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Continuous leftover food from your kitchen might be getting thrown away, and you might be wondering how to compost. Composting is a better option if you are into gardening, or just prefer to compost for the environment. However, to fully get into the composting process, you need the best outdoor compost tumbler, among other things. We have compiled a list of the best ones you can use to get started.

Best Outdoor Compost Tumblers

1) FCMP Tumbling Composter for Outdoor IM4000

FCMP Outdoor IM4000 Dual Chamber Tumbling Composter Canadian-Made, 100% Recycled Resin - Outdoor...
  • Made in Canada from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic - The original 8-sided dual chamber tumbling composter.
  • TUMBLING COMPOSTER – Avoid digging and mixing your compost pile by hand. The tumbling design makes mixing easy...
  • EASY TO USE – Fantastic for beginners! The large openings and removable door make it easy to add scraps/clippings...
  • TWO COMPOSTER CHAMBERS ARE BETTER THAN ONE – Two separate sides allow the first side to finish while leaving the...
  • EXCELLENT AERATION – All our composter models feature aeration holes as well as deep fins to break up clumps...

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The tumbling design was the first thing that stood out about this outdoor composter. I like this tumbling composter because I don't have to touch or turn compost by hand. Additionally, it is a great upgrade from my previous DIY compost tumbler. Finally, since it has been warmer of late, I noticed that the composting process is much faster. It takes 2 weeks compared to the 3 to 4 weeks it used to take.

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Additionally, the nutrient-rich compost is perfect for any outdoor or indoor garden. I like that the tumbling composter is super easy to use and doesn't have any components that require skill, making it perfect for beginners. The removable door makes it simpler to stuff kitchen scraps and other compostable materials and remove them as ready-to-use compost.

After the tumbler is full, turning the waste a few times a day is all it takes. The two chambers allow continuous composting and swapping on both new and old sides. After 2-4 weeks, you get very nutrient-dense compost. The large capacity also makes it easier to quickly produce enough compost for a large area.

However, putting it together with all the perks of this stationary composter was a nightmare. There are very many screws that have to go into it. It would help if you had a lot of patience when assembling this composter.


  • Rotates easily
  • Good size
  • Dual chamber for aeration
  • Well-built
  • Durable in bad weather


  • Hard to assemble

2) VIVOSUN Outdoor Tumbling Composter

VIVOSUN Outdoor Tumbling Composter Dual Rotating Batch Compost Bin, 43 Gallon Black Door
  • Twin chambers: Two separate chambers allow one side to finish composting while leaving the other side available to...
  • 360⁰ Tumbling Design: The rotating design prevents you from digging or mixing the pile by hand; And the deep fins...
  • Excellent Aeration: Air vents can make the air fully circulate and will not cause an explosion due to excessive...
  • Sturdy & Durable Construction: Constructed of premium metal frame and high-quality pp plastic body, this tumbling...
  • Garden Gloves Included: The gloves that not only protect your hands from injury, but are also waterproof, making...

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The 360-degree tumbling design is excellent. Turning a compost bin has never been easier. The mechanism makes it such that you don't have to exert too much effort to turn your compost. Additionally, I like that the aeration holes are located all around the bin for excellent airflow to prevent excess moisture from forming.

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I was worried about clumps of compost forming inside the bin. However, the deep fins inside the bin separate any lumps for an even mixture of finished compost. I deposit food waste into the bin every day and turn it regularly. With a 43-gallon capacity, I can accumulate food scraps in 3 weeks and have ready-to-use compost in 4 weeks. The dual chamber design also enables you to compost a large amount of kitchen waste for a large area.

The frame of the compost tumbler is made of metal for a sturdy support system. The bin is made of food-grade, high-density plastic to ensure it doesn't react with the compost. This ensures that you have the best compost for your gardening. Furthermore, it doesn't smell, but it releases a brown liquid. So ensure to place it in the right place.

However, after this composter arrived, it took a lot of work to set up. I had to as for help, and after two hours, it was done. I was fine with how hard it was to set up, but the instructions could have been clearer. It would have taken less time to assemble had the instructions been clear.


