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Tending to your plants is very essential in maintaining their health and it affords you the opportunity of enjoying a very lush garden.

Pruning helps to remove dead or damaged stems from plants before the next blooming season approaches.

Telescoping tree Loppers are loppers that have a long reach, you do not need to necessarily stand on top of a ladder to get to that tall branches anymore.

There is a good and easier way to achieve this without standing on wobbly ladders before you end up hurting yourself.

Telescopic tree pruners offer easy reach to those far off branches without straining your back.

The extended pole is adjustable to suit the height of the tree.

Reviews of the Best Telescopic Tree Loppers

If you are on the search for the best telescopic tree loppers we have got you covered, we will be listing out some best telescopic tree loppers that you may find the one that will meet your needs.

Listed below are some of the best telescopic tree loppers and they are:

1. Fiskars Power Gear X Telescopic Tree Pruner

Given the positive reviews that come with this product, it is an excellent choice if you are looking for a model that will last for more than two decades, but is fairly expensive.

This lopper is of high quality and from the reviews, customers seem to agree with that too.

It has a non-slip handle and it comes with a rotating head, it offers an overall reach of 6m and the cutting angles it offers is 230 degrees.

Advantages of Fiskars Power Gear X Telescopic Tree Pruner

Some of the advantages of Fiskars power gear x telescopic tree pruner includes:

  • It maintains its sharpness by coming with non-stick steel blades
  • It is a lightweight weighting of 1.9kg, it is very easy to use
  • The maximum cutting diameter is 3.2cm
  • Offer easier reach to angle branches by featuring a 230-degree aluminium rotating head.
  • It caters to different heights by having a height-adjustable aluminium handle of 2-4m
  • It provides a very firm grip for its users by having a handle that is non-slip coated.

The Fiskars Power Gear X Telescopic Tree Pruner comes in orange and black colour, it is designed to handle young shoots, branches and twigs with 3.2 diameters.

The blades are sharp ensuring a clean cut off any branches, and to ensure that sap doesn’t stick to the blades, the blades were coated with non-stick coating.

The blade is mounted on an aluminium head that rotates with a maximum reach of 230 degrees

To give the user a firm grip, the handle of the copper has aluminium that has been given a non-slip coating.

You can work for long hours without getting tired, it is lightweight and easily maneuverable.

This Fiskars power Gear X telescopic tree pruner is both perfect for professionals and amateurs and it will offer you long service.

Price, packaging and size of  Fiskars Power Gear X Telescopic Tree Pruner: Is it worth the value?

The Fiskars Power Gear X Telescopic Tree Pruner is available on Amazon and yes, this product is worth the value,

It is a model made for both amateurs and professionals that want a product that will not only do the job but will still offer you long service.

It has an adjustable shaft all thanks to the telescopic handle that will help reach all the branches at whatever angles even at high altitude.

What Makes The Product Standout

Some of the things that makes this product standouts include:

  • Bypass blade made for cutting both fresh and living growth to produce a clean and smooth cut without damaging the branch
  • 230 degrees rotating head that helps in cutting branches in all directions including in dense direction
  • Long handle with non-slip coating
  • Heavy steel blades and aluminium handle
  • It has a cutting diameter of 3.2cm.

2. Gardena Telescopic Star cut 410 Plus

This tool is specially designed to meet your special needs and convenience.

The handle is known to stretch to the maximum length of 4.1m which will be about 6.5m reach if you decide to stand with your arms raised.

The Gardena Telescopic Starcut 410 plus has blue, silver, black and orange colors.

It is lightweight weighs 1.5kg and has a 32 millimetres cutting edge.

Advantages of Gardena Telescopic StarCut 410 Plus

Some advantages of the gardens telescopic start 410 plus are listed below and they are:

  • Robust steel gearing with its 12-speed gear ratio for maximum cutting force and maximum branch.
  • It has an innovative hook for removing cut-off branches, the hook which is adjustable for removing cut-off branches from the tree crown.
  • It features an internal pulling strap and a compact cutting head

Price, packaging and size of  Gardena Telescopic StarCut 410 Plus Is It Worth The Value?

