Best Toys for Birds to Provide Mental Stimulation

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Birds are very playful both in the wild and in the home. Over time, I have realized that different birds have different things that interest them. For example, some birds are into solving puzzles, while others are mimicking, fetching, chewing, climbing, and perching.

Moreover, if there are two or more birds, you will see a bit of dancing, fighting, and playing involved. Since birds are natural foragers, they have the instinct to be curious and playful. Here are the best toys for birds to help them avoid boredom.

Best Bird Toys

1) Penn-Plax Wooden Play Pen

Penn-Plax Bird Life Wooden Playpen – Perfect for Parakeets, Lovebirds, and Parrotlets – Small
  • RELIEVES STRESS & BOREDOM: Our Bird Life Playpens provide for the perfect outlet for your pet’s curiosity,...
  • INCLUDED FEATURES: Our Small Bird Playpens contain all of the following: 4-Step Ladder, 100% Cotton Rope with...
  • COLORFUL AND SAFE: While the wood is dyed with harmless and safe food coloring, your feathery friend will surely...
  • MEASUREMENTS: Overall = 9” (W) x 9” (D) 9” (H)
  • CHOOSE FROM SEVERAL SIZES & DESIGNS: Our Bird Playpens come in various sizes: Small, Medium, Large, and...

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The one option my birds enjoy is the wooden pen toy. The toy is one of the best parrot toys because the bird is never bored. The play-pen is colorful and has a thoughtful and safe design.

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The multicolored play-pen has a cotton rope, a climbing ladder, a copper bell, a swing, and a perching spot. Additionally, the wood on the toy is dyed but harmless. The pen comes in multiple sizes, from small, to medium and large. This is a great feature because I could upgrade once my birds grew to medium size.


  • Colorful
  • Mentally stimulating toy
  • Multiple sizes
  • Safe dye
  • Simple design with fewer hazards
  • Best play gym


  • The star around the rope can pose a choking hazard, and I had to remove mine.

2) EBaokuup Chew Toys

EBaokuup 2 Pack Bird Chewing Toys Foraging Shredder Toy Parrot Cage Shredder Toy Foraging Hanging...
  • Safe To Play: Made of wood & rattan which is safe to chew.
  • Keep Active: Chewing and shredding is a natural behavior that is associated with foraging and nest building, which...
  • Best toys: The Parrot Cage Shredder Toy is entertaining enough to keep birds busy for a long period and they do...
  • ATTENTION:The foraging toys are stuffed with different textures, colors, and crinkly paper that will intrigue...
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A chew toy is the best gift for a bird, especially when looking at parrot toys. The EBaokuup chewing toys come in a set of two, which was a perfect buy for me because I have two birds. The chewing toy gives each bird physical and mental stimulation, which they can hardly do without.

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The toys have a bell on them to keep the activity as exciting as possible. These chew toys are my favorite of the toys my birds own.


  • The toys provide mental and physical stimulation
  • Bird safe materials
  • Great for large and small birds
  • Best for most bird species
  • Made of natural materials
  • Bright colors


  • The toy leaves a lot of litter once the bird uses it.

3) Planet Pleasures Pineapple Foraging Bird Toy

Planet Pleasures Pineapple Foraging Toy, Medium
  • NOTE : You will receive various colors
  • Planet pleasure's bird toys are made with all natural materials that your bird would find in their natural...
  • The pineapple forage toy uses colorful palm leaves formed into a fun pineapple shape your bird will love
  • Great for medium sized birds
  • For more information on all types of birds, please read our that bird blog

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A foraging toy is a must-have in the bird toy cabinet. I have a couple of them, and one of my favorite ones is this pineapple foraging bird toy. The toy is made of all-natural materials and is safe for any bird. Plus, it is colorful and made of palm leaves.

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The perching spot on the toy is creative and good-looking, and the item is neat and not all over the place like other toys.


  • Colorful
  • Safe materials
  • Neat
  • Affordable


  • More ideal for medium-sized birds

4) Bonka Bird Toys

2117 Pk6 Sola Atta Ball Bonka Bird Toys Natural Chew Shred Beak Talon Parrot Parrotlet Budgie Finch
  • The 2117 Pk6 Sola Atta Balls from Bonka Bird Toys are natural and eye catching chewable pleasers!
  • These excellent foraging, chewing and soft sola balls are made from the root of the Sola plant.
  • Each of the (6) balls are made with lots of pieces of lightweight sola stem thats stuck into a ball.
  • The balls are super easy for pet birds of all ages and abilities to grab, pick up and play with.
  • The 2117 Pk6 Sola Atta Ball are 100% bird safe and measure about (2.25) inches in diameter.

