tasks, they can fray during heavy duty activities and are recommended for heavy-duty activities.

 3.  Ejendals Tegera 295 Waterproof Thermal Work Gloves

The Ejendals Tegera 295 Waterproof Thermal Work Gloves are fully waterproof and they keep the hands warm with contact temperature resistance that reaches as low as -30°C, perfect for tackling winter environments or for use in the cold store.

The Tegera 295, despite their warm and waterproof properties do not lose out on grip or dexterity, thus allowing the user to work safely while retaining the grip and movement needed to handle tools, grip materials and carry heavy goods.

One can work with buckets of water, in the rain, or with damp materials and the gloves will ensure that the hands stay as dry as a bone.

This is because their outer waterproof lining is as good and well protected.

The Ejendals Tegera 295 keeps the hands warm because of an innovative material called Thinsulate, something that is a proven success in allowing gloves dexterity and comfort, but also in allowing for heat retention.

In other words, the Ejendals Waterproof Thermal Gloves can be used to handle materials as cold as -30°C.

The Ejendals 295 Thermal Gloves are comfortable to wear and help keep grip because they feature a goatskin leather palm that works to offer an impressive level of grip.

These gloves are fully well designed for use in the wet, cold and slippery conditions in cold weather.

They provide enough grip that you can confidently handle goods, materials, tools and equipment when completing a task.

 4.  Maxidry Zero Thermal Waterproof GLOVES 56-451

MaxiDry Zero PIP - Maxiflex - Zero - 56-451 - Medium 56-451 Cold Condition Work Glove with Thermal...
  • Liquid Repellence - Keep moisture away from your skin to ensure your hand remains warm
  • High Thermal Insulation Properties - Without sacrificing flexibility, dexterity, weight and comfort
  • Super Soft and Super Flexible Coating - Providing ultimate flexibility even in extremely cold environments allowing you to channel energy into the heating of rather than the moving of your hand
  • Optimized Grip - delivered though the ultra soft coating to ensure maximum flex and contact with the things you handle
  • Complies with FDA food handling requirements 21 CFR 177.2600

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The MaxiDry Zero Thermal Waterproof Gloves 56-451 according to reviews, is one of the favourite pair of winter industrial work gloves, with the comfortable, waterproof nitrile coating offering total protection against water, oil, wind and temperatures ranging between -10°C and 100°C.

MaxiDry Zero Thermal Gloves 56-451, based on previous reviews, excel in industries that range from indoor cold simulated environments such as cold stores and freezers, to outdoor medium-risk mechanical environments such as construction, oil use and outdoor work.

This is as a result of the versatile design that protects against cold, water, oil, abrasion and heat.

Also, their flexible and grippy design is supported by a tough nitrile coating that can protect from typical industrial risks, while their skin-friendly design helps to reduce skin irritation and enable you to use the gloves in a food environment.

MaxiDry Zero Thermal Gloves 56-451 are suitable for freezer and cold store works.

They retain flexibility in -10°C temperatures

Continue to protect hands in -30°C temperatures and are 100% waterproof for wet weather conditions.

 5.  Cutter CW300 G Leather Water Repellent Work Gloves

Cutter CW300 Goatskin Leather Men’s Original Water Repellent Work Gloves are well recommended for anything outdoors, including gardening, DIY work, logging, forestry, tree surgery, yard work and more.

The CW300 Gloves are the perfect gloves for outdoors work while combining durability, comfort and grip.

Because of their goatskin leather liner, it provides the durability, the reinforced patch provides the protection and a hydrophobic coating offers excellent resistance to water, ensuring that these are a top choice for most outdoor tasks.

When the user gets his/her dirty whether while gardening, woodcutting, lumber work, greenkeeping and more, the Cutter CW300 Goatskin Leather Men’s Original Work Gloves is very suitable and durable for such such task.

The durable nature of these gloves means that they’ll last in tough conditions, based on the tough palm and high water-resistance suitable for using across the Winter.

Due to their thick leather liner and reinforced palm patch, the palms of the gloves feature a reinforced palm that helps to make the gloves more grippy.

Designed to protect hands while gardening in cold conditions, these five best gardening gloves for cold weather are ideal for outdoor work, and should be strong enough to keep the hands warm in colder conditions.

Written by Kloee Ngozi

Kloee is a backyard farmer and avid gardener who enjoys tending to her garden and plants. She is so engrossed with her plants that she has pet names for all of them. She likes to relax with a bottle of wine and read a book.

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