The 11 Best Training Collars for Pitbulls in 2023 – Top Picks and Reviews

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Whether or not you own a Pitbull, you are probably guilty of associating the dog with brutality and aggression. You wouldn’t be too far from the truth.

These dogs just like any other dog have pent up energy that they need to release regularly so expect them to be playful and curious as well.

Sometimes, these dogs will bark unnecessarily or even attack strangers and while that is to be expected, it is not acceptable.

To tame all those undesirable habits, you want to get the best training collar for pitbulls. Stick around to find out how to shop for the same.

Best Dog Training Collar for Pitbulls – Comparison Table

We just want to let you know up front that we are going to be extremely detailed with this guide. Therefore, if you are unable to go through it all, you may want to consult the following comparison table that analyzes our top choices as far as the best dog training collar for Pitbulls.

1Anti Bark, Beep Mode Dog Training Collar with RemoteBlueCheck Price
2PATPET Rechargeable Dog Shock CollarBlackCheck Price
3Waterproof, Rechargeable, Vibration Remote Dog Training CollarBlackCheck Price
4Rechargeable, Waterproof, Shock Collar for Dog Electric Training CollarCheck Price
5Rainproof Dog Training Collar, Rechargeable Dog Shock CollarBlackCheck Price
6Solid Pattern E-Collar Remote Dog Training Collar by EducatorBlackCheck Price
7Brand FieldTrainer 425S Stubborn Dog Remote Trainer by SportDOGOrangeCheck Price
8SportTrainer Remote Trainer- Up to ¾ Mile Range by SportDOGOrangeCheck Price
93 Training Modes, PATPET Dog Training Collar Dog Shock Collar with RemoteGreyCheck Price
101000ft Remote Dog Training Collar by BousnicBlack and GreenCheck Price
11Slopehill Shock and Light Dog Training Collar with Beep & VibrationCheck Price

Buying Guide – How to Choose the Perfect Training Collars for Pitbull

You need to consider several features before settling for a training collar for your dog. That way, you will get value for your money.

Type of Training Collar

There are several types of training collars and you need to decide which one you want for your pooch first. Let us look at the options available, shall we?

Slip Collar

Often, this kind of collar comes as a nylon loop or metal chain. It tightens around your dog’s neck when you pull it down and loosens right away. It is highly effective for correcting pulling.

Head Halter

This one looks like a muzzle but it is important not to confuse it with one. It applies moderate pressure to guide your pooch with the loop fitting tightly over the nose and fastened behind the ears.

The head halter is also designed to correct pulling.


The Pit Bull has an enlarged chest so you will appreciate that a harness is comfortable to wear. Usually made from leather or nylon, the harness hooks on the top and bottom of your dog’s chest giving a secure feel.

Whenever your dog pulls forward, the harness pulls the dog’s chest to the side to prevent that.

Prong Collar

Most people mistake the prong collar for a torture mechanism but the truth is that these collars are safer than other collars since they come with an in-built device to prevent them from tightening too much around your dog’s neck.

Prong collars pinch the skin around your dog’s neck and apply mild pressure to correct undesirable habits.

Operation Modes

Every dog comes with a different temperament so it would not make sense to apply one form of correction for every dog. For instance, it is not advisable to apply shock immediately you see your dog misbehaving.

Instead, you want to begin with a milder correctional mode. Let us look at the modes we have.


This has to be the mildest correctional method. It allows you to point out your dog’s mistake simply by sounding an alarm.

Whenever they misbehave, all you have to do is switch the sound on, and with time, they will learn not to do it again.


Some training collars come with a vibration mechanism so that when your pet displays undesirable habits, the collar vibrates. This will help correct such habits over time.


Contrary to what most people believe, this form of correction is not meant to torture your dog, but rather correct their bad habits.

The sensation caused by a shock collar can be compared to the one experienced during physiotherapy. Your dog will feel some vibration and a bit of muscle contraction.

As you can imagine, this method is believed to be more effective than the others are.

Collar Weight and Range

The weight of your preferred dog-training collar matters a lot. Your pooch needs to be comfortable and get accustomed to the collar rather than feeling a burden on their neck. That means that their collar has to be lightweight.

As far as the range, you want to go wider because, with an optimum range, your training collar will be useless.