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Bonka has some of the best bird toys, and my favorite toy from their arsenal is their natural ball toy. This piece is great for foraging, chewing, and playing around. Plus, it is a perfect toy that gets everything right.

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The chewing balls are soft and are made from the roots of Aeschynomene Aspera or the sola plant. Also, the balls are lightweight and great for birds of all age groups.


  • Lightweight
  • Natural materials
  • Appropriate for any age


  • The toys can catch mold when wet

5) Prevue Play Gym

Prevue Pet Products Small Parrot Playstand with Wheels, Bird Stand Activity Play Center with Perches...
  • Versatile: Our small parrot playstand includes 8 hooks for hanging multiple toys and treats, along with 3 ladders...
  • High-Quality: Double cups provide room for food, water, or treats when your pet needs a break. The easy-rolling...
  • Interactive: The small parrot and bird play stand has multiple climbing and activity areas for active birds. The...
  • Easy to Clean: A pull-out drawer, along with the rounded corner seed guard, make cleaning quick and easy. The...
  • Dimensions: The small bird playstand measures 17 ⅝ inches long x 16 ½ inches wide x 59 inches high to the top of...

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This play gym is the best one in my house. The gym is enough for two birds and has a lot of activities to do. In addition, I can attach other toys to the gym, making it a versatile choice. The gym includes eight hooks for hanging, three ladders, swings and perches, cups for food, water, and treats, and wheels to roll it in and out of rooms.

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One thing I love about the gym is that it has storage space on it. So I can keep treats, parrot food, and toys nearby in a neat place. Also, the gym is easy to clean and gives me an easy time changing the food cup contents.


  • Versatile
  • A lot of activities to pick the bird's brains
  • Storage space
  • Wheels for moving the gym from one spot to the next
  • Best parrot toy for neatness


  • Bulky design

Bird Toy Features and Buying Guide

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When buying a toy for my bird, there are some features I have to consider. So here are some things I look for when buying toys for birds.

a) Non-Toxic Materials

Non-toxic toys do not have any additions that could chemically irritate the bird. These can include dyes. The most common downside is when getting treated wood for birds. After all, wood is treated with chemicals that may harm living things. For this reason, I get only untreated wood for my feathered friends.

Paint can also be toxic, and you can use some non-toxic bird toy coloring options like applying Jello or using food color.

b) Chewable Toys

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Birds love chewing. For instance, the parrot's beak is meant for chewing and breaking toys. It is in their instincts to chew, and getting a chew toy is the best thing to keep the parrot entertained.

I had to get chewing toys for my birds because that attention was directed elsewhere, from my furniture getting chewed to other items in the house. Still, bird owners need to know the difference between destructive behavior and natural instincts to know how to channel the energy.

Natural wood is the best chew toy for birds. Wood that does not splinter dangerously creates an added advantage to the bird.

Woods to avoid include;

  • Cedar
  • Ply-wood
  • Red cherry
  • Oak, etc.

Good wood to get included;

  • Basswood
  • Pine
  • Balsa
  • Maple
  • Popular
  • Apple
  • Ash
  • Walnut
  • Cactus
  • Elm
  • Manzanita, etc.

d) Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a good option not only for toys but for the cage as well. If the parrot's cage is made of steel galvanized with other metals, such as zinc, the bird risks ingesting the metal since some birds are very active and will bite on anything. Avoid metals that are harmful to birds.

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Toys made of stainless steel are costly, but it is worth it.

e) Rings

Whenever I get a ringed toy, I must consider the bird's safety. The ringed toy should be so large that the bird's beak or head can not get stuck in it or too small that the parrot's feet or any other bird can not fit.

Getting multiple-ringed toys may get the bird stuck, and such toys are a bad idea.

f) Size

Choose toys appropriate to the bird's size. A large toy will be a problem for small birds to enjoy and play with. Smaller birds need toys appropriate to their size and so do larger birds. Additionally, size is a safety issue, especially when avoiding choking-related accidents.

