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All the cooking food waste got me thinking about why all the organic matter should go to the bin. Could I make something out of it? While researching, I stumbled on an interesting statistic. Nearly 60% of the waste we generate at home is compostable, but because so many people are unaware of this, we often throw it out, which causes our landfills to overflow.

Composting is the best way to handle your food waste and for you to compost, you will need to use a compost bin. The best type of compost bin may look different for everyone since we all have different needs and spaces. Your ideal bin should be convenient and capable of handling your daily composting needs.

One of the steps in adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle is getting the best compost bin for your home. However, with the many types and options available in the market, choosing can be a hassle. We got you covered.

1. VIVOSUN Outdoor Tumbling Composter

VIVOSUN Outdoor Tumbling Composter Dual Rotating Batch Compost Bin, 43 Gallon Black Door
  • Twin chambers: Two separate chambers allow one side to finish composting while leaving the other side available to...
  • 360⁰ Tumbling Design: The rotating design prevents you from digging or mixing the pile by hand; And the deep fins...
  • Excellent Aeration: Air vents can make the air fully circulate and will not cause an explosion due to excessive...
  • Sturdy & Durable Construction: Constructed of premium metal frame and high-quality pp plastic body, this tumbling...
  • Garden Gloves Included: The gloves that not only protect your hands from injury, but are also waterproof, making...

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Our top recommendation was our favorite choice, and it's the Vivosun tumbling composter made gardening easier since it churns out a lot of compost. We were most impressed by its dual chamber, which cooked the materials while the other started the composting process by breaking down fresh organic material. The double-chambered design makes aeration and spinning east for any gardener, including kids.

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We also found the VIVOSUN tumbling composter to be cheaper than comparable models in the market, and although it came unassembled, it included all the tools for assembling. As a result, it's one of the best tools to get rich finished compost and is among the best gifts you can give to outdoor lovers or garden enthusiasts, thanks to its outstanding performance.


  • The rotating design allows you to turn your compost without hassle
  • Easy sliding doors
  • Made of weather-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and sturdy material making, it is long-lasting
  • Adjustable air vent and deep fins to ensure maximum air circulation


  • The bin door may be too small

2. D.F Omer Garden Composter Bin

Garden Composter Bin Made from Recycled Plastic – 110 Gallons (420Liter) Large Compost Bin -...
  • CULTIVATE YOUR GREEN THUMB – Rendering nutrient-filled soil for your garden can be a challenge for even the most...
  • RESURRECT YOUR LEFTOVERS – Limit your waste and save money by adding a composter bin to your backyard. Simply...
  • MADE FROM PREMIUM RECYCLED PLASTIC – This composting bin is made from BPA-free recycled plastic to ensure toxins...
  • AERATION STATION – Composting can be an involved process, but D.F. Omer’s composting bins are easy to assemble...
  • OUR PROMISE – Protected by our two-year warranty, you’re guaranteed to receive the most well-designed compost...

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If you are looking for the best compost bin for your large garden, we recommend this D.F. Omer Garden Composter Bin for your lawn or garden. In addition, you will love that it was easy to assemble and had enough storage space to accommodate your garden waste to make a large batch of compost.

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Although large, the compost bin is lightweight and environmentally friendly since recycled plastic was used in the construction. It can also withstand different weather conditions, ensuring it will last a long time. Lastly, we also noticed that this composting bin helped to save time since you won't have to break your yard waste and compost in different batches.


  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Large storage space and lightweight
  • Two-year warranty


  • The plastic is not that durable

3. VermiHut Plus 5-Tray Worm Compost Bin

VermiHut Plus 5-Tray Worm Compost Bin – Easy Setup and Sustainable Design
  • Advanced version of worm compost bin, it comes with standard 5 trays, additional trays can be added.
  • A new component named M-board to increase air-flow for better compost efficiency and save worms
  • A new component named V-board and a piece of coconut fiber are built in the air-vented lid odor removal, moisture...
  • A set of "shoes" is included to prevent other invading to the bin, base and liquid tray form into one piece to...
  • Worm compost accessories including a piece of coconut coir, a piece of claw, a piece of scraper, a piece of liquid...

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If you prefer a worm composter, we couldn't find a better choice than this Vermihut Plus worm bin. It was also a large option with five trays and an easy worm compost tea collection spout. We also loved its M-board, which improves airflow throughout the farm, and the V-board for controlling moisture, removing odors from air-vented lids, and eliminating fruit flies.

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This compost bin also has ant traps that prevent invasions which can be risky to the worms. Most customers also loved that it was easy to assemble since it came with a manual and a starter kit.


