5 Best Waterer For Ducks in 2023

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If you are looking for the best waterer for ducks, then you should read this article to the end.

One of the most important things about rearing ducks is the ability to keep it safe and healthy.

There can be some serious hassle when it comes to keeping your duck housing clean.

All duck keepers have to provide their poultry with shelter, water and food. These are the three basic requirements.

Ducks requires require a slightly different management style than other birds. This is because they’re hardier and tend to live longer than backyard chickens.

Also, they’re more difficult to raise when it comes to watering them. Ducks are known to enjoy splashing and playing in their water troughs.

My Top 3 Best Waterer for Ducks

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 1. Harris Farms Hanging Duck Waterer

 Needing a feeder that has lots to offer with little operational effort, then you need the hanging feeders from Harris Farms.

This product is produced with galvanized steel. You have no need to worry about the birds damaging your investment.

You will like this feeder because it can contain up to fifteen pounds of feed. This can feed many birds for a very long period. 

Another feature you will like about this product is that it comes with rolled edges. This makes it easier for the birds to feed on the trough beneath the feeder.

The rolled edges ensures that your birds can get their tasty feeds from all angles of the feeder without actually getting hurt or damaging the trough.

The hanging feeder comes with an easy-to-mount handle. This makes it easier for placement in any part of your farm.

Another very interesting feature about the hanging feeder is that they are designed to have three spring-loaded clips.

These clips make it easier for setting-up the feed supply from the container. Also, they help in adjusting the feed supply. 

Also interesting to note about the hanging feeder is its ability to reduce waste.

The feeder gradually supplies feed to the trough beneath. This is done while keeping the contents within the bucket safe from overflowing.


• Heavy duty galvanized steel construction

• Capacity to feed 15-30 ducks

• Hangs for convenience

• Features 3 height adjustment options


• The hanging feeder can easily get spoiled if not handled properly.

 2.  Little Giant Fence Feeder

Little Giant® Plastic Fence Feeder | Pig Feeder | Clip On Fence Feeder | Mountable Feed Bucket |...
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN - The plastic feed trough is perfect for hanging as it features clipson the back that allow for...
  • ULTRA DURABLE - The plastic bucket is made of highly durable polyethylene resin that is impact resistant, protects...
  • EASY TO MOUNT - The plastic feed bucket can be permanently mounted on a wall or rail with fencing staples or lag...
  • VERSATILE USE - Perfect for a large variety of use cases such as holding water or food, this bucket holds 4.5...
  • MANY OPTIONS AVAILABLE - These premium feeding buckets are available in 2 colors, as well as two different sizes,...

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A lot of poultry owners prefer fence feeders due to their permanent fixtures.

This fence feeder ensures that the birds have all the refreshment and nourishment needed to stay healthy.

This fence feeder by Little Giant can provide an all-purpose function in your poultry. This is because it has an 11-inch bowl.

This feeder can contain multiple quarts of liquid and dry feeds. This makes it easy for large-size poultries.

The feeder bowl is designed in a way to prevent spillage and it is difficult to waste its contents.

The clips on the fence feeder are bent inward. This makes it easy to fit on the wire fence of your coop for the birds’ enjoyment.

You don’t need to worry about the feeder getting destroyed by the ducks.

The feeder is made from a highly-durable thermoplastic. This makes it easy to use for birds of all sizes.

This product can be used to serve any kind of feed to birds. It can also be used outdoors with relative ease.


• It is durable

• It is easy to clean and install

• value for money

• sturdiness


• Clips can be little difficult to open

• Not too large enough for some poultry farm

 3. Backyard Barnyard No Peck Duck Waterer

Backyard Barnyard 4 Pack NO PECK Poultry Cup Waterer Drinker for Chicken Ducks Quail (Hardware...
  • 🐔 NO TRAINING CHICKENS - Requires no nippler pushing and no toggle pulling.
  • 🐔 SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE - Provides a full cup of water every time.
  • 🐔 NO WORK FOR YOUR FLOCK TO STAY HYDRATED - Float regulator keeps water available to your chickens...
  • 🐔 SUPERIOR QUALITY - No Peck Poultry Drinkers are built to last.
  • 🐔 EASY INSTALL - Installs in just minutes with mounting hardware and instructions included.

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This drinker is meant for you if you need an easy one that doesn’t require any special training for your birds.

This durable duck waterer by Backyard Barnyard is advertised as being “no-peck.”

You don’t need to worry about training your ducks to a complicated system.

This drinker is designed to give your birds the required amount of water they desire.

This product will ensure your birds don’t have to push or pull on anything to get their water supply. 

This waterer has a simple design that works with a float regulator. This regulator makes water available to the ducks automatically.

It is built with very durable materials which makes it a most valuable feature in your poultry. 

One interesting feature of this drinker is that it does not require any special instructions to be used and can function with many storage containers.

This product is also easy to use with PVC piping. This is good if you desire to feed your bird’s water from a fixed supply source.

It is easy to install. It makes easy to provide a full cup of water for your chicks regularly.

You’ll also be more elated to know that this drinker is less expensive and very affordable.


• Easy to install

• Affordable option for a large flock of ducks

• Does not require training.

