5 Best Hedge Trimmers for Yews in 2023

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There are numerous advantages to using hedges.

Among their many benefits are acoustical abatement, animal attraction, and plant protection for the rest of your garden.

But they aren’t exactly low-maintenance, either. Overgrown hedges can easily intrude on other parts of your landscape if they aren’t kept regularly trimmed.

That’s why you need a hedge trimmer, cutter, or other instruments at your disposal.

There is nothing wrong with using hand tools.

Still, most gardeners who have hedges to manage are better served by an automated instrument like a petrol-powered hedge trimmer or an electric hedge cutter.

In order to get the best results pruning Yews into delicate shapes, you’ll need a tool that’s light and easy to control.

A hedge trimmer designed for Yews has been chosen by our experts. 

Best Hedge Trimmer for Yews

Makita Duh523Z 18V 52Cm/ 20. 5-Inch Cordless Lxt Lithium-Ion Hedge Trimmer - Battery Not Included
Makita UH 6580 Taille-haies
Makita Duh523Z 18V 52Cm/ 20. 5-Inch Cordless Lxt Lithium-Ion Hedge Trimmer - Battery Not Included
Makita UH 6580 Taille-haies
Price not available
Price not available
Makita Duh523Z 18V 52Cm/ 20. 5-Inch Cordless Lxt Lithium-Ion Hedge Trimmer - Battery Not Included
Makita Duh523Z 18V 52Cm/ 20. 5-Inch Cordless Lxt Lithium-Ion Hedge Trimmer - Battery Not Included
Price not available
Makita UH 6580 Taille-haies
Makita UH 6580 Taille-haies
Price not available

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1. MAKITA DUH523Z Cordless LXT Lithium-Ion Hedge Trimmer

Makita Duh523Z 18V 52Cm/ 20. 5-Inch Cordless Lxt Lithium-Ion Hedge Trimmer - Battery Not Included
  • Lithium-ion battery, lighter weight, quicker charging and with more run time than an equal voltage ni-cad or ni-mh...
  • Rubberized soft grip provides comfortable and sure grip
  • Stain-free shear blade surface of glittering silver obtained by non-electrolyzed nickel plating
  • Anti-vibration structure consisting of motor-crank section and handle section linked by 5 cushions to absorb...
  • User-replaceable blade the blade can be removed without disassembling housing

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This Makita hedge trimmer has a 520mm blade with 15mm tooth holes, making it ideal for trimming medium-sized hedges with minimal fuss.

It includes built-in anti-vibration technology and can deliver up to 1,350 strokes per minute, making it far more pleasant to hold and use for an extended time.

If you’re concerned about the machine’s safety, it has a two-handed switch that requires both hands to operate, and it comes with a blade cover for simple storage.

There is no battery included, but if you have an extra 18V lithium-ion battery from another Makita tool, that’s not a problem.

What we like

  • Has anti-vibration features
  • Suitable for hedges of medium to large size 

What we don’t like

  • The battery is sold separately.

2. Bosch AHS 45-16 Electric Hedge Cutter

Although Bosch’s corded electric hedge trimmer isn’t the heaviest or most powerful cutter on the market!

It’s a solid and extremely reasonable option for those with fair to medium-sized amounts of hedges to trim.

With a 45cm blade and 16mm tooth holes, the Bosch 420 W motor powers the cutting operation, so there are no mechanical issues to worry about.

However, you’ll have to deal with the trimmer’s wire during your cutting sprees because the motor is fueled by mains electricity.

Our trimmer is adequate for light pruning and shaping.

Still, other trimmers on this list offer greater cutting power and longer blades for industrial applications.

But, for the most part, the price and capabilities make this a great choice for many people.

What we like

  • Affordable
  • Lightweight and simple to use
  • Bosch is a high-end brand.

What we don’t like

  • Wired
  • Inadequate for huge hedges

3. Makita UH6580/2 240V 65cm Electric Hedge Trimmer

Makita UH 6580 Taille-haies
  • Garden Tool | Makita Hedge Trimmer | Hedge Cutter | Wired Hedge Trimmer | Hedge Shears | 670 W | UH6580 | Pro Hedge...
  • English (Publication Language)

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While Makita has its own line of cordless hedge trimmers that use their own battery system!

