3 Best Pruning Saws for Hydrangeas in 2023

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Hydrangeas are quite easy to grow, and they make a beautiful garden with their colorful flowers.

That is why it is essential to prune them before new growth so that you will have a garden filled with colorful flowers during their blooming season.

Pruning hydrangeas helps the shrubs grow rounder and fuller. It also maintains the growth of the plant and increases the size and numbers of flowers it sprouts out!

To prune hydrangeas, you will need some basic tools like gloves, sharp bypass pruners, loppers and pruning saws of course.

Getting the right pruning saws for hydrangeas might be quite a tankful job. We understand and that is why we have taken our time to select the best pruning saws for hydrangeas for you.

My Top 3 Pruning Saws for Hydrangeas

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Reviews of the 3 Best Pruning Saws for Hydrangeas


Felco pruning saw is a classic pruning saw with pull stroke action, and is made of high quality component that delivers the perfect pruning job.

It has a unique design, a peculiar shaped blade that is thinner on the the top and thicker at the base to prevent clogging and binding.

It has an ergonomic non slip handle and it conveniently fold in half to fit into the pocket easily.

It is rated the best as it is lightweight, easy to use and ergonomic.

A user said it was simply the best and another customer on amazon explained how she had been using this particular product for about 20years and she is always satisfied with the pruning it does.

  • Price, packaging and size: is it worth the value?

This Felco pull stroke action folding saw is made with high quality, steel, rust resistant chrome plated blade and an impulse heated blade teeth that is rust resistant.

The 14 inch saw, with a 6 inch blade weighs just 5.5 ounces and has an innovative design. Its blade is uniquely shaped in a way that prevents clogging and binding.

It is also capable of providing excellent performance for different tasks like landscaping, arboriculture and horticulture.

For a pruning saw of high quality, it is worth the value it gives.

  • It is made of quality components
  • It is simple to use
  • It has an innovative design
  • It is a great pruning saw for pruning hydrangeas


Specially made in Japan, this saw is used for pruning gardens and fruit trees, and thus, a great pruning saw for hydrangeas.

It can be used vertically, horizontally and diagonally and capable of cutting smoothly and effortlessly.

The surface of the blade is treated to make it resistant to rusting which makes the blade stay sharp and durable.

  • Price, packaging and size: is it worth the value?

Customers on Amazon rated this product a total of 4.8 out of 5 stars for its light weight, value for money and ergonomic.

With a blade length of 9.5 inches, it has a sharp edge that cuts efficiently and accurately.

It is processed to be durable and it is a perfect economical choice, considering its affordable price.

  • It is a pill saw made with traditional Japanese method
  • It is rust resistant and long lasting
  • It has a superior durability
  • It provides accurate and smooth cuts


This pruning set made up of a pruning saw and shears is just the perfect combination for upkeeping your garden.

It is designed with high quality materials and it is conveniently lightweight and portable.

The fact that it is made by the Altuna brand is an added advantage. Made in Spain, Altuna products have been trusted by gardeners since inception.

  • Price, packaging and size: Is it worth the value?

Sold at a pocket friendly rate, this product is made of rust resistant and ultra sharp Japanese teeth blades that aids smooth and precise cutting.

It is capable of talking unruly branches, shrubs, trees and hedges so it is a great choice for pruning hydrangeas.

Asides that, Altuna offers 5 years warranty for every of their products including this pruning set.

A customer review said it is two excellent tools for the price of one.

Therefore, it is absolutely worth the value!

  • The foldable pruning saw comes with a strong and sturdy pruning shears
  • It is perfect for landscaping and general garden use
  • It is lightweight and portable
  • It is made of high quality materials
  • It is very easy to use


Before you purchase any pruning saw, you have to first look out for the quality of the materials used in making that particular product.

Check the handle. Whether it is made from rubber, wood or plastic, it should fit into your hands perfectly and should be slip resistant as well.

The blade length also matters. A longer blade is more ergonomic and is capable of cutting smoothly.

A shorter blade, on the other side tend to be more affordable, easier to control and store.

Furthermore, take note of the durability.

Blade material and sturdiness are the driving factors in durability.

Blades made from tough materials like tempered steel and high carbon Japanese steel are of high quality and are more durable.


The clear winner of this round up is the Altuna bypass pruning set.

It is specially made for effective pruning in the garden and it comes with a foldable pruning saw and a strong and sturdy pruning shears.

It has a guaranteed warranty of 5 years and it is worth the value it gives.

Another substitute is the Felco Folding Saw (F 600). It does a perfect work too and it is lightweight and easy to use as well

If you can put the given tips into consideration and with our own recommendation, you are sure of getting just the right pruning saw for your hydrangeas!

What other pruning tools do you use for hydrangeas? Which pruning saw would you rather choose?

Do let us know in the comment section below!

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