10 Best Spring Flowers for Bees. (Explained)

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If you are looking for the 10 best spring flowers for bees, then you should read this article to the end.

These spring flowers for bees are pretty easy to grow.

You could plant them and then relax and enjoy them get pollinated by bees.

You could plant these spring flowers for bees in your yard and your gardens.

Your gardens could quickly provide beautiful green corridors and habitat strips that contain environments and food that suits your bees.

With your garden or yard, you could easily create friendly habitats for your bees using these spring flowers.

With these spring flowers, you could easily attract a lot of bees to your garden.

List of the 10 best spring flowers for bees

Best Spring Flowers for Bees

1. Sedum

Sedums easily magnet bees when they bloom.

Mature Sedums attract several bees at almost any point in time.

At almost every time, there might be around a dozen bees on this beautiful spring flower.

These Sedums are very simple to grow.

One of the common Sedums available is ruby sedums.

They are so attractive. There are also white varieties.

Sedum spring flowers love growing at the beginning of August. That’s when they flower.

It would be beautiful to watch bees feed on the nectar from this beautiful spring flower.

There are videos online of several bees enjoying the pollen and nectar of white sedums.

This is a great spring flower that your bees would like.

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2. Cerinthe major

This could be grown from the seeds every year. This spring flower hangs down, and bees love it so much. It self seeds in several gardens.

This is another reason bees like this spring flower because they help pollinate it and enhance its growth.

3. Butterfly Bush (Buddleia)

We cannot make this list without adding the Butterfly Bush.

The butterfly bush attracts a lot of bees, especially in spring. It has aromatic flowers, especially when they get planted in spots that are warm and sunny.

The shrubs would get covered whenever bees settle to feed on them.

Butterfly bushes have a lot of nectar and pollen, which blooms significantly in spring.

Your bees will be excited if this spring flower is in a fine garden.

Being easy to grow, butterfly bush could become so large.

You need to check the label to know if you purchased the correct variety, which typically grows to around five meters.

You need some space in your yard or garden to plant this butterfly bush.

The butterfly bush has several different varieties.

You need to ensure you get a variety that fits the space you have.

There are patio-sized butterfly bushes.

These are suitable to grow on the balcony or in containers.

4. Russian Sage (Perovskia)

Nepeta and lavender easily attract bees due to the colors of their flowers and the fact they have a lot of pollen and nectar.

Just like Lavender, Russian sage also attracts bees.

Though its name is Russian sage, it doesn’t have anything Russian about it.

Being simple to grow, this herbaceous spring flower grows all through the year.

Russian sage has aromatic silver leaves and beautiful lovely spikes.

It also has blue flowers, which plenty bees love flocking to.

Russian sage also has this name because it is pretty familiar with various sages.

Russian sage loves conditions that have sunny spots and those which are dry to aid its growth.

If you plant your Russian sage close to a fence that’s painted blue, it will look great.

Bees love the color blue, and they would chase your Russian sage-like their life depends on it.

5. Bee Balm (Monarda)

This is a spring flower that attracts a lot of bees. They grow very well at the Monarda swathes.

The number of bees that get glued to this Bee Balm would give you a headache to count.

This is why the name is Bee Balm.

This spring flower grows under a little bit of shade. However, the flowers grow very well when planted under the sun on the ground with good drainage.

Monarda is quite simple to grow. It returns every year if you plant it in good conditions.

It doesn’t enjoy growing in winter. Monarda creates huge clumps as it grows.

This means it isn’t ideal for growing inside a container.

6. Cotoneaster

Whenever you want to plant a spring flower for bees, it is essential to put your energy on plants and forget about the shrubs.

Those are typically simpler to maintain. Just like Russian Sage, this spring flower grows all through the year.

It has beautiful tiny white spring flowers that bees love.

 In seasons like autumn, the plant gets covered by very bright red berries.

Some bees sting these berries to feed on the juice inside.

7. Herb Oregano

The Herb Oregano is a spring flower that you could plant for your bees.

It has woody stems all through the cold months of winter.

You need to cut these back when spring comes.

This would allow the brand new growth to come along.

Herb Oregano is quite tolerant and tough, which is why it can grow through different conditions.

You could plant this best spring flower for bees together with various other plants.

Remember, your bees love being around various beautifully colored flowers.

8. Lavender

Whenever you think about the best spring flowers for bees, lavender always comes to mind.

Lavender has lovely aromatic flowers which end up attracting bees. Lavender has specific conditions it needs to grow.

It likes growing in sunny spots that have dried soil that’s well-drained.

If you have a cold garden or soil with logged water through the winter months, lavender won’t grow properly.

If this is your situation, it would be best to grow lavender in containers.

You could get another great option.

Nepeta works perfectly because you get to attract your bees the same way.

Both of these spring flowers for bees could be grown on your balcony.

9. Persicaria amplexicaulis

Many of these plants, which are loved by bees, need to be grown in the presence of the sun.

One of the only spring flowers for bees that don’t need the sun like others is the Persicaria amplexicaulis.

This plant grows in moisture-retentive semi-shade, boggy, or even damp soil.

Your bees and several other pollinators would enjoy the presence of this plant because it has a lot of nectar and pollen for them to feed on, enjoy and grow their beehives.

This plant makes a dense clump cover and provides beautiful spring flowers that last all through spring until the following season.

10. English Ivy (Hedera Helix)

The English Ivy, also known as Hedera Helix, has several berries and flowers that support several bees, especially at spring seasons.

English Ivy has a lot of pollen and nectar, which bees love to suck on.

The berries on English Ivy have a lot of fat content. English Ivy provides shelter which bees could use to create their beehives.

It grows very well in spring.


You could grow these 10 best spring flowers for bees in your yard and garden.

Your bees would easily get attracted to these flowers because all of them have sufficient amounts of nectar and pollen, which bees love and enjoy.

Some of these spring flowers have enough shelter which bees could build their nests and bee hives.

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