Cons: Can be prone to overfilling

 4. Royal Rooster Automatic Valve Twin Waterer

Royal Rooster 1 Gallon Automatic Twin Chicken Waterer with 2 Gravity-Feed Valve-Operated Drinking...
  • CLEAN COOPS: Our no-mess chicken waterer provides just the right amount of water for your chickens, eliminating...
  • QUALITY DESIGN: The PVC chicken waterer system is made in Australia and offers an unparalleled level of cleanliness...
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE AND INSTALL: Hook straight onto mesh chicken coop wire or mount to a wall with 4 wall brackets...
  • EASY TO FILL AND CLEAN: This top fill chicken waterer can be replenished by removing the top cap. Just unclip, wash...
  • NO CHICKEN TRAINING REQUIRED: Your feathered friends and furry animals will take to it straight away. Suitable for...

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If you wish treating your birds like royalty by giving them the service they need, then consider the Royal Rooster Automatic waterer.

This product is regarded as one of the best innovations when it comes to ensuring your birds drinks constantly.

This waterer designed to come along with a storage container capable of holding up to 1 gallon of water.

This makes it easier to get the water to the ducks when they need it.

Also, the lid on the watering container ensures that the water remains free from contamination.

This makes it safer for your birds to have good drink.

The large storage container makes it easier to serve water to your birds in large quantity.

According to the manufacturer, the 1 gallon-capacity container can feed 3 ducks for a week.

This waterer ensures that your birds don’t spill water. It also prevents them contaminating or making the water dirty.

The small size of the drinker makes it suitable for their drinking only. While the height of the storage container also makes it difficult for the birds to roost on the lid.

The storage container is easy to fit onto the wall with the use of wall brackets.


• Minimizes evaporation, spillage and dirty water

• Easy to clean

• Easy to fill

• No required duck training


• Not durable enough to avoid leakage

• Prone to overfilling

 5.  Rentacoop Automatic Nipple Cup Waterer

RentACoop DIY Waterer Kit - Auto-Fill Cups with Inserts - Great for Chickens, Ducks, Geese, Turkeys,...
  • 2 DIY Auto-Fill Cups with Inserts + 1 BONUS CUP: Cups automatically refill with fresh water as your animals drink....
  • Do It Yourself: Transform any container into a custom poultry waterer in minutes using a 9mm drill bit. NOTE:...
  • Versatile and Easy to Clean: Suitable for indoor and outdoor setups; provide your chickens and other poultry with...
  • We Thought of Everything: Cups stay 3/4 full to avoid spills; compatible with any type of container or watering...
  • What's in the Box: 2 + 1 Auto-Fill Cups with inserts, attached elbows, silicone washers, wingnuts; instructions....

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This is a product you can think of that can feed your birds with enough water. Also, with this product, you can prevent your ducks from making a mess every time.

This duck waterer is technically designed for any kind of poultry, including chickens, turkeys, and ducks.

Made by RentACoop, this waterer comes with a fitting design that makes it easy for the ducks to have their drink any time. 

The water automatically flows into the bowl with its built-in auto shut-off feature.

This feature ensures the cup is always at a moderate level and even preventing spills.

Amazingly, this waterer can be used as a water feeder for birds from a range of water storage containers.

It is also ideal for smaller birds and can be lowered to ensure they have an easier drink.

The product can be used with a barrel or a large-sized bucket. It can even be connected to a PVC pipe with low pressured water supply.

This waterer makes the ducks to dip their wattles in when the weather is very hot. Your ducks are sure of access to clean water all the time with this product.


• Water flows into bowl automatically

• Easy to install and clean

• Easy to clean

• It’s durable

• Good water capacity.


• Some assembly required to drill holes.

Things to consider before buying a duck waterer:

It is important to put some factors into consideration before buying a duck waterer. The type of waterer you need to purchase depends on the following:

• How many birds you have

The number of birds in your coop should be something you should keep in mind when selecting a duck waterer.

• What is the weather condition?

The weather conditions should also be put in mind. You have to make provision for more during hot seasons.

• The type of birds you have

Having birds that are a bit mature requires you needing much larger waterer for your coop.

Smaller ducks drink lesser water per day.

• The supply system for the waterer

The capacity of the container should be considered when purchasing a duck waterer for the coop.

• The location of your birds

Having all your birds in one coop means needing fewer waterer than if the birds are housed in different coops.

With your ducks in separate places, you may need waterers that have different functions.

• The height of the birds

Some of these waterers are not ideal for smaller birds. This is  because they may not be able to drink from the water troughs.

Some waterers are designed to be placed a bit high above ground level. This prevents the birds from contaminating the water while they have their drinks.

Some waterers can be adjusted for easier watering of smaller birds.

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Final Thoughts

Water is of incredible importance to ducks. So it makes sense to provide is a good customized water drinking system.

An average duck for example needs 1-2 liters of water a day. This is help to nourish its eyes, feet, bills, and feathers.

When it comes to caring for your poultry, it is best you invest in the best duck waterer. This will save you time and effort and also help keep your duck healthy.

That is why we have provided a variety of duck waterer options for you to choose from.

Choose a waterer with the size, material, and capabilities that you require.

You need to provide your ducks with a smarter and more customized system of staying hydrated. This is to keep the ducks safe and healthy. 

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