5 Best Pruning Saws For Apple Trees in 2023

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Its the time of the year to beautify your apple tree and make them good looking and healthy.

However, you will quite agree with us that this business require a quality pruning saw.

Pruning saws are effective for doing practically all your pruning job. They are good for pruning both thick and thin tree branches, as well as high tree branches that are hard to reach.

It is important to know that these pruning saws come in several types. This can make it a bit hard to choose the best one for your apple tree.

In this article, we selected the best pruning saws with top reviews and some handy tips to make your choice easier.

My Top 3 Pruning Saws for Apple Trees

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Review of The 5 Best Pruning Saws for Apple Trees


First, it is from the Silky brand, known for making quality products.

This 13-inch curved blade pruning saw is used for pruning branches and shrubs.

Together with the scabbard, it weighs just 1.1 pounds, making it very light to carry.

It also possess a 6.4 teeth per inch with a high quality blade, making it very easy for you to prune your apple trees.

  • Price, packaging and size: is it worth the value?

The silky comes with a long lasting polypropylene scabbard and a detachable belt holder which makes it very easy and safe to carry about.

Its handle assures a tight and comfortable grip, thus, preventing it from slipping from your hands while pruning.

Considering the price, it is a bit expensive. But considering the quality you’ll be getting for a very long time from this pruning saw, we can say it is worth the value.

  • It is from a reputable high quality brand, thus, assuring a high quality pruning saw.
  • It has a high performance blade
  • It has a durable scabbard
  • It possesses a non slip high quality handle


The Samurai Ichiban 13-inch curved blade pruning saw is made from the finest material, which makes it long lasting and high quality for cutting through branches with no difficulty.

It is specially designed for your comfort, with a rubber cushioned handle.

  • Price, packaging and size: is it worth the value?

This pruning saw has a blade made with a cutting edge shock hardening process which makes it durable and of high quality.

With a weight of just  11.2 ounces,  it is lightweight and easy to carry.

It also offers protection when you are carrying it about, as it comes with a protective scabbard, containing a nylon belt hoop.

Of course, you can say that again. It is worth the value!

  • The Samurai has a comfortable and slip free grip
  • It is very light in weight
  • It comes with a protective scabbard
  • It has a high quality blade, thus making cutting fast and stress free.


The EverSaw 8-inch pruning saw comes with a durable steel blade and a 9 Teeth Per inch tooth arrangement. It is great for use in the garden, to prune your apple trees.

An interesting thing about this pruning saw is that it can cut other materials, such as plastic and bone, making it a prized multipurpose pruning tool.

  • Price, packaging and size: is it worth the value?

This handheld pruning saw assures you of a comfortable and firm grip when pruning.

It is also packaged in a way that it can fold fully into the handle for easy storage.

This pruning saw has a topnotch value!

  • It serves as a multipurpose garden pruning tool
  • The eversaw is ergonomic and slip resistant
  • It is a fully folding blade
  • It is uncoated for maximum friction
  • It has a durable carbon steel blade


The Fiskar pruner is a pole pruning saw with a power lever technology and a 15-inch wood Zig saw blade.

This saw is effective for pruning the high and difficult to reach branches of your apple trees with less stress.

Feedback from its users stated that they enjoyed the overall long length of the product and how easy it was for them to adjust it.

Another said the pruner was very useful in pruning the top of their trees.

  • Price, packaging and size: is it worth the value?

This peculiar pruning saw comes with a hook and prune operation. Its long length and heavy duty power has made it a fast selling product in the market.

It has an inch and half maximum cutting capacity, with a guaranteed lifetime warranty.

Though, it can be quite heavy when extended, it is sure to meet up with its value, perform a great job and prune the top of your apple trees with less difficulty.

  • The Fiskar’s long 14 foot pole is great for pruning higher branches.
  • Its power lever technology is efficient for pruning thicker branches
  • It possess a very sharp blade.
  • It assures you a guaranteed lifetime warranty.


This hand saw possess a hardened 7-inch steel blade. It is ergonomic, as its handle is made with a ridged rubber coating that makes slip resistant.

We recommend this product for pruning apple trees because it is easy to reach and more stable in your hands when pruning.

Shine Hai pruning saw also folds in on itself.

  • Price, packaging and size: is it worth the value?

This model of pruning saw comes with a built in gear lock which keeps the blade protected when you are not using it or carrying it about.

It also has a rubber non slip coated handle which makes it easy to grip.

For a pocket friendly pruning saw model, it is absolutely worth its value!

  • It has a very sharp blade of 7 inches, made with hardened steel.
  • It comes with a non slip rubber handle
  • The gear lock feature keeps the blade closed and protected.
  • It is customer friendly and easy to reach

Buyers Guide: Things to Look Out for Before Making a Purchase

When buying a pruning saw, there are some basic things you need to consider to make a great purchase.

First, is the blade length and quality. A longer blade have a larger cutting capacity than a shorter blade

The shorter blade, on the other hand, is more affordable and easy to use and store. Generally, make sure the pruning saw you want to go for has a very high quality blade.

Then, consider the type of tree you want to prune. Is it a tree with a thicker branch or the one with a less thicker branch?

Finally, make sure you choose a durable product. A pruning saw with a very good blade material and study handle tends to last longer.


The Silky 270-33 Zubat Professional Series Hand Saw is the clear winner for pruning apple trees.

Considering that it comes from a brand known for making quality products, its durability is assured.

Also, it is lightweight and way to carry. It has a non slip handle and its curved blade is ideal for effective pruning.

By considering the factors which included blade length and quality, tree type and durability, and with our reviews, you should have a fun time selecting the right pruning saw for your apple trees.

We hope you enjoyed this article? Please share your opinions in the comment section below.

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