  • Durable UV-resistant plastic
  • Compact and easy to move
  • Advanced design that boosts airflow, pest control, and moisture retention
  • Composts a wide range of organic waste
  • High capacity of 2.5 kgs of food scraps with 1 kg of worms per day


  • Not ideal for high-volume garden waste

4. Lomi Smart Waste Kitchen Compost Bin

Lomi Classic | World’s First Smart Waste™ Home Food Upcycler | Turn Waste into Natural...
  • Lomi Electric Composter is World's First Smart Waste Electric Composter : Lomi composter is the ultimate kitchen...
  • Easy Use:Lomi is designed for indoor use, making it simple to compost food scraps on your countertop.Lomi features...
  • Natural Fertilizer in Under 24 Hours : Lomi uses advanced technology to break down food waste quickly and...
  • Reduce Your Carbon Footprint : Compared to disposing of your waste in a landfill, using Lomi can reduce your carbon...
  • Compact Size : Small enough to put away, so beautiful you won't want to. Lomi is the perfect addition to any...

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If you are into modern equipment and need a composting unit that will be simple and fast, then this Lomi Smart Kitchen compost bin is your best bet. Although we didn't pick this model, we were impressed by its features. To start with, setup is only with a button leaving no room for messing up.

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Although you will need countertop space, it's smaller than a regular microwave making it suitable for people living in apartments or small spaces. This compost bin has also garnered much praise from users especially plant lovers since the dirt produced at the end of its composting process is beneficial for any garden.

Unlike other traditional compost bins, this is faster, and if you can get past its price, it will be one of your favorite tools.


  • It breaks down more things than other material compost bins
  • It has a unique design that allows natural air to flow
  • Odor-proof and streamlined
  • Versatile design for processing different kitchen scraps
  • Quick and easy processing of compost from food scraps


  • It needs replacement filter cartridges which adds to the cost
  • High noise level

5. Epica Stainless Steel Composting Bin

EPICA Countertop Compost Bin Kitchen | 1.3 Gallon | Odorless Composting Bin with Carbon Filters |...
  • FEATURED IN BON APPETIT & FORBES: Recognized by renowned magazines, EPICA’s compost bin is a perfectly sized...
  • CONTROL KITCHEN ODORS NATURALLY: EPICA's compost bin with an airtight lid and replaceable activated-charcoal filter...
  • EASY TO CLEAN & RESISTANT TO LEAKS: Our one-piece molded counter compost bin with lid, resists rust and leaks,...
  • BUILT TO LAST A LIFETIME: Made of high-grade stainless steel, EPICA's counter top compost bin for kitchen is...
  • REPLACEABLE CHARCOAL FILTER FOR ODORLESS COMPOSTING: EPICA's specially designed activated-charcoal filter is...

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We could forget the customers looking for a stainless steel option, and we found this Epica compost bin to stand out. It is made with durable, rust-resistant stainless steel material and has a capacity of 1.3 gallons. However, because it's not that big, it's not the best for usage in wide gardens but will be perfect for small-time gardeners.

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However, its size has a benefit in that it can be mounted on countertops, making it simple to dispose of organic waste. Additionally, you will appreciate that you won't have to deal with unpleasant-smelling compost bins in your home. This product's major feature includes a cover with a changeable activated charcoal filter that reduces the strong scent of your waste.


  • It comes with charcoal filters
  • Seals in the compost
  • Suitable for indoor use
  • High-quality steel which won't rust


  • Pricier than other models

Types of Compost Bins

You could use different compost bins to dispose of your food and yard waste, and the best type for you should be able to accommodate your preferences and lifestyle. Therefore, to find the one that caters to your needs, you must know all the available ones. They include:

1. Stationary Bin

A stationary bin is the best compost bin for people looking to dispose of food scraps and garden waste in one location. They are tall self-contained units with enough space for the waste produced by an average household.

Stationary bin

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Stationary bins are popular with composting beginners as they need minimum effort so long as you ensure you don’t let the compost pile get too moist and achieve a proper balance of green and brown materials.

We recommend this type for anyone looking for a central place to toss their yard waste, kitchen scraps, and other compostable organic materials. Also, they don’t take up too much space, making them suitable for small yards or in the suburbs.

2. Tumbling/Rotating Bin

A tumbling or a rotating compost bin is a standalone unit with one or more chambers where, when you insert your food and yard waste; you can rotate the chambers by turning your handle. The composting process allows oxygen to get evenly distributed throughout your pile, which helps speed up the decomposition process.

compost tumbler

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Using a tumbling composter to make compost has a lot of advantages. It protects your scrap pile, keeping rats away and preventing excessive moisture from the environment from getting to it. It also requires less energy to turn the crank twice a week than regularly turning a compost pile using a shovel or pitchfork.

We recommend it for people with plenty of outdoor space to accommodate a large compost bin and who plan on disposing of both kitchen and garden waste.

3. In-ground Composters

Some people don’t like having an exposed bin for aesthetic reasons or because they want an odor-free environment. If this is you, an in-ground composter is the best compost bin for your needs.

These compost bins come with lids and holes drilled on the sides, which are buried partly into the ground. The holes are necessary since they allow worms to enter the bin. We recommend in-ground composters for people who want to produce rich compost with the assistance of worms and are willing to dig a hole in their property.

