Bird-Watching Delight: Secrets to Attracting a Colorful Array of Birds

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As a birdwatcher, be it a beginner or professional, there is a sense of excitement and relaxation that comes from watching birds from the comfort of your home. That said, some people may find it hard to attract these birds to their backyard.

This article covers vital tips on how to draw different species of birds to your home. Also, you will learn about some tricks for responsible bird-watching.

Tips on How to Attract Birds

Here are some tips you can use to make sure you find a garden filled with birds in your backyard.

Research Local Birds in Your Area

There are numerous species of birds, and these avian creatures thrive in different regions. For instance, there are various species of chickadees, and not all will be present in your area. Therefore, it is essential for you to research and discover which birds frequent your surrounding. 

You can purchase local field guides and look through them. Fortunately, you can find physical and digital guides to suit your needs. 

Also, you can conduct an online search to find more information. Alternatively, you can join a bird-watching group in your area and learn from others with more experience than you.

Provide Shelter for the Birds

One surefire way to attract birds is to provide shelter for them. With birdhouses or nesting boxes in your backyard, you can encourage birds to see your surrounding as a suitable habitat.

Keep in mind that different species of birds have different preferences when it comes to shelter. So, ensure to research and install birdhouses or nest boxes that meet their requirements.

Think about hole size, facing direction, and distance from the ground. Furthermore, be sure to install ventilation and drainage holes to ensure the structures stay dry at all times.

Consider planting trees and shrubs, as