We’re going with something simpler, more powerful, and more capable from their range.

Using this corded cutter, you won’t have to worry about recharging or refueling, while the 65cm long blades help you get the job done quickly.

A 75cm version is also available if you need extra space.)

In addition, there’s no need for an additional battery or gasoline purchase if you’re able to operate on a wire with the all-in-one Makita.

The innovative various holding points deserve special note!

They allow you to hold the machine comfortably with the blade horizontally or vertically, close-up or full stretch.

Meaning that every portion of your hedge may benefit from both safety and comfort.

What we like

  • Easy and convenient use
  • 2-stroke engine
  • Efficient for the toughest and thickest hedges
  • 27mm cutting capacity

What we don’t like

  • Low power

4. Mountfield MHT 2322 Petrol Hedge Trimmer

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MHJ2322 is a superb all-around hedge trimmer that can handle even the toughest workloads.

You can at least be sure that this will make short work of any unruly trimming operation because it is powered by a two-stroke petrol engine, which is not to be considered if you are cutting down on your fossil fuel usage.

As a result of its several sets of reciprocating blades, which go back and forth against one another like a pair of scissors!

It is both precise and powerful while trimming leaves and tiny branches.

Because the blades are 70 cm long, you can cut more hedge in a single pass, and the cutter is double-sided.

As a result, you can cut in both directions. A two-year warranty and a set of goggles are also included.

5. Flymo Easicut 460 Hedge Trimmer

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Corded Flymo hedge trimmer makes short work of any hedge cutting in tiny settings.

Even though it’s a corded type, the 10-meter power chord gives you plenty of room to move around comfortably.

For this reason, the intended audience is people with smaller gardens, as the 45cm blade would be cumbersome and awkward to use in an office setting.

In general, this is an excellent option if you don’t have a lot of shrubberies to deal with and are near a power source.

What we like

  • Extra-long power cord compared to similar corded devices
  • Small gardens will appreciate this product.
  • A great deal for the money.

What we don’t like

  • Not meant for larger gardens

Here is an article I wrote on the best hedge trimmers for shaping

Buyers Guide: Things to Look Out for Before Making a Purchase

Use a hedge trimmer to its full potential by selecting one with the correct set of options for your particular situation, including features that enhance user convenience and suit the size and shape of your hedges.

  • Length of blade

Using a trimmer with a short blade may limit the amount of space in your garden that you can clear with it.

It’s best to seek a hedge trimmer with a blade length of 500mm or more if you’re going to be trimming a large area frequently.

When working with smaller hedges, you may want to use a longer blade when you don’t have access from both sides.

  • Blade Tip Protector

Even though hedge trimmer blades are extremely resilient and designed for long-term usage, dangers such as walls and fences can cause blade damage.

Blades with a blade tip protector are meant to assist-protect the trimmer from damage caused by stone or paving, which helps keep the blade in good shape.

  • Blades Sharpening 

It is better to use a hedge trimmer with sharper blades to cut more accurately and produce less vibration.

In addition, it should be easy to produce a high-quality finish using features such as diamond-ground or laser-cut materials, which imply sharpness out of the box.

  • Handle Type

Because of this, it is important to choose an appropriate handle type for your hedge trimmer.

If you’re looking for a trimmer that’s both pleasant and efficient to use, look for handles that wrap around and/or that can be rotated.

If you have a lot of possibilities for your handle, it will be easier to use.

  • Switches for safety

If you’re using an electric hedge trimmer, you’ll want to be sure that it has a dual or triple safety switch.

In addition, you must remember that your tool must be put somewhere safe while you’re working and when it isn’t being used at all.

Select a location where the blade won’t be a threat, and it will be impossible for it to accidentally startup.


A good garden requires a full day’s work.

Maintaining it is a full-time job.

If you have the correct hedge trimmer, you won’t have to be concerned about your garden looking dangerous anymore.

You can choose from any of the options we have available to you.

The MAKITA DUH523Z Cordless LXT Lithium-Ion Hedge Trimmer is our favorite of the bunch because of its impressive features.

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