The Best Soft Cat Carrier? 9 Top-Quality Picks Worth Pondering Upon

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Are you planning to travel on a road trip with your cat? A good soft cat carrier should make your cat as comfortable as possible. It should make the cat become peaceful and reduce its anxiety and nervousness during the trip.

However, there are many types and brands of carriers in the market. It’s very important to know the weight and size of the cat before purchasing a carrier to ensure it will fit without problems.

In this review, we have compiled some of the best soft cat carrier choices you can make right now. They have unique features that will come in handy for your pet’s personal needs.

Comparison Table for Best Soft Cat Carrier

Before we get started, here’s a quick comparison list we’ve compiled for you. It brings together our top picks in brief.

RankProduct NameBrandWeight
1morpilot Pet Travel Carrier Bag, Portable Pet Bag, Foldable Bowl, Airline Approvedmorpilot3.51 Pounds
2MASKEYON Airline Approved Pet Carrier, Large Soft-Sided Pet Travel for Cats Dogs and Small AnimalsMASKEYON3.86 Pounds
3petisfam 3 Doors and Shoulder Strap Pet Carrier for Medium Cats and Small Dogspetisfam2.3 Pounds
4Siivton 4 Sides Expandable Pet Carrier for Cats, Puppy and Small AnimalsSiivton3.65 Pounds
5Travel Original Deluxe Airline Approved Pet Carrier by SherpaSherpa3.2 Pounds
6OMORC Pet Carrier Airline Approved Pet Travel Bag Safe and Easy for Cats and DogsOMORC3.77 Pounds
7petisfam Top Load Pet Carrier for Large and Medium Cats, Small Dogs, Clean and Escape Proofpetisfam2.35 Pounds
8Pet Magasin Hard Cover Collapsible Cat Carrier for Cats, Small Dogs Puppies & RabbitsPet Magasin2.11 pounds
9A4Pet Airline Approved Cat Carrier Expandable Dog Carriers for Kittens, Puppies, Rabbit, HamstersA4Pet1.81 Pounds

Best Soft Cat Carrier

1. Morpilot Pet Travel Carrier Bag

This airline-approved cat carrier can handle a pet that weighs up to 20lbs. For safety purposes, it comes with locking zippers that ensure your feline friend doesn’t escape from the cage. Therefore, you can travel peacefully knowing that your cat shall be secure for the trip.

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Also, the cat carrier is fitted with a blue foldable bowl that makes it easy to store in the car. Due to its lightweight, it’s easy to carry since you’re unlikely to become exhausted while traveling with it. More to that, the bag is made with grade polyester that enables it to become sturdy.

More Features

In addition, the breathable mesh ensures that there’s enough air circulation in the cage for your pet’s air needs and comfortability. Besides that, you get to clean it simply by using a soft brush since it doesn’t get dirty easily.


  • Airline approved
  • Easy to clean
  • High security
  • Good quality


  • Small in size

2. Maskeyon Airline Approved Pet Carrier

One of the most outstanding features about this cat carrier is has a 4 sideways that can be used to expand your cage to allow your cat to move freely. Also, the carrier is easy to clean due to its cozy mat that can be detached and washed by machine.

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In addition, its design is cat-friendly since the large opening on top is properly ventilated to allow your pet to move in and out without a struggle. More to that, its 2 side entrances enhance easy access to the pet.

More Features

This pet carrier is durable and sturdy due to the steel strand added on the frame giving you a long service life. Besides that, the carrier has side pockets that enable you to store food and other pet accessories.


  • Cozy mat
  • Easily collapsible
  • Airline approved
  • Easy to store and carry


  • Unstable in case of high pet weight

3. Petisfam Soft Pet Carrier

The cat carrier has been made by putting in mind the cat’s comfortability and safety into consideration since veterinarians are involved in the production process. Therefore, this cage is of high quality and durable therefore giving you value for your money.

