Top 10 Best Rugs for Cats in 2023 – Reviewed & Compared

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Are you tired of your cats ripping your rugs to shreds within days of you setting it up in your household? The first thing you need to know is that you are not the only pet owner facing this problem since many individuals try to maintain the balance of protecting the floor while keeping the pet happy.

Luckily for you, we have come up with this article to help you find the best rugs for cats. We will help you find a unit that helps keep your floor nice and warm while standing up to your feline’s scratching.

Besides providing you with a list of products to choose from, we shall provide you with a buying guide detailing the factors you should focus on as you search for the right item.

Let’s do this!

High-Quality Rugs for Cats: Comparison Guide

This section aims to significantly reduce the time you need to search for the ideal mat since it eliminates the need to conduct another wholesome research on the product.

Let’s see the samples that we analyzed in detail.

1Pet Rugs Mats for Dog Cat Bathroom Door Rugs by NJSBYLKhakiCheck Price
2Easy Cleaning, Moroccan Hype Boho Vintage DiamondCream/GrayCheck Price
3Cat Activity Play Mat Training, Scratching Bed MatBeigeCheck Price
4Luxury Faux Fur Orthopedic Dog Bed for Small, Medium, Large and XL PetsWhiteCheck Price
5Carousel Kids Collection, Cat Nursery Playroom Area Rug by SafaviehPink / GreyCheck Price
6Eco+Pet Friendly, Non-Slip ReaLife Machine Washable RugTraditional BlueCheck Price
7Cat Litter Mat, Soft on Paws, Large Litter MatGreyCheck Price
8Ultra Soft Indoor Modern Area Rugs, Home Decor Nursery RugGreyCheck Price
9Cat Litter Mat, Durable Pet Litter Rugs for Cats, Dogs, and RabbitsBeigeCheck Price
10Cat Scratcher Mat, Protect Carpets and Sofas by FUKUMARUCream – ThickenCheck Price

The Best Rugs for Cats in 2022

1. Dog Area Rug by NJSBYL

Several reasons would explain why this particular model of pet mats is at the top of our list. First, it has a non-skid feature that makes it ideal for serving as a doormat for the bathroom, on top of being a pet rug.

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Next up is the soft micro-fiber that does a decent job of absorbing water, mud, and other dirt that may be held up in the paws.

Let’s also mention how the mat helps keep your floor clean by preventing the dirt and mud from getting to the surface. Further, it dries quite fast to help in the maintenance of cleanliness.

Lastly, the rug is machine-washable to make it easy to clean.


  • Soft and comfortable
  • Multi-purpose
  • Very absorbent


  • Shifts a lot

2. Jonathan Y MOH101A-8 Area Rug

Next up is the Jonathan Y area rug, which is a versatile pet mat that can blend into any interior color scheme. It is available in five different colors, all of which we believe would compliment any household style.

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The other aspect we liked is the durability that this mat offers. At 0.31”, this is a rug that would be ideal in high traffic areas as it does not get worn out that easily.

Besides being comfortable, the rug fibers do not trap debris and dirt, and this helps in enhancing its ease of cleaning. Also worth mentioning is the synthetic fiber construction that makes the unit water, stain, and mildew resistant.

The maintenance is easy too, with the only requirement being regular vacuuming to prevent the fibers from being broken down by the grit.

Finally, the mat’s attractive design means that it would be perfect for use almost anywhere in the house, including the living room, bedroom, or kitchen.


  • Durable
  • Easy maintenance
  • Visually appealing


  • Not as comfortable as advertised

3. The Ripple Rug Bed Mat by Snuggly Cat

How often do you come across a pet rug that keeps your pet busy by allowing him to play with it all day long? It is almost unheard of until we came across this ripple rug by Snuggly Cat.

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You can configure the mat in any shape you deem ideal for keeping your pet entertained. Further, it has an anti-slip bottom that holds the unit in place whenever the pet jumps on it.

By keeping your cat busy, this mat helps in protecting your furniture from damage which would occur whenever the pet scratches on it.

The outstanding aspect is the numerous holes which the cat could use for a game of hide-n-seek during the day.

Lastly, the polyester fiber material is perfect for helping your cat to groom its nails.