The Gardena Telescopic startcut can be gotten on Amazon

It is worth the value because it is easy to use, gives you value for your money, provides comfort, lightweight with a weight of 1.5kg.

What Makes The Gardena Telescopic StarCut 410 Plus Stand Out

Some of the things that makes the Telescopic Starcut 410 plus stand out include:

  • Durability and Robust: The non-stick coating on the precision-ground blades is a nice touch. The internal steel gearbox is especially strong and long-lasting. The cutting angle can be adjusted up to 200 degrees for precision cutting from the ground. Cutting power is substantially increased thanks to the 12-fold gear ratio.
  • Well Thought Out and Practical: When cutting, the handy pull handle supports safe and effortless labour. The entirely internal draw handle and small cutting head of the StarCut tree and shrub trimmer prevent tangling while cutting in the tree canopy and shrubs.
  • High Quality and Lightweight: The lightweight StarCut can reach and cut branches up to 6.5 m high (incl. user) with its 230-410 cm total length. When operating the pruner, the strong aluminium handle provides the ideal balance of stability and lightness.

3. Garden Primus Rose Cavalier Pruner

The Garden Primus Rose Cavalier Pruner makes it very easy to do all the jobs required to keep your garden clean without even using multiple tools.

The blade is constructed of carbon steel with a non-stick coating. It also holds onto the stem after it’s been sliced making it easier to maintain the workspace clear.

The blade is sharp enough to prune small shrubs like Hawthorne.

It’s one of the greatest telescopic tree pruners for properly pruning regions with attractive plants as a result of this.

The pruners weigh less than a kilogram and are easy to hold while operating.

The pole is built of a durable aluminium alloy that is also quite light.

The cutting head rotates as well, assisting in the creation of accurate, well-positioned cuts.

The pruner’s top part can be adjusted at different angles. As a result, reaching certain branches and stems is much easier.

They can handle soft/medium stems up to 10 mm in diameter, therefore you can use them instead of the loppers to deal with smaller (live) branches.

These pruners have a vast working range, extending from 136 cm to 206 cm.

A much bigger cutting diameter can be accomplished with some soft stems; however, the size is significantly reduced with woodier stems.

Advantages of Garten Primus Rose Cavalier Pruner

Some Advantages of Primus Rose Cavalier Pruner include:

  • Having very lightweight having a weight of under 1kg
  • Carbon steel blades are very sharp and can cut through fresh branches up to 10mm thick with ease
  • It is very easy to wield at full extension

Price, packaging and size of Garten Primus Rose Cavalier Pruner

The price of the Garten Primus Rose Cavalier Pruner is quite cheap.

The color of the pruner is Schwarz and orange with 10 millimeters cutting width.

It is made of lightweight aluminium that has an extra sharpened cutting blade. The blade can be resharpened and the cutting head is interchangeable if needed.

What Makes The Garten Primus Rose Cavalier Pruner Worth It

The Garten Primus Rose Cavalier Pruner is worth it because of the following reasons:

  • It has a cutting capacity of approximately 10 mm in diameter
  • It has a total length of 206cm and it is adjustable
  • The blade is made of extra-sharp carbon steel, non-stick coating
  • It cuts and holds in one operation to keep the environment clean

Here is an article I wrote on the best loppers for pruning

Things to Look out for before making a purchase Best Telescopic Tree Loppers

Some things to look out for before purchasing the best Telescopic tree loppers to purchase include:

  • Determine if you want a manual or a gas-powered pruner, the gas-powered are heavier and mainly used for heavy and bigger jobs, while the manual pruner is used in cutting thinner branches and for smaller jobs
  • Choose a lopper that is long enough to fulfil your purposes, pruners come in different shapes and sizes, do ensure to chose the one that is best for you.


The best Telescopic tree lopper to go for is The Fiskars Power Gear X Telescopic Tree Pruner, this is because it has a maximum cutting capacity of 3.2cm and features 230 degrees rotating head that makes it very easy to reach even angles in awkward positions.

It caters to different heights by having a height-adjustable aluminium handle of 2-4m

It provides a very firm grip for its users by having a handle that is non-slip coated.



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