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Besides that, your cat will be comfortable since the bottom has been made with soft material. More to that, the ventilation features which include mesh screens allow the cat to have enough aeration and views of the surrounding. You can therefore be assured of a pet that will not be easily irritated.

More Features

In addition, all its zippers are escape-proof and an auto-save design that keeps the cat safe in case of an accident. The carrier is SGS tested to make it safe from toxic material. You need to know that you get a free return for another color or in case of issues after purchase.


  • Top opening
  • Well-ventilated
  • SGS tested
  • Comfortable


  • Not too big

4. Siivton Pet Carrier

Finding a cat carrier that is made of high-quality material is quite a task. The Siivton carrier is made with Oxford and EVA high-density material that makes it long-lasting. Also, you get a cage that is safe and sturdy for your pet to stay inside during travel or trips.

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Also, the pet carrier has an expansion capability that goes 4 ways to create more space for the cat to play and move around freely. In addition, the carrier is easy to clean since the fleece bed is removable and can be machine washed.

More Features

Besides that, ventilation is well taken care of by its multiple entries and the mesh windows hence your cat will be very comfortable. It also complies with the IATA and TSA requirements on safe air travel. You need to know that there are side pockets that you can use to store pet food and equipment.


  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Lightweight
  • Side pocket
  • Airline approved


  • Expensive

5. Sherpa Travel Original Deluxe Pet Carrier

A Sherpa travel carrier is unique due to its specially fitted spring wireframes that are patented. They ensure that the carrier can be pushed down to meet airline requirements. Also, the carrier has good quality locking zippers that improve safety since your pet is incapable of escaping easily.

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In addition, the mesh windows ensure good aeration for your pets to avoid suffocation and anxiety due to hot and humid air. It’s easy to carry it as the carrier has a no-slip carrying strap that makes it hard for you to drop it.

More Features

Washing is easy since the carrier has a faux lambskin liner that is simple to clean. Besides that, the carrier bag has a rear pocket that you can use to carry pet equipment. Its side and top entries allow for easy loading into the carrier.


  • Locking zippers
  • Seatbelt strap
  • Proper ventilation
  • Top and side entry points


  • Torn by too much clawing

6. Omorc Pet Carrier

This cat carrier is made with a microfiber frame that keeps it sturdy and reduces the chances of collapse or sagging. It can be opened in 4 ways ensuring convenience while loading or unloading the cat from the carrier.

Also, the mesh cloth increases the ventilation inside the carrier to make your pet have an easy time breathing and seeing the outside to avoid anxiety. It’s easy to clean since its sleeping pad is made of suede and polyester material.

You need to know that the carrier is airline approved. Therefore, while traveling, you’ll not face blockage by authorities at the airports.

More Features

A unique feature about this carrier is the reflective tapes that light up during the night hence increasing the safety of your pet. Besides that, the dual-sided pad enables you to carry your pet in all climate seasons.

You can carry the cage by hand, shoulder, or together with luggage.


  • Side pockets
  • Mesh cloth
  • Reflective tapes
  • Microfiber frame


  • Pricey

7. Top Load Petisfam Pet Carrier

If you have a big cat, then this pet carrier shall be the most convenient since it measures 12x12x17 inches. Also, the cats are comfortable getting into and out of the carrier since it has a top entrance.

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In addition, the carrier is sturdy and light hence you can carry it for a long distance without getting fatigued. The zippers are strong and escape-proof to ensure your cat doesn’t get out.

For additional safety, the carrier can be fitted on the safety belt to restrain movement during travel. More to that, the carrier has 3 sides having meshes to increases ventilation.

More Features

You need to know that its bottom is very comfortable and sturdy to ensure you carry your pet comfortably. The fleece cover is easily washable by machine and hence saves you energy and time cleaning it.


  • Safe and escape-proof
  • Easy to carry
  • Very large
  • Sturdy bottom


  • Not suitable for a small cat

8. Pet Magasin Hard Cover Collapsible Cat Carrier

The carrier is made of a hardtop and bottom base which ensures your cat achieves maximum protection during a visit to the veterinary or trip. Also, the pet is capable to stand on it well due to its firmness.