  • Built to last
  • Configurable to different shapes
  • Many holes to play in


  • Needs too much washing

4. iHappyDogLuxury Orthopedic Dog Bed

Does your pet experience joint pains on numerous occasions? If it does, this luxury orthopedic rug would be the perfect choice as it contours to the pet’s body shape to minimize the pain.

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One thing we liked about this rug is how comfortable it is. The combination of a fluffy faux fur cover and a soft memory foam base provides a cozy place for the pet to rest or play.

Next, the mat is lightweight and easy to carry from one location to the other. Further, it is stylish and attractive to complement your interior décor.

In case of any accidents on the rug, you are sure to appreciate how easy it is to clean with its machine washability making everything easy for you.

Lastly, the product comes in four different sizes to make it easy for you to find your pet’s perfect fit.


  • Very comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy maintenance


  • Sheds a lot

5. Safavieh CRK134P-5 Kids Collection Area Rug

If you are looking for a rug that would fit into any interior décor, here is an option you ought to look at. Whether it is a traditional, modern, or contemporary design, this mat would fit in effortlessly.

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The next thing to discuss is the premium polypropylene fiber construction that aims to enhance the unit’s comfort and longevity.

We believe you will appreciate the easy maintenance of this rug, which we attribute to the unit’s refined power-loomed construction. This make also ensures that you have a non-shedding rug in your possession.

Overall, this is a stylish rug that anyone would enjoy having in their household.


  • Mess-free
  • Stylish design
  • Blends into any décor


  • Expensive

6. RealLife Rugs Machine-Washable Pet Rug

RealLife Rugs gives us a product that has several impressive qualities. Let’s start with the construction that involves premium recycled synthetic fibers to give us a lightweight and durable unit.

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This longevity makes the rug ideal for high foot traffic areas such as the corridors or doorway. Still, on the construction, the materials used should tell you that this particular unit is an eco-friendly option.

Another thing is that this is a rug that would help a household with kids and pets. This is due to its ability to absorb most of the dirt that the pets or kids would be tracking on their paws and feet. 

And when cleaning time comes, you will appreciate how easy the process will be, and this is partly due to its machine-washability.

Let’s also touch on the non-slip backing that ensures the mat stays in place and is not prone to sliding and slipping.

Lastly, you have a wide range of styles and colors to choose from so that you can find one that suits your taste.


  • Easy to clean
  • Eco-friendly
  • Has non-slip backing


  • Color fades fast

7. Little Tiger Cat Litter Mat

With the large dimensions of this mat, i.e., 47″ by 36″, there is minimal chance of your cat straying from the mat to mess up your room. This is because it has sufficient space to play and rest when it needs to.

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The other thing to talk about is the non-toxic construction. Before its release into the market, this mat was tested to ensure that it is free from potentially harmful chemicals, which may harm the pet or any other family member.

More on the construction is that the top-notch PVC material used is comfortable for your pet plus should serve you for a long time to come.

Next up is that the non-slip nature keeps the unit in one place and is waterproof too. When cleaning time comes, all you need is a vacuum cleaner or a brush to leave it looking good and new.

Finally, if you are not satisfied with the product, you should be pleased with the 100% money-back guarantee to keep you from making losses.


  • Durable
  • Large and spacious
  • Toxin-free


  • Not for hardwood floors

8. Lochas Fluffy Indoor Rug

This is probably the softest rug to feature on our list, and the manufacturer had your luxury and comfort in mind during the construction. It comprises a fluffy top layer with a sponge interlayer. This luxurious design makes it well-suited for indoor use in the living room or bedroom.

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The rug is available in different colorful designs to light up your living or dining room. On top of that, it has a large size of 5.3ft by 7.5ft to provide ample coverage of the floor.

Another notable feature is the numerous grip dots that help hold the unit in place on the floor. This helps keep the pet and kids safe from slipping or skidding, which may lead to injuries.

Cleaning the rug should not be complicated, and a vacuum cleaner should be enough for some light cleaning. For deep cleaning, damp cloth and mild soap would help you get the job done.


  • Excellent customer support
  • Generous sizing
  • Filled with non-slip dots


  • Cheap construction

9. Pet Magasin Cat Litter Rug

Are you tired of cat litter being scattered all over your floor? If you are, this litter rug could offer you the solution to the problem by catching the litter on your cat’s paws and holding it on the mat for cleanup later.

Besides that, the rug features rubberized material, which plays a part in ensuring that water doesn’t soak through to mess up your floor.