4. Worm Compost Bin

Worm bins are designed to host worms, making them an important component of vermicomposting. Vermicomposting is a composting method where worms are added to a pile of organic materials.

The worms eat the scraps, speed up the composting process, and create healthy compost for your garden. The main feature of worm bins is they have a well-distributed and consistent flow of oxygen. This is important since if your worms don’t breathe and get cold, they will die quickly.

We recommend a worm bin for gardeners who want to create rich compost for their plants and don’t mind handling worms.

5. Food Waste Digesters

Food waste digesters are different from other compost bins on this list; the main difference is that they don’t produce compost. Instead, most digesters are designed to prevent organic waste, such as coffee grinds, eggshells, and vegetable peelings, from ending up in landfills.

food digester

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Since they don’t require gardens, they are perfect for people who just wish to dispose of their food in an eco-friendly way. In addition, we recommend this type for anyone looking for a convenient way to dispose of food waste and who doesn’t want to use their own compost as fertilizer.

6. Electric Countertop Composters

An electric compost bin can break down everything from meat scraps to coffee grounds. It is a great option for people who would like to technically compost but in an apartment. It successfully composts by breaking down food scraps with aerobic decomposition, helped by heat, oxygen, and abrasion.

electric composter

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Countertop compost bins are an efficient, quiet, and low-maintenance option. The versatile compost bin can break down your kitchen and yard waste in less than 24 hours and with no odor. We recommend it for people who don’t have a lot of organic waste and are looking for a low-stress, simple, yet odor-free composting solution.

Factors to Consider Before Buying the Best Compost Bins

1. Indoors or Outdoor Use

Not all compost bins are suitable for both indoor and outdoor composting, and hence why this is a factor you should consider. For example, if you have limited outdoor space and you intend to compost indoors, you will need to avoid the types of compost bins such as large food waste digesters or tumbling composters. Instead, opt for indoor compost bins which can fit beside your garbage can or on your kitchen countertop.

However, if you plan on composting outdoors and have the space to do it, you will have plenty of options. For example, you can choose between stationary bins, tumbling bins, in-ground bins, or the vermicomposting bin with multiple layers. Also, if you want to do cold composting, you can make your own outdoor compost bin from wood pallets.

2. What Are You Composting?

What you plan to compost will significantly influence the best compost bin for you. However, most compost bins will suit your needs if you plan on composting an equal amount of brown and green materials, whether garden waste or food scraps.

However, not all compost bins that can handle all your organic waste, like meat scraps or bones, should not be added to most composters as they can start rotting, smelling, or attracting rodents.

wooden compost bin

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3. How Much Organic Waste Do You Have?

Another problem you should avoid is getting a bin that is either too big or too small. Tumblers and most indoor composters are examples of bins with a somewhat limited capacity. Single individuals, couples, and even small families can use this capacity without problems. However, they may not always be appropriate for large families who have a lot of food and yard trash to dispose of.

Consider using several stationary bins, a sizable food waste digester, or a tumbler with dual chambers if you need a composting bin to accommodate a large family. Alternatively, you might choose to cold compost outside, enabling you to eliminate a lot of organic waste even though the decomposition process can be quite slow.

4. What Do You Need the Compost for?

Do you plan on nourishing your garden and plants with the compost you produce? Or are you merely trying to live a more sustainable lifestyle and reduce food waste? Most composting bins can be used to create compost that will be used as fertilizer, like the worm composters, tumbling composters, and indoor composters.

Several bins are available for those who don’t have a garden but simply want to limit the amount of food they throw away. A food waste digester is an excellent option because it will function more like a disposal unit than a regular composter. Naturally, if you want to make compost that can be used in your garden, you shouldn’t buy a food waste digester.

5. The Effort It Needs

You should try avoiding a compost bin that requires more effort than you would like to put in and opt for a simple, straightforward, low-maintenance compost bin. Opt for a food waste digester or an electric composter if that is your preference.

If you want to dirty your hands, you might prefer an in-ground bin or worm composter. However, If you’re willing to go outside every few days to turn your compost with a shovel or pitchfork, you could choose cold compost.

outdoor bin

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6. Odor Control

Some compost bins elicit more odor than others, so it would be better to choose an odor-free composting bin if the odor gets to you. These bins usually feature a tight seal and still break down waste effectively with no extra steps.

Nevertheless, with most compost bins, a slight odor is somehow inevitable. Still, luckily, it’s not that hard to prevent and reduce odors whether you are using a stationary bin or a tumbling composter. Avoid your compost pile getting too wet, don’t add human or pet waste, and try balancing brown and green materials.

7. How Fast Do You Want Your Compost?

How long does composting take? The answer is based on the kind of container and composting technique you use. Whether you compost indoors or outdoors, using an aerobic or anaerobic technique will affect how long the process takes.

For instance, cold composting can take anything from six months to a year, especially if you don’t turn it often. On the other hand, an electric composter can decompose your kitchen waste in less than a day. Ensure the bin you choose is appropriate for your need for efficiency.

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