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In addition, the soft sides enable flexible folding to store in less space than its original size. Therefore, you require very little space to store it The mesh door has wide spaces that ensure your cat can see the outside to reduce anxiety.

More Features

Besides that, the carrier is easy to install since its design is not complicated. On the floor of the cage, there’s a padded mat that is very soft and comfortable for your cat to sleep on.

More to that, the carrier is water and wind-proof keeping your cat dry and healthy while traveling.


  • Good ventilation
  • Easy to store
  • Hard base
  • Breathable


  • Unsuitable for sensitive cats

9. A4Pet Collapsible Cat Carrier

When you want a pet carrier that has both high quality and functionality, then this one should be a top priority buy. The A4Pet cat carrier is manufactured using the tough Oxford fabric and a wire mesh to ensure durability even with clawing.

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Also, its automatic lock zippers are equipped with a tether to prevent your pet from easy escape. It’s easy to store since it can be folded to become a small piece of luggage.

In addition, it has a multi-functional cushion that can be used appropriately depending on the temperatures.

More Features

Your cat will enjoy adequate airflow due to the mesh ventilation on the side. Besides that, the bottom of the carrier is sturdy to ensure the cat sleeps comfortably without losing balance.

The carrier is also approved by a majority of airlines in America making it suitable for air travel.


  • Multifunctional cushion
  • Automatic lock zippers
  • Lightweight
  • Durable oxford fabric


  • Mesh not properly visible to the outside

Buyers Guide for Quality Soft Cat Carrier

There are several factors and considerations that you need to make before buying a cat carrier. This ensures that you get a good deal depending on your expectations, usage period, and durability.

Availability of ventilation

A good cat carrier ensures that it has multiple openings for air to move in and out of it easily to ensure your cat breathes easily. Enough ventilation ensures your pet doesn’t suffer from high humidity or hot air.

Weight supported

Pet carriers can support the weight of a cat up to a specific point. Therefore, a pet owner should find out their cat’s weight before purchasing to prevent them from buying a larger or smaller carrier.

Airline approval

An airline-approved cat carrier enables the owner to get the cats on to a plane without restrictions. However, some soft cat carriers don’t conform to the guidelines provided by the airline companies.

Therefore, you should ensure your pet carrier has the required legal features for air travel.


Some pet carriers are cheaper since they are designed to be used a few times before disposing of them. However, other pet carriers are costlier but can be durable for a longer time.

Therefore, depending on your needs, you should consider buying a carrier that is cheap or expensive depending on how long you want to use it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got some questions on this topic? Here are the answers you’re looking for.

Do cats prefer hard or soft carriers?

Depending on the temperament of the pet, a cat may prefer a hard or a soft carrier. Generally, most pets prefer a hard carrier with a comfortable bottom to make them move easily.

However, some easily irritable cats prefer a soft carrier due to the comfort it offers during travel.

What is the best kind of cat carrier?

The best kind of carrier can’t be a specific type or brand. It should be a carrier that fits your cat’s size and comfortable stay during travel. Also, it should be well ventilated to ensure adequate air flows in and out to keep the cat breathing properly.

Can I machine wash a soft cat carrier?

Yes and no. Some soft cat carriers are machine-washable whereas others are not. Therefore, it’s important to check on the manufacturer’s included features to ascertain whether a cat carrier is machine washable.

Best Pick Overall

In our view, the best soft cat carrier is the Morpilot pet travel carrier bag. This is because an airline approved-carrier that has a foldable bowl to carry it easily. Also, it has good ventilation features that ensure safety for your pet.

Final Thought

Cat carriers are supposed to ensure that your cat stays safe and comfortable during travel. You should choose a pet carrier that fits your cat adequately to prevent an uncomfortable stay during a trip.

We hope this review shall help you in making an informed decision. Good luck!

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