9 Best Tennis Balls for Dogs in 2023 – Here’s A Detailed Review

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You have probably been irked by the fact that your pooch never seems to settle down most of the time but what you need to know is that play and curiosity are a natural part of their life.

Have you tried giving a tennis ball to your dog? If not, you should know that dogs absolutely love these balls mostly because they are easy to carry.

That said, these balls can be a hazard to your pooch as well and that is why we intend to take you through the buying process for the best tennis balls for dogs.

Best-Rated Tennis Balls for Dogs: Comparison List

If you would like to jump straight to our verdict, the following list is for you. The list is meant to be a time-saver if you only have a few seconds to spare.

1Air Dog Squeak air Tennis Ball for Dog by KONGYellowCheck Price
2Dog Tennis Balls, Quality Dog Toys by Dog’s BallsBlueCheck Price
3Bucket of Pressureless Tennis Balls by Gamma StoreYellowCheck Price
4Woof Sports Dog Tennis BallsOrangeCheck Price
5Dog Squeaky Tennis Balls by SCIROKKOOrangeCheck Price
6Championship Tennis Balls by PennYellowCheck Price
7Mini Tennis Balls for Dogs 6-Packs by ZaniesMulticolorCheck Price
8Dog Tennis Ball by ChuckitOrangeCheck Price
9Tennis Balls For Dogs by Hyper PetGreenCheck Price

Best Tennis Balls for Dogs

1. Kong Yellow Dog Squeak Large Tennis Ball

Does your dog love playing fetch with tennis balls? If you answered yes, then you should try out these Kong balls.

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The balls are made from a non-abrasive fabric that won’t hurt your pet’s teeth. Each ball has an air squeaker that is recessed in rubber then concealed with the tennis ball’s fabric for additional safety from aggressive chewers.

Product Description

The package includes 6 large bouncy tennis balls featuring the logo “SQUEAK AIR”

What’s more, the balls are highly buoyant and are ideal for dogs who like running or jumping.


  • The squeaker brings more fun
  • Bright-colored and easy to locate
  • Very bouncy


  • Prolonged water use damages the ball

2. The Dog’s Balls Premium Quality Dog Tennis Balls Toys for Training

The Dog’s Balls is one of the leading manufacturers of the best tennis balls for dogs.

The balls are bright colored so your dog can easily find them when playing or exercising outdoors.

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Moreover, these balls are easy to clean, and won’t wear your dog’s teeth down.

Product Description

The package contains 12 blue medium size balls made from high-quality non-toxic materials.

Additionally, the glue together with the ball sphere is made from ink stamps, felt dyes and natural rubber that won’t harm your dog if put in the mouth.


  • Completely dog-safe
  • Highly visible
  • Non-abrasive


  • Doesn’t squeak
  • Aggressive dogs chew into the cover eventually

3. Gamma Pressureless Case Practice Tennis Ball Bucket

Since most tennis balls are pressurized, finding good quality pressureless balls isn’t easy.

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To fill this gap, Gamma came up with these balls that won’t lose pressure or bounciness over time, thus highly reliable.

Product Description

These 48 balls come in a bucket for easy transportation and are ideal for tennis practice or maybe put into fetch machines to incorporate more fun.

There’s more, the tennis balls perform great on both soft and hard courts. 


  • Features a reusable carrying bucket
  • Retains the fur thus not easy to chew
  • Great for exercising
  • Suitable for any surface


  • Hard for your dog to find the green-colored ball in the grass

4. Woof Sports 12 Medium Size Ecofriendly Tennis Balls

Are you looking for durable tennis balls for dogs? Then Woof Sports has top-quality tennis balls that are offered at a reasonable price.

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Due to the outstanding customer feedback, the current balls have their thickness increased by 15% to extend durability.

Product Description

The package weighs about 1.7 pounds and has 12 bright-orange colored balls for easier visibility.

These balls are not only dog or environment-friendly but are regular-sized thus suitable for most similar sized ball launchers.


