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Best Ways to Make Money With Ducks (7 Tips)

by Alex Kountry
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Looking for the Best Ways to Make Money With Ducks?, then you need to read this article to the end.

Duck farming is fast becoming popular across the world and that’s because it is quite profitable.

If you rear some ducks in your backyard and you are wondering if it’s possible to make money from them, the answer is yes.

I’ll be sharing 7 ways in which your ducks can make you rich and you won’t have to worry about money anymore.

There are more ways you can make money from ducks than the 7 discussed here but these should get you started.

Best Ways to Make Money With Ducks
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1. Duck manure.

I know you have probably heard that chicken poop is used as manure/ fertilizer but do you know that duck poop is actually better than chicken poop.

Duck poop contains the highest ratio of NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium) amongst animal manures.

You can add it directly to your plants without leaving it to compost unlike chicken poop that will burn your plants if not allowed to first compost.

This is why duck poop is on high demand amongst Farmers.

You can get good money for your duck poop if  you rear many and you decide to sell to farmers.

2. Ducklings.

If you have breeding ducks then you are rich without knowing.

You can make money by selling their ducklings after they hatch.

Ducklings are in high demand and you cannot be short of buyers.

Duck eggs take lesser time to hatch so you will always have ducklings to sell.

You can use an incubator or encourage the broody ducks to hatch the eggs themselves.

3. Duck meat.

Another way to make money from ducks is by rearing them for meat.

Depending on the breed, you can get $10 or more for an adult duck.

If you have old ducks that can no longer lay that well, you should consider selling them for their meat.

You could also butcher them yourselves and sell freezer ready meat.

4. Duck eggs.

Duck eggs are fast gaining popularity among bakers as it is very good for baking.

They are bigger than chicken eggs, more nutritious and have low water content.

They are also very good for consumption as their egg whites are very rich in protein.

Selling duck eggs is one of the ways you can also make money from ducks.

5. Duck feathers.

Surprised? Don’t be.

If you keep ducks then you know they molt yearly.

This is a process of shedding old feathers for new ones.

You could gather these feathers and sell them.

Duck feathers are used in making pillows, feather fans, blankets etc.

Down feathers are used in making duvet, clothing etc. and they are more expensive.

You could make big money just by selling feathers to factories that make use of them.

You could also use them to make nice things and sell.

6. Hatching eggs.

Some people prefer buying fertile duck eggs  to buying ducklings.

They buy these eggs and put them into the incubator themselves to hatch.

So if you have broody ducks, you can consider selling fertile eggs.

Fertile eggs are always in high demand so you won’t be short of money if you venture into it.

7. Laying ducks.

A duck starts laying after about 4months.

You can consider selling these.

Duck farmers will want to buy them especially during the mating season.

If they have drakes, they will want to get more laying ducks so they can get more fertile eggs and ducklings.

So you can make money by selling your adult laying ducks.

How profitable is duck farming?

Duck farming is very profitable.

Ducks are very easy to manage and care for. Their housing do not cost too much and they can survive or adapt to any environmental condition. Their feed is not expensive and they can eat leftovers from your kitchen as treats.

Fruits, vegetables, watermelon etc. are quite okay with them.

You cannot regret rearing these lovelies.

You can make money by selling their meat, eggs or feathers.

They also help in controlling insects in the garden or farm.

Ducks will eat the slugs, bugs, snails and insects bothering your farm.

Cool right?

Ducklings also grow very fast, they do not need more than 5-7 days of heating during summer.

Unlike chickens, they have less death rates and are less fragile.

How much do duck farmers make?

How much duck farmers make depend on their country/area, how many ducks they have and their type of duck farming.

Do they farm for meat, eggs or both?

I don’t know about anywhere else but statistics say duck farmers in U.S. make about $15 dollars an hour.

If you want to make more money from duck farming, consider rearing many of them and take advantage of the many ways you can make money from them.

How much do ducklings sell for?

The price for each duckling depends on your local area, breed and age.

A day old mallards sell for about $3.

You could sell Muscovy ducklings for $5 or more depending on the area and of course the  size of the duckling.

It all depends on who is buying from you and how desperate the person is.

You can ask how much ducklings sell for at a local hatchery in your area so you can have an idea of a price.

The price also increases as they grow because obviously they eat more and are no longer fragile.

I sell my pure bred Welsh Harlequin ducks for $7 each and they don’t last a week.


Duck farming is profitable and if done well, a lot of money could be made from it.

Starting the business does not require a large capital as ducks are very easy to manage and care for.

In addition to rearing them as a source of income, ducks also make lovely pets.

They can also be very helpful on the farm.

The male ones have very beautiful feathers that are pleasant to the eyes and they can be very amusing when they are happy.

You could also rear them for food.

Their meat and eggs are very nutritious and beneficial to the human body.

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