Get toys promoting foraging since birds are active and will look for things to eat and engage with. I noticed my bird would get its beak stuck on a toy with an s-link. Since then, I only get toys with closed links to keep the links from getting stuck on the beak.

h) Bell Toy Features

A bell toy is a great option for birds that all pet owners should try out. However, getting a nickel-plated toy is safer to prevent the bird from ingesting the zinc and getting poisoned. Getting bell toys for large parrots is not a good idea if I am sure the clapper inside the bell is loose. You can be sure that the bird will attempt to remove the clapper, which poses a choking risk.

i) Leather Toys

Leather toys should be natural and untreated. When getting leather toys, I ensure the strips will not wrap around the bird's legs or feet, especially if it is a parrot toy. Parrots love chewing on things, and getting strips tangled around their necks is possible.

I replace all the leather toys when they get wet or soiled. This is because bacteria can easily grow on leather. So I try to avoid leather toys, but if I have to get one, it has to have a vegetable tan and one that is easy to maintain.

j) Ropes

Ropes make some of the best toys for birds. When getting ropes, I limit my options to sisal or cotton varieties. Other options, such as nylon, have strong strands that can lead to cuts and bruises. Ropes with natural fiber, such as hemp, are the best options for bird and parrot toys.

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I watch out for frayed ropes that can strangle the birds. After all, as a bird owner, I am responsible for always keeping a watchful eye.

k) Plastic Toys

While plastic toys are readily available and cheap, they are less fun for the bird. Birds love chewing and foraging, and plastic might be a bit too hard. So I look at the natural options first. Additionally, natural wood is my best choice whenever I get bird toys.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bird Toys

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1)What toys do birds prefer most?

Birds are natural foragers. Therefore, getting a toy that is non-destructible will make the bird feel a bit bored because that is not what it is wired for in nature. These kinds of toys are chewable and breakable for the bird. Just ensure the wood is not treated and all the toys are non-toxic.

Most birds prefer foraging toys because of the reward system that makes playing with the items worthwhile.

2) Can small birds play with big bird toys?

Most importantly, big bird toys are safe for smaller birds to enjoy using as long as the birds can handle the toys. However, bigger birds should not play with small bird toys at any cost. Small toys can lead to choking hazards and are harmful to birds.

3) Can birds play with other toys?


However, other toys should be within the strict guidelines of a bird toy. For instance, stuffed toys are out of the picture because a foraging bird will tend to remove everything inside the toy, posing a danger to itself. Most children's toys are safe for birds to use if they are not looped chains that could trap the bird's feet. If you know how to hang a bird feeder, you will be familiar with safe bird chains.

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Most baby toys are plastic, and plastic is not ideal for a bird to use. Nevertheless, the bird can enjoy playing with such toys, albeit momentarily.

The birds can use other home items like cramped paper and popsicle sticks.

4) How often should you change bird toys?

There are reasons why I change my bird toys often. First, there are times when I change them because they have overstayed, and I need to give the bird a new challenge. Birds must always solve problems, and rotating toys is the best way to keep them engaged.

The other reason why I change toys often is for hygiene. Birds need to stay healthy, and the best thing I can do is to ensure everything in the cage is always clean, including the toys.

If a toy is damaged, it goes without saying that I have to change it. This is to ensure the safety of my feathered friend.

5) Are birds scared of new toys?

Sometimes, a bird may view a toy as a foreign object, which might be scary for them. Moreso, if there is a new object in the cage all of a sudden. The best way I use to introduce a new toy to the bird is to let it be in its line of sight. The toy can stay outside the cage for a while, or I can hang it beneath the cage where the bird cannot directly contact it but can see it.

Introducing a toy gradually to the bird is the best thing to do when giving your pet a new toy.

6) Do I need to buy seasonal toys for birds?

If you have noticed, birds in the wild respond to the changing weather by changing their behavior over seasons. Pet birds are no different, as they will respond to the changing seasons. I try to buy my feathered friends less engaging toys during winter because they need to keep their energy for warmth.

Likewise, I have to monitor humidity in the house to ensure the bird is well hydrated.

Final Take

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Birds require mental and physical stimulation, and getting bird toys is the best thing I did for my feathered friends. My birds are never bored, from puzzles to chew toys to foraging toys. The advantage I have with my birds is that they are similarly sized, so getting toys is easy. After all, some toys cut across all sizes and ages.

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