  • Comes in a meshed reusable carrying bag
  • Great for training and fetching
  • Highly visible


  • Less bouncy
  • Not available in a larger size

5. SCIROKKO 12 Pack Orange Squeaky Dog Tennis Balls

These balls are highly bouncy and launch very far than the usual tennis balls when placed into the fetch equipment. This provides more fun to you and your lovely dog.

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Also, the bright orange balls capture your dog’s attention and are easy to find.

Product Description

These balls are made from non-abrasive, durable and non-toxic premium quality materials. In fact, each ball is double-checked before the final market release.

The 2.5 diameter balls are quite large and won’t be a choking hazard to your dog.

In summary, the package comprises of 12 squeaky balls for more endless fun.


  • Dog-safe
  • Balls squeak
  • Bright colored for more visibility
  • Doesn’t wear out easily


  • Quite expensive

6. Penn Championship Felt Pressurized Extra Duty Tennis Balls

These extra-duty felt balls are USA/ITF approved as the best for competitive play and are officially used for the USTA League Tennis.

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This is because they are made of natural rubber which reduces shock thus providing a consistent feel and makes them withstand hard-court play.

Product Description

The 2 cans contain 6 green-colored tennis balls.

Each ball’s cover is made with interlocked high-quality fiber for extended use and is enhanced with deep elastic seams to prevent cracking.


  • ITF acknowledged
  • Offers prolonged use
  • Reusable can


  • Green colored and difficult to discover in grass
  • Uneven quality from one ball to the other

7. Zanies Dogs Mini Tennis Balls, 6-Packs

Would you like to have some outdoor fun with your dogs? Then you should consider purchasing these Zanies tennis balls.

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The 2-inch diameter balls are quite light and are specifically made for the small dogs so that they don’t have a hard time picking or carrying them.

Product Description

The balls feature different bright color combinations to make them more appealing and easy to locate from miles away.

These balls are non-squeaky so your pet won’t be tempted to chew into them.


  • Boosts of multiple fun colors
  • Toughly built
  • Good for small dogs


  • Less bouncy
  • Possible choking hazard to the big-mouthed dogs

8. Chuckit! Tennis Ball

This Chuckit! Tennis ball will give you and your dog enough gratification of the game of fetch.

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Each ball features a thickened core made from natural rubber for increased performance and durability. Furthermore, the rubber is highly bouncy and inspires your dog to jump or leap.

Product Description

The pack comes with 2 orange bright blue colored balls that are easy to spot. Most importantly, the balls are highly buoyant thus make great water toys.

These balls are covered in soft felt that allows your dog to carry easily and can be fed into the small chuckit! Ball launchers sold separately.


  • Offers extended use
  • Very bouncy
  • Comprises visible colors
  • Affordable


  • Not good for aggressive chewers

9. Hyper Pet (Pet Safe Toys for Training & Exercising) Dogs Tennis Balls

Although offered at a low price, these Hyper Pet tennis balls are some of the best tennis balls for dogs.

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The balls are ideal for interactive training or exercising and may be used by dogs at any life stage.

Product Description

This pack comprises 4 green-bright colored balls that are easy to find in the bushes, grass or leaves.

The balls are made with non-abrasive and non-toxic felt that won’t wear your dog’s teeth out but should not be used as a chew toy.


  • Available in different colors
  • Can be used with ball launchers
  • Pet-safe


  • Complaints of the cover shredding off after a few days

Buying Guide for Best Tennis Balls for Dogs

For beginners in this dog parenting thing, tennis balls are the typical modern dog toys. Only a few things can give your pooch as much joy as sniffing out a tennis ball and chasing after it.

Nevertheless, you should reserve your tennis ball until such a time when you can be able to supervise your dog playing with it. Why? Well, while tennis balls are virtually indestructible, they do pose a threat to your pooch.

As such, you want to consider a few factors before buying one.