Let’s talk about the package which comprises of two units which you could use together or separately.

You can rest assured that this is a rug that will last you for a long time to come due to its high-quality premium PVC material construction. Further, this material is non-toxic to make the mat safe for your pet and family.

Lastly, we liked how easy it is to maintain the unit whereby you could vacuum any litter on the mat or use a spray cleaner to rinse off any liquid spilled on it.


  • Multifunctional
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable


  • Not for active cats

10. Fukumaru Cat Scratcher Mat

Let’s face it, cats are natural scratchers, and we should find a way to cope with the habit rather than stop it. One way is by getting a mat that would stay intact in the face of persistent scratching by the feline, and this is where we shall introduce you to the Fukumaru Cat Scratcher.

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First, the mat is made out of natural sisal fiber, which is tough enough to withstand the scratching put up by the cat.

Speaking of natural, the unit is not treated with any potentially toxic chemical, making it safe for your pet. Further, the material is biodegradable, and this makes it friendly to the environment.

There is also the anti-skid latex that minimizes the chances of the mat slipping off when your pet steps on it.

We also liked the multifunctional nature of the mat, whereby it could function as a sleeping mat, play mat, litter mat for the pet, and a doormat.

Finally, the mat is easy to clean and store after use.


  • Indestructible
  • Eco-friendly
  • Fits into any interior décor


  • Has a strong smell

Buying Guide to Top Rugs for Cats

Now that we have checked out some of the best pet rugs available in the market, let’s see what factors you ought to pay attention to as you shop for the perfect product.

Note that if you get these aspects right, you would have boosted your chances of finding the right product for the job.

Here are the factors that you should look out for.

I) The Materials

There are certain materials that would enhance desirable qualities in the rug, such as durability, water, and stain-resistance. These materials include polyester, wool, and nylon. Besides that, some of the above materials contribute to the unit’s affordability, and this is a quality that any sane person would appreciate.

II) Ease of Cleaning

Your pet rug is always at risk of developing a foul odor courtesy of the cat’s urine and fur. The trick to beating this problem is finding a tightly woven mat and has a low pile. Such a unit would be easier to clean and would require a vacuum cleaner or a wet rug to get the job done.

Further, such carpets dry up very fast after the cleanup process.

III) The Color Scheme

It would be wise if you got a unit with different colors, as this would help in concealing any mess that may be on the mat. Further, a rug whose color is similar to that of the cat would make it difficult to spot any fur on it.

IV) Moisture Barrier

A rug with a moisture barrier on both sides would help in cushioning your floor in the event your pet has an accident. Such a unit is likely to cost more, but that is better when compared with the cost of repairing a messed-up floor.

V) The Density

Avoid going for too light units since it would be easier to spot the dirt and the fur on the unit. A mid-toned mat would be an ideal choice for making the dirt less visible.

FAQs on High-Quality Rugs for Cats

As we compiled information on the best rugs for cats, we faced certain questions a lot. We selected a couple of them and put them down below.

Q: How do I make a scratching mat more attractive for my cat?

A: There are several tricks that you could employ in this situation. For instance, you could attach a catnip on the mat, which would help lure the cat towards it. Additionally, colorful feathers could also do the job.

Q: What are the advantages of getting a multifunctional rug for my pet?

A: The main advantage of such a mat is that it helps you save money. Rather than purchasing multiple units, you could use one rug for different purposes, such as playing, resting, sleeping, and scratching.

Q: What could be the reason for cats loving scratching?

A: The explanation is quite simple. Scratching is a natural habit by the cats to help them in sharpening and grooming their claws. Woe unto you if your furniture is the only scratchable surface available!

The Best Overall

We felt that the Dog Area Rug by NJSBYL is the best pet rug overall from all the items we have reviewed. This is mainly due to the impressive combination of comfort, anti-slip, and ease of cleanliness.

However, we believe that the other units would still deliver a decent performance as expected of them.

Final Word

If you love having cats in your household, then you should be prepared for a lot of scratching to be happening around you. And since it is impossible to put the habit to a stop, you should learn how to live with it while minimizing your property damage.

A pet rug would solve the problem, and we have done our best to touch on everything relevant to the product. If you have been keen on all the information that we have put across in this article, you will surely be on the right path towards finding the perfect item for the job.

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