  • Durable
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to use
  • Weather resistant


  • Unclear assembly instructions

3) Miracle-Gro Dual Chamber Compost Tumbler

Dual Chamber Compost Tumbler – Easy-Turn, Fast-Working System – All-Season, Heavy-Duty, High...
  • GROW A HAPPIER GARDEN – Do you look at other’s gardens with envy? Give your plants the nutrient-dense...
  • KEEP THE NUTRIENTS COMING – Achieve your gardening goals with a steady supply of ready-to-use compost! This...
  • NO MORE HEAVY LIFTING – Miracle-Gro is here to make composting easy for beginners and seasoned green thumbs...
  • A BRAND YOU TRUST – With the help of Miracle-Gro, both you and your garden will thrive. As America’s most...
  • Achieve your garden goals with a pair of Scotts multi-purpose gardening gloves! Each pair is latex-free,...

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If you are a green thumb like I am, you can't help but nourish your garden with your own compost. The tumbling composter features 2 dual chambers for a continuous supply and keeps the compost coming all year long. All I have to do is add the kitchen scraps and turn the handle at least 5 times a day.

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I noticed that the internal mixing bars ensure that all your compost piles are evenly composed. The dual compost bins are a lifesaver since you don't have to mix new and old compost in the compost tumbler. Additionally, you will enjoy bigger harvests with the large capacity of the bins.

I am always prepared to pinch my nose or hold my breath when I place the waste into the plastic chambers. However, I am always surprised that there are no unpleasant odors. Not even a whiff is very convenient since it doesn't attract animals like raccoons and other scavengers to feast on my pepper plants.

I place different types of waste into the compost pile, such as coffee grounds, grass clippings, shredded newspaper, and other compostable material. However, I found that shredded newspaper doesn't compost very well inside this composter. So I would not recommend it. However, other organic wastes do well.


  • Easy to use
  • Large capacity
  • Durable
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to assemble


  • The plastic parts will degrade after a while

4) MaxWorks 80699 Compost Bin Tumbler for Garden and Outdoor

MaxWorks 80699 Compost Bin Tumbler for Garden and Outdoor, 42 Gallon Capacity with 2 Chambers Dual...
  • Rugged and Durable Build: Crafted from sturdy polypropylene and featuring a powder-coated steel frame, this compost...
  • Optimized Aeration Design: Equipped with air vents or aeration holes and two sliding doors, this tumbler empowers...
  • Dual Chamber Simplicity: Featuring dual chambers, this compost bin tumbler simplifies the composting process while...
  • Effective Composting Rotation: The first panel is dedicated to preserving mature compost, while the second chamber...
  • Space-Saving Design: Designed for space efficiency, this compost bin tumbler is a perfect addition to any outdoor...

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I know that many compost tumblers typically have 2 chambers, and that's not different for this compost bin tumbler. The dual chamber system on this compact compost tumbler makes composting very efficient. Both chambers enable proper rotation for the composting process to produce quality and fresh compost.

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I got this compost tumbler because it isn't an eye-sore, and I get to have it in one corner of my garden without looking out of place. However, the compost tumbler is larger than you would expect. Therefore if you wanted a smaller one, this isn't for you—however, it's still one of the best compost tumblers to make compost tea.

When I assembled it, I initially felt like there were too many aeration holes. They leak, and I collect the nutrient-dense tea in jars for my hedge. However, not many people will like that. It is recommended to clean this bin occasionally, but I cannot get myself to do it due to the icky factor and many bugs and maggots. However, cleaning it is inevitable, so I will have to do it.

Nothing prevents the smell from wafting into your house; therefore, ensure it's kept away from any windows. Other than that, it composts fast (between 2-4 weeks).

Remember that you can place garden waste and other yard waste into the bin. However, avoid cooking oil, grease, meat, recycled plastic materials, and fish bones. Maybe leave the fish bones for your cat? Since these items cannot be composted.