Exposure to Choking

Whether you like it or not, your dog will keep at your tennis ball until it pops because that is just how they are wired. If your dog is the kind of breed with strong jaws, they can even tear the ball apart with their mouth.

Imagine one half of the ball getting lodged at the back of your dog’s throat. Of course, this will block the airway.

No one wants their beloved pet to choke to death or do you? Besides, the ball is not the only choking hazard because some dogs will shred the fuzz surrounding the ball and ingest it.

This could very well block their intestines and cause a bigger issue. As such, you want to supervise your dog anytime they are playing with the ball.

Dental Deterioration

Choking is not the only hazard that tennis balls pose to your dog. They can also cause your dog’s teeth to wear out.

That green fuzz appears to be soft but that is not the case. Tennis balls are created to withstand rackets and tennis courts which means they are extremely solid.

The green fuzz is in fact very abrasive and accumulated sand and dirt does not make things any better. Therefore, as your pooch bites on the tennis ball, it gradually wears out their teeth.

In the end, this could lead to issues such as difficulty chewing and exposure of the tooth pulp. You may, therefore, want to ensure that your dog does not bite into their tennis ball.

How to Safely Play With Tennis Balls

Now that we have talked about the risks that tennis balls pose for your pooch, you realize how serious they are. But does that mean you should do away with them? Not at all!

You can do a few things to ensure that your dog remains safe even while playing with a tennis ball.

Train your Dog

You want a dog that can obey your commands. This is especially important when you are trying to get your dog to leave the ball alone or drop it.

Of course, they will not be able to take commands without any form of training and you may therefore want to train them appropriately before introducing tennis balls to them.

Play with one Ball at a Time

Having several tennis balls at hand for a continuous game of fetch can help keep your pooch stay physically fit but it is quite dangerous as well.

This is because your dog could end up with a tennis ball lodged in their throat if they focus on picking up multiple balls.

Rubber Covering

We have talked about dogs and their chewing tendencies. If you are unable to stop your pooch from biting on a tennis ball, you can get them those squeaky rubber toys, or better still, get a rubber cover for your tennis ball to prevent blunting of your dog’s teeth.

Throw Away Worn out Balls

If you have any tennis balls that look fuzzy from shredding, dirty, or excessively worn out, you may want to throw them away.

Supervise your Dog

You want to be present anytime your pooch is playing with a tennis ball to prevent them from choking on it as well as control the amount of time they spend chewing on it.

As long as you take the required steps to prevent accidents as your dog plays with a tennis ball, they can be a fun part of your dog’s activity routine.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tennis Balls for Dogs

We have answered some of the questions you may have on this topic below.

Is it bad for my dog to chew on their tennis ball?

Yes, it is. Besides posing a choking risk, tennis balls also play a part in the wear and tear of your dog’s teeth.

The green fuzz that covers the ball acts as sandpaper as your dog chews on the ball and this can lead to serious dental issues.

Can my dog be allergic to tennis balls?

Yes, they can. Tennis balls are designed to contain some chemicals which can cause burns or allergic reactions.

You want to ensure that your dog does not ingest any of the shredded pieces from a tennis ball if they tear it apart.

Why does my dog like tennis balls so much?

As we have previously mentioned, dogs are naturally playful creatures. As such, it should not come as a surprise that your dog likes to chase a tennis ball around.

Instinctively, the moment they spot the ball, they want to play.

Which One Is The Best?

The Kong Yellow Squeak Large Tennis Ball is, so far, our top favorite. That’s because it is made from non-abrasive fabric that’s safe for your pet’s teeth. The fact that it contains squeakers makes it a wonderful choice as an engaging play item for curious dogs.

Final Thoughts

Using tennis balls to play fetch is a great way to exercise your pooch as well as bond with them. However, these balls pose a potential risk to your dog.

At times, your dog will even prefer to sit and chew on the ball instead of playing. As such, you want to get a tennis ball that is safe enough to protect your dog’s teeth.

With the information on this guide, we are sure that you can now easily do that.

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