5 Best Secateurs with Rotating Handles in 2022

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Finding a new set of yard pruners isn’t as straightforward as you may assume. First, decide on the type of secateurs that will best suit your requirements.

For example, are you looking for a pair of scissors that you can use for light trimming, or do you frequently encounter branches that are firmly rooted?

Do you need additional padding or a revolving handle to make the task a little easier when it comes to comfort?

Finally, there’s the crucial factor of performance. Ideally, you’ll want a blade that cuts smoothly and releases with little effort.

With all of this in mind, choosing an essential tool like this can be a daunting undertaking, making mistakes easy to make.

As a result, we have compiled a list of the best secateurs with rotating handles.

My Top 3 Secateurs With Rotating Handles

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1. Fiskars PowerGear X PX92 

The Fiskars PowerGear X PX92 secateur is an excellent choice with a spinning handle and a bypass design.

Rotating handles rely on the combined force of all of your fingers to function. As a result of distributing the force over your full hand, your hand does not experience fatigue as rapidly, especially while trimming thick branches.

Right-handed gardeners will find it easier to use the PowerGear X PX92 because it has a lock on the left side.

Most individuals will find the handle width of 10 mm comfortable to grip.

Despite the name “TrueEdge,” the upper blade of this Fiskars knife is made of a more unique and sharper version of Fiskars’ proprietary CrMoV steel.

The blade’s sharpness can last up to three times as long as typical carbon steel if you’re careful with it.

As time goes on, the stainless steel bottom cutting blade becomes blunted due to the softness of the material.

In addition, the PX92 is notable since it has a 25-year warranty. The rotating handle made it much easier to chop through thicker branches, and the sharpness was also a big plus.

Even if the upper handle’s grip could be more comfortable, cutting is a breeze, and the tool feels good in the hand.

Because of the PTFE coating, there is almost little friction between the blades.


  • Cuts effectively
  • The rotating handle is a great addition 
  • Easily fits in the palm of the hand


  • The handle is a bit hard

2. ARS VS-8R

The ARS VS-8R is a pair of high-quality, rotating-handle scissors from the ARS Corporation, a Japanese premium brand.

ARS has been making cutting tools for more than 150 years and is known for its high-quality products.

The ARS VS-8R is designed to fit hands up to a size medium. Both the VS-7R and the VS-8R are available as an alternative.

Again, the rotating handles are designed to distribute the weight of the user’s hand by utilizing force from all of their fingers.

For both left and right-handed folks, the model works. Premium steel and vital chromium are used to forge the cutting blades of the greatest quality.

There are obvious advantages to chrome plating, such as reduced friction, long-lasting wear resistance, and corrosion resistance.

You get a lot of power from the VS-8R’s rotating handles, and the razor-sharp blades make for almost unfathomable cutting ability. Keep your fingertips out of the way of these sharp blades!

The grips are composed of soft red PVC plastic, and the handles are constructed of entirely cast aluminum.

The ergonomic form of the secateurs makes them easy to hold. Because they’re red, the secateurs are easier to locate if they’re buried in tall grass.

ARS offers a lifetime warranty against defects in design or manufacture. Because they come with so many replacement parts, these high-quality secateurs will last you a lifetime.

Even while the VS-8R isn’t very large in terms of size, its weight is a drawback. Although the length is adequate, there are various longer options available.

The spinning handles proved to be a bit of a hassle for a few of our test subjects.

Secateurs open easily with a quick flick of the handle, but locking them is more complicated and takes a small amount of force.

On a pair of scissors with few weaknesses, this is an opportunity for improvement.

Everyone who has an ARS VS-8R in their shed will appreciate the greater quality and extra force with the rotating handles.


  • High-quality construction
  • Strong
  • Very sharp
  • Comfortable


  • A little difficult to operate the lock
  • Quite a bit of weight

3. Felco 7 Rotating Handle Secateur

Gardening hand tool pruners like the Felco F 7 Rotating Handle Gardening Pruner are created by a well-known brand name in the gardening tool industry.

Felco is known for making high-quality tools, and this hand pruner is no exception.

In addition, pruning Shears come with a lifetime warranty from Felco, so you can rest assured that your purchase is protected.

This unique swivel function allows you to spend up to 30% less effort when pruning, making it even easier to use.

Felco’s attention to detail and quality products is evident in the blades’ overall comfort, the convenience of use, and razor-sharpness.

A professional-grade pruning shear. Hand fatigue and blisters can be avoided because the handle rotates on its axis, making it easier for the fingers to move naturally.

Up to 30%, less work is required with its unique swivel action than with traditional models for continuous pruning.

The thin, pointed blade design allows for tight pruning, as neither the cutting nor the anvil blades are riveted.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Rotating handle
  • Sturdy handles
  • High-quality hardened steel


  • Not suitable for small hands

4. Corona BP 4840 Rolling Handle Bypass Pruner

The razor-sharp high-carbon steel used in the Corona blade makes it ideal for slicing.

Sharpening is inevitable with all cutting tools, including those made of high-carbon steel.

In addition, the Corona BP4840 pruner’s frame is built of forged aluminum, making it both sturdy and light compared to pruners with steel handles.

A rolling handle has been added to the pruners for ease of use. You’ll appreciate this function if you perform a lot of pruning.

Blisters on your fingers can be prevented, and stress on your hands is relieved.

In addition, the blade tension may be precisely adjusted with the Corona pruner’s geared pivot bolt and holding clip.

Corona makes use of a spring style known as a Volute. In essence, it’s a steel coil wound in a conical shape that prevents foreign objects from entering the spring and clogging it.

Using this sort of spring will provide you with years of trouble-free service.

In addition, the angled cutting head made it easier to work in small spaces, and it produced clean cuts with no ragged edges.


  • It has an excellent fit and finish
  • It fit comfortably
  • Lightweight


  • The rolling handle roll around at random, sometimes

5. Felco Medium Hands Right Hand Rotating Handle Secateur – Felco 12

Thanks to a notch on the cutting edge, small wires can be cut with these blades.

When working with “sappy” wood, the sap groove keeps the blade from getting stuck. After each cut, it removes sap and debris, making pruning faster and easier.

It has a FELCO micrometric adjustment mechanism, which ensures that the cutting head will be appropriately adjusted for the duration of the tool’s life.

It guarantees a precise and clean cut. The cushion and shock absorber reduce the impact of cutting the final piece of wood.

Protective measures are also taken to safeguard the wrist and hand.

The pruner is light, tough, and sturdy using specific aluminum alloys and cutting-edge forging techniques.

The spinning handle reduces cutting effort by 30% by distributing muscular work evenly across all fingers.

Tendonitis (RSI) and carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) are reduced by this FELCO innovation. An inclined cutting head to minimize muscular-skeletal damage and maximize user comfort.


  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomically-designed secateurs for medium-sized hands
  • The rotating handle reduces the amount of effort required to cut.


  • The spring is not strong enough

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Having a secateurs with a rotating handle can be pretty useful for pruning your gardens.

However, not everything is as advertised. So we’ve written out this guide to help narrow your search.

Our best choice is the Fiskars PowerGear X PX92.

The rotating handle is very efficient. By dividing the force over the entire hand, your hand doesn’t get as tired as quickly, mainly when trimming thick branches.

Written by Alex Kountry

Alex Kountry is the founder of HayFarmGuy and has been a backyard farmer for over 10 years. Since then he has decided to write helpful articles that will help you become a better backyard farmer and know what to do. He also loves to play tennis and read books

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