3 Best Pruning Saws for Grapevines in 2023

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Either you just started a grape garden, or you already have a garden filled with grapes for your own wine or a special delicacy, it is important that these grapes grow on healthy vines annually.

Healthy vines produce healthy grapes, right?

One way to ensure healthy vines is through pruning.

Pruning of grape vines helps the vines stay healthy and fit, and aids a quick photosynthetic process.

For you to prune grape vines, you will need some basic pruning tools like pruning shears, loppers and pruning saws.

It is also important to know that selecting a good pruning saw for your grape vines matters too!

We understand how challenging this might be, and that is why we have taken our time to carefully select the best pruning saws for grape vines.

My Top 3 Pruning Saws for Grapevines

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Reviews of the 3 Best Pruning Saws for Grapevines


The PocketBoy folding saw is compact and lightweight. It takes little space in your tool box and is even easier to carry about in your pocket!

It comes with a rust resistant and chrome plated blade, with an impulse hardened teeth for greater pruning efficiency.

It can be used for cutting, trimming and pruning in the garden.

It is one of the top best sellers and is rated high for ergonomic, easy to hold and use, lightweight and sturdiness.

  • Price, packaging and size: is it worth the value?

This hand powered pruning saw from silky brand has a total dimension of 11.42 by 2.36 by 1 inches in length, width and height respectively.

It comes with a hard plastic belt case and a non slip rubber handle that prevents slipping off while pruning.

  • The PocketBoy offers effective pruning capacity
  • It comes with a rust resistant, hard chrome plated blade
  • It is compact and lightweight and is capable of fitting into your pocket
  • It has a non slip rubber handle


Floro folding hand powered saw is made with the finest and heavy duty materials, particularly high quality manganese steel.

It has a 7 inch strong, durable, wear and rust resistant blade.

It is easy to use in the garden for all kinds of pruning work including pruning grape vines.

It is one of the top rated and best selling pruning saws in amazon.

Reviews from users of the Floro folding hand saw stated that is is recommendable.

Another said it was just the perfect tool for pruning shrubs and vines.

  • Price, packaging and size: is it worth the value?

Made with the customers in mind, it comes with a durable and sharp blade and a safety lock that keeps blade in place when in use

For your own convenience, it has a hole at the base of its handle for easy carrying or attachment to belt when not in use

It is ultra sharp and has a non slip handle.

For a compact pruning saw worth just $6.97, it is worth the value

  • What are its benefits?

  • It is made with high quality, heavy duty material that reduced friction and aids stress free pruning
  • It is easy to fold and convenient to carry
  • It has a slip resistant rubber handle
  • The saw comes with a safety lock which makes it easy to open and close, and prevents accident
  • It is designed specially for your comfort use


This multipurpose pruning saw is great for pruning grape vines in the garden.

It has a 7 inch gear blade made with manganese steel, with guaranteed durability.

It is a portable and foldable hand saw with light weight and it is quite easy to use.

  • Price, packaging and size: is it worth the value?

The Motcoda 7 inch hand pruning folding saw comes with a screw fastened blade lock and a switch to turn on the blade and fold it, protecting the users from injuries

It possesses an handle that ensures a firm grip.

With a total dimension, of 16 length, 2.36 width and 1.18 inches in height, this simple pruning saw is effective for your garden work

  • It has a lightweight, this making it easy to carry
  • It is easy to use and cuts quick and clean
  • It comes with a screw fastened blade lock, and a switch, giving it a double protection to prevent injuries
  • It is a multipurpose pruning saw
  • The Motcoda 7 inch folding pruning saw is designed with durability, comfort and high quality in mind.


Before purchasing a pruning saw for grape vines, here are some things you should look out for:

  • The blade quality.

A pruning saw with a high quality blade tends to be more durable. We highly recommend a high quality manganese steel, or a Japanese chrome plated steel.

  • Tooth configuration

Since the teeth is what does the actual cutting, it has to be very sharp. For grape vines, the medium teeth saws with about 8.5 tooth per inch is recommendable.

  • Weight

A pruning saw with lighter weight is easier to hold and use, compared to that with a less lighter weight.


Finally, we have come to end of the reviews of the top best pruning saws for grape vines.

The clear winner of this round up is the multipurpose Silky Professional Series PocketBoy folding saw. It is easy to use and carry and is made of high quality materials.

It has a non slip rubber handle and is capable of pruning to your satisfaction.

A cheaper substitute is the Floro folding hand powered pruning saw.

It does a great deal of pruning work and it is designed for comfort use too!

Thanks for reading!

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