  • Easy to use
  • Large capacity
  • Easy assembly
  • Sturdy
  • Durable


  • Smells bad

5) Saturnpower Large Composting Tumbler

Saturnpower Large Composting Tumbler Dual Chamber Outdoor Garden Rotating Compost Bin Tumbling...
  • 【Durable Structure】Made from PP material and steel construction, the compost bin is durable and can be placed...
  • 【Dual Chamber Design】Dual chambers allow for simultaneous production of batches of compost at different stages....
  • 【Excellent Aeration】This compost barrel has vents and deep fins, which not only makes it look better, but also...
  • 【Easy to Use】The compost tumbler design just need you to rotate it gently without digging, turning and mixing...
  • 【Space-saving】The maximum capacity is 43 gallons and the assembly size is 28. 5" X 25" X 37"

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If you are a beginner interested in composting, then this is the composter for you. Of course, experienced gardeners can also use it. It's simple to use and perfect if you want something other than an inground unit. The bin is made from tough recycled plastic. It's sturdy enough before loading it with kitchen waste and even sturdier after loading it with kitchen waste.

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I was worried about the strength because the legs of the compost tumbler are a hollow alloy that doesn't look sturdy enough. However, it turned out fine, just as long as I didn't load it too much.

Of course, assembly took close to two hours because I didn't have the necessary tools. This unit has many screws; therefore, you will need a screw gun. However, it was excellent after I put it together and started filling it with organic materials from my kitchen. Also, turning the handle was easier than I initially thought.


  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy
  • Compact
  • Versatile


  • Hard to assemble

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Tumbling Composter

There are a few composting factors you should try to consider before going in to purchase a tumbling composter. Keep in mind that composters are summer workers. Therefore, ensure you are in the right season before purchasing one.

a) Where to Keep your Tumbling Composter

This is the most important factor to consider. Tumbling composters are by no means small, and some can hold up to five gallons of waste in a single chamber. Additionally, the bins are made of plastic. While the plastic chambers are heavy-duty plastic and BPA-free, they can disintegrate when placed in the sun for long periods, and you might need a handheld spreader to clean up the mess.

Where to keep your composter

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Of course, you must place the stationary composter outdoors and in a place with shade or dappled sun. It would help if you also placed the composter far away from any windows or doors that lead to the house. The tumbler should not be placed where there is a floor, tarmac, or concrete because it will leak. Leakage also depends on the type of composter you own.

Placing it on the ground should suffice since the soil will absorb any leakage. Finding the tumbler a good spot is the first step toward high-quality compost. Some composting tumblers can work in limited spaces like a balcony. However, you must ensure you purchase one for a limited space.

b) What you Want to Achieve by Composting

Do you know why you want to compost? Sometimes people prefer a more organic system, and others might want to compost for their garden if they don’t want to use liquid fertilizer. You might want good soil in your backyard to help the environment or hate the smell of county bins.

Why you want to compost

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Knowing why you want to compost will give you insight into what type of composter to choose. For example, you might live alone and compost small amounts of waste for your veggie garden. On the other hand, if you grow your food, you might need a large tumbling composter to produce enough fertile soil. It all boils down to what your composting goals are.

c) Climate

Your climate will dictate if you can have a composting tumbler. Organic waste becomes compost by having specific conditions. For example, your compost pile needs a good aeration system with enough moisture, warm temperature, Nitrogen, and Oxygen. If you live in a predominantly rainy area, you will need to substitute for Nitrogen using urine or pet bedding.

The climate dictates your composting method

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Additionally, if it’s actively raining, you will have to cover your tumbling composter with a tarp to keep out the rain. However, if your climate is unforgiving, burying your waste might be a good idea to keep out the smell.

In dry areas, burying your kitchen waste is important since the sun will dry out the waste before it can compost. Of course, you can always lightly water the compost pit to provide adequate moisture. You might also have to use a garden fork to turn the compost for aeration. But using a compost tumbler might not be the best option.

d) How Much Waste do you Produce?

Composting is a fairly simple process. First, however, you need to know how much waste you produce daily. Sometimes, a large family can produce multiple gallons of waste daily. However, keep in mind that if you live on a farm, then using a tumbler composter is out of the question with regard to how much waste is produced daily.

How much waste do you produce?

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A compost tumbler is very efficient if you produce small quantities of waste daily. However, larger amounts of compost require other methods, especially if you are composting animal manure, grass cuttings, and brown paper.

The Bottom Line

Composting is good for the environment. Anyone with a green thumb will always see the benefits of composting. If you didn’t know, composting is the first step to having good soil for your backyard. However, for whatever reason you choose to compost, you can always sell it commercially for a little extra income.

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