Battery Life

A reliable battery makes or breaks your collar if it is an electronic one and by this, we mean the shock collar. Of course, you will not be able to train your dog with a dead battery.

To that effect, you want to get a collar with great battery life for the training to be effective.

How about we let you in the top options in the market when it comes to dog collars? That is what we are about to do so read on!

Best Training Collar for Pitbulls in Review

1. PetResolve Dog Training Collar

The best electronic training collar for Pitbulls has to come with a battery that lasts long and that is what you get with this one from PetResolve.

It is also a good choice for outdoor training because it features a 3/4 mile range.

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What We Liked About It

Your Pitbull will certainly benefit from this training collar if they like to spend time in the water or running in the rain simply because it is waterproof.

Its Lithium-ion battery can be recharged as well hence giving you hours of training. What we loved most however is that the battery charges fast and can be recharged either through an adaptor or through a USB cable.

What Could Have Been Better

The training collar strap that is included with this training system is lengthy so it can but cut to match the neck of your dog which although helpful, is a little an inconvenience. You can change the collar strap to something else if you want that providing it fits the receiver.


  • Quite easy to work with
  • Waterproof
  • Highly Functional


  • The remote is not waterproof

2. PATPET Dog Training Collar 

Whether you are a first-time dog owner or seasoned dog trainer, you will find this dog collar extremely easy to operate since it is designed to be user friendly.

It also features a double protection design to ensure that your Pitbull does not end up with an injured neck.

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What We Liked About It

You get three training modes when you purchase this collar. We are talking about beeping, vibration, and shock.

We love that you can operate this collar’s remote controller without looking at it. Simply touch it and you will be good to go.

What Could Have Been Better

Regrettably, this collar is a bit on the heavier side making it a potential cause for your dog’s discomfort. We feel that the manufacturer could have used lighter material in its construction.


  • Remote operation
  • Three training modes
  • Double protection design


  • Quite bulky

3. Dogtra 1900S / 1902S Training Collar

Pit bulls are quite heavy and bulky so you need a solid collar for them. You will be pleased to learn that this particular one can accommodate 20 pounds of weight or more.

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What We Liked About It

It doesn’t matter if your dog is mildly or overly aggressive because you get a whopping 137 simulation levels with this unit. You can use that to tame any of your dog’s undesirable habits.

What we found most appealing is that this collar is waterproof so you can comfortably engage in swimming sessions with your pooch.

What Could Have Been Better

According to some users, this collar would not charge after several uses. The manufacturer should have checked on this before releasing the product to the market.


  • Ergonomically designed
  • Durable
  • Strong vibration


  • Failed charging

4. Bousnic Shock Collar for Dogs

This is arguably the top electronic training collar for pit bulls seeing as it comes with three harmless modes that you will find effective for training your dog.

We are talking about beep vibration and safe shock all adjustable up to 16 levels.

What We Liked About It

This collar comes with a wide range – with about 1000ft, you can do the training at the beach, the park, or even your backyard.

You would think that was enough but no. The collar comes with a remote with a dual-channel that allows you to train two dogs simultaneously. This is good news for multiple dog parents.

The collar also comes with a rechargeable battery that will give you hours of run time and we love that about it.

What Could Have Been Better

As reported by some users this product’s loop broke after a while and we feel that the manufacturer should have put more thought into the durability of the collar.


  • Long battery life
  • Comfortable
  • Blind operation


  • Not as durable

5. Dog Care Dog Training Collar

However you choose to train your dog, this training collar has you covered. It comes with three training modes to help you teach your pooch fundamental commands and tame undesirable behavior.

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What We Liked About It

Shock collars do sometimes cause accidental shocks so we understand if this is a concern for you. The good news is that with this collar, you will never have to worry about that because it a security keypad lock.

Other than that, it comes with adjustable strap sizes and static levels as well as a remote controller for easy operation. We love that about it.

What Could Have Been Better

As per several users, the power button at the top randomly goes off making training ineffective. We feel that the manufacturer could have reinforced the buttons better to avoid this.


  • Built for longevity
  • Easy to use
  • Remote controlled


  • The design could be better

6. Educator Dog Training Collar

With this particular collar, you get a medium to large-sized receiver to accommodate dogs 20 pounds or more. That fits the average Pitbull.

Other than that, it features a transmitter that makes it possible to monitor your pooch at all times. How cool is that?

