3 Best Pruning Saws for Agave in 2023

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Agave is a plant known primarily for its strong and succulent fleshy leaves. It therefore requires some pruning work, though not a great deal of pruning.

It is important to prune agave to maintain the desired height and width of the plant. It can also be pruned to remove faded bloom spikes and unwanted sprouts.

To prune agave, you will agree with us that you need some basic tools like looping shears, a long sharp knife or a curved pruning saw.

In light of this, we have searched for the best pruning saws for agave, just for you.

My Top 3 Best Pruning Saws for Agave

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Review of the 3 Best Pruning Saws for Agave


Manufactured in the United States, this brand new agave cutter is specially made with a steel blade that is capable of effectively cutting through the agave leaves you want to prune.

It has a long handle that allows you to stay safely away from the spikes of the agave when pruning.

A customer feedback said he finds it very useful for the agave and cactus in his yard.

Another said it cuts through agave like butter

  • Price, packaging and size: is it worth the value?

This product is affordable and pocket friendly. It comes with a standard Komelon blade that can be replaceable.

It has a slip resistant and long handle designed for your comfort. The appropriate nuts and bolts is also included.

It guarantees an effective pruning process for your agave so it sure worth the value.

  • It has a sharp blade for easy pruning
  • It has a long handle which protects you from the agave spike
  • It has a standard replaceable blade
  • It is sturdy and slip resistant.


Made from the cactus pruner brand, this pruner is designed for large succulent like cactus and agave.

It is one of the bestselling products for pruning agave and can be used by professional succulent and fleshy plants growers as well as nature lovers with agave, cactus and aloes in their gardens.

Customers who used this product were glad they purchased it. A user reviewed it as excellent and a great tool he would recommend.

  • Price, packaging and size: is it worth the value?

It has a black slip resistant handle and an angled serrated blade for heavy duty.

With the right maintenance, the blade is expected to last for a long time.

The cactus pruning saw is worth the value as it is capable of pruning any succulent leaf plants including agave to your own satisfaction.

  • It is durable
  • It has an angled serrated blade for heavy duty pruning
  • It has a long and slip free handle


It is from a reputable brand, Silky, known for making quality products and this is not an exemption.

It is the lightest weight, best balanced big saw everything produced by the silky brand and it has a unique aluminum scabbard that can be attached to the belt or leg depending o your choice.

It can be used for both pruning and trimming and it surely serves as a great tool for pruning agave.

  • Price, packaging and size: is it worth the value?

The silky pruning saw comes with a blade length of 8.3 inches and a 6.4 teeth per inch large teeth configuration. It has eight roller protecting the entry way and a unique scabbard that offers you maximum protection when carrying it about.

It weighs just 0.86 pounds and had a total dimension of 19.2 length, 5.5 width and 1.6 inches in height.

It has a total rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars in durability, size,  ergonomic, and easy use respectively.

it is quite expensive but considering the high quality and satisfaction it brings, it is worth the value!

  • Its blade is made of a hard chromed plate Japanese steel, offering you maximum durability of the product
  • Its handle is made of 2-part rubber grip which makes it slip resistant.
  • It has a study frame
  • It is easy to use
  • It is best for both trimming and effective for pruning agave as well.

Buyers Guide: Things to Look Out For Before Making a Purchase

Purchasing the right pruning saw for agave can be quite stressful. We understand that, and so, we have some tips you should consider before making a purchase.

It is important to consider the quality of the blade. We recommend getting a hard chrome plated steel blade..

Also, check the sturdiness of the handle. Is it made of a slip resistant material or not?

The weight of the pruning saw is another important factor to consider. The weight determines the ease of handling and cutting.

If you are able to put the aforementioned factors into consideration before making a purchase, and with our recommendations, you are sure of getting just the perfect pruning saw for your agave plant.


We highly recommend the Silky Professional Series Tsurugi Curved hand saw 210mm large teeth.

It is a high quality product and it is capable of pruning to your ultimate satisfaction. Its slip resistant handle and unique scabbard offers you maximum protection.

Made from the hard chrome plate Japanese steel, its durability is guaranteed.

You definitely won’t regret purchasing this unique product.

However, for a second option, you can go for the Cactus Pruning saw. It is a pocket friendly option and provides a great pruning service for your agave plant.

Hope you enjoyed the article? Which pruning tool would rather use for agave?

Do let us know!

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