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What We Liked About It

With this collar, your dog will experience a tapping sensation that is more of a vibration every time they misbehave. The best part about this sensation is that it is more intense hence likely to make training more effective.

What we loved most though is that this unit comes with rechargeable batteries that take only 2 hours to charge fully.

What Could Have Been Better

Some users have complained that this product stopped working after a while and we feel that the manufacture should have put more thought into its durability.


  • User-friendly
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Highly effective


  • Not as durable

7. SportDOG 425S Dog Remote Trainer 

If you are looking for something that is completely off the charts when it comes to range, you have to consider this collar from SportDOG.

It is a highly effective training collar for stubborn dogs and the best part is that you can do the training outdoors. Moreover, you can use this same collar to train multiple dogs. What could be better?

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What We Liked About It

We already mentioned that this collar can be used to train different dogs simultaneously but you can also change the vibration settings differently for each dog. Surely, this has to be one of the most favorite dog training collars in the market, wouldn’t you agree?

We love that it is ergonomically designed and comes in a sleek compact design that allows you to control your pooch easily.

What Could Have Been Better

Judging from reviews, this unit is quite difficult to program. We feel that the manufacturer could have made it more user friendly.


  • Can control multiple dogs
  • Low battery indicator
  • Water-resistant


  • Not as user friendly

8. SportDOG Brand SportTrainer

You certainly have to consider getting this training collar if you are looking for an all-inclusive unit. It comes with a 500-yard range and 25 feet of water resistance. This is particularly ideal if you have a stubborn dog.

It also features adjustable vibration settings that you can use according to your dog’s stubbornness.

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What We Liked About It

What can’t you do with seventy hours of run time? This unit comes with a rechargeable battery that can give you that. You can bet that you will have fruitful training sessions with that.

We love that this unit comes with an OLED display screen that allows you to monitor your dog’s every move so that you can trigger the correction mode promptly.

What Could Have Been Better

Unfortunately, this product does not come with user instructions according to some users. The manufacturer should have simply included the instructions.


  • OLED display screen
  • Thick
  • Great battery life


  • Does not come with user instructions

9. PATPET Dog Training Collar

Most manufacturers do not consider disabled users and that is why we commend PATPET for doing that. How so? The remote controller of this training collar can be used without looking. Imagine that!

You will also appreciate that this collar is reasonably priced even with all the features it has to offer. That is called value for money. Do not even get us started on the 1000-yard range that allows you to train your pooch from anywhere from the park to your backyard.

Last update on 2024-03-24 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

What We Liked About It

You will not get to control multiple dogs with this piece but you can control two at a time comfortably. That has to count for something right?

We love that this collar takes only 2 hours to fully recharge. What’s more, is that it will offer thirty to forty days of runtime and that is more than enough time to get your pooch trained.

What Could Have Been Better

The user instructions for this collar are quite vague according to some users. We feel that the manufacturer could have put more effort into making them clearer.


  • Remarkable vibration strength
  • Adjustable belt
  • 16 shock levels


  • Unclear instructions

10. Bousnic Dog Training Collar

With this dog-training collar, you get effective but safe and humane training modes. You can customize the simulations to match your dog’s temperament as well as the collar itself.

We bet you will appreciate that.

Last update on 2024-04-03 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

What We Liked About It

If you are looking for versatility, you will certainly find it in this unit. With 1000 feet yard range, you can choose to train your pooch indoors or outdoors.

You also get a superior ergonomic design with easy to access buttons that are easy to operate as well. That means that you will find this collar easy to use even as a new dog parent. We love that about it.

What Could Have Been Better

Several users have reported that their orders arrived scratched. We feel that the manufacturer could have done a better job as far as the packaging.


  • Easy access buttons
  • Wide remote range
  • Variable stimulations


  • Packaging could be better

11. Slopehill Dog Training Collar

With 4 adjustable training modes and up to 99 levels of vibration and shock, you can rely on this training collar to train your pooch effectively.

This piece is also perfect for dogs who love to swim simply because it is waterproof.

What We Liked About It

How would you like to train three dogs at a go? Well, you can do that with this collar so you have more than one, you should consider getting it.

Another great thing about this collar is that it comes with a remote controller that gives you up to 850 yards of wireless control.

It also comes with an adjustable strap length for your dog’s comfort and we love that about it.

What Could Have Been Better

Judging from reviews, the shock mode of this collar is too strong and could potentially hurt your dog. The manufacturer should have checked on this before launching the product.


  • Wireless control
  • Customizable length
  • Waterproof


  • Shock mode could be milder

Tips for Using a Training Collar

You would think that using a training collar is simply strapping it on your dog and waiting for them to learn. However, it takes a lot more to make the training effective.

Here are several tips to ensure you get the most out of your dog training collar.

Do Not Walk Immediately

Most dogs become nervous whenever they have a collar on and the point here is to get them used to it. As such, you want to wait about 15 minutes after putting the collar on to begin walking your pooch.

You do not want your dog to guess that you just put a collar on them that is causing them discomfort. We say, put it on, wait for the dog to forget that they have it on, and then start walking them.

Avoid Triggering the Collar all the Time

Granted, a collar is supposed to tame your dog’s undesirable habits but you cannot keep pushing the button with every unwanted move your dog makes.

Instead, you want to first command orally. Keep in mind that a collar is just a tool for adjusting their behavior and will not be used forever.

You want to develop unconditional obedience and that means having your dog obey commands even without the collar.

Start Easy

For your training to be effective, you want to begin with minimal impact. As such, you want to desist from using electro-stimulation immediately.

You may be pleasantly surprised to find that your dog responds quite well to vibration or beeping. Besides, when you begin with shock, chances are high that your pooch will disregard weaker stimuli.

Be Careful with the Levels

You can use shock to correct your dog’s behavior, but be careful with the settings. Most collars come with levels and you want to get a perfect balance here.

Too weak a shock will not have an effect while a stronger one will frighten your pooch or even cause them harm.

In that regard, you want to use a shock level that is just enough to stop your pooch from displaying unwanted behavior.

Reward Good Behavior

Dogs will generally not want to use their collar but they understand the reward language. Therefore, whenever your dog lets the collar sit on their neck without causing a fuss, reward them with praises or even a treat.

That way, instead of your dog associating the collar with discomfort, they will think of the rewards they will get for good behavior.

Frequently Asked Questions on Pitbull Training Collars

We know you have a couple of questions at this point and we are up to the task of answering them. Of course, we cannot address all of them here, but we have tackled some commonly asked ones that could be of help.

Why should pit bulls wear thick collars?

These dogs are considered bullies and often display aggressive behavior. That would then necessitate the need for a collar that is wider than an inch.

A 2-inch wide collar will disperse pressure evenly on your pet’s neck so that your dog is not injured whenever they pull. Another reason why a wide collar is best is that it will be comfortable in your hands whenever you need to pull your pooch away.

Which is better for a pit bull, a harness or collar?

Most dog owners agree that a dog harness works better than a dog collar when it comes to managing or controlling any dog. This applies even to those dogs whose leash manners are not all the way perfect.

On the other hand, a harness disperses pressure evenly over a wider area of the dog’s body thus reducing strain on the back and neck. It will also discourage pulling.

Whichever you pick, here has much to do with your personal preference.

Is a shock collar bad for my pitbull?

This will depend on how you use it. Most of these collars come with adjustable shock levels so you can use one that matches your dog’s tolerance level.

As such, a shock collar will not harm your pet unless you use extremely high levels or leave it on too long because then, the metal contacts can leave unsightly spots on their neck.

Our Top Pick

All the collars we have reviewed are great but if we had to pick one as the best, it would have to be the PetResolve Dog Training Collar.

It comes with great battery life to give you all the run time you need to make your training effective. You can also do the training outdoors because the collar comes with a four-mile range. This makes it a good remote training collar for Pitbulls.

Another great thing about this collar from PetResolve is that it is waterproof making it the perfect choice for dogs that like to swim.

What we loved most however is that the battery is fast charging and can be charged using both a USB cable or adaptor.


The notion out here about Pitbulls is that they are usually curious and aggressive types of dogs that most people find hard to control. It is so serious that they are banned in some countries for this same reason.

That should not deter you from getting one for yourself because Pitbulls can also be extremely friendly. You just need a high-quality training collar for Pitbulls to tame any unwanted behavior.

Of course, we have you covered when it comes to shopping for the same. With this guide at hand, it should be easy for you to make the right decision and we are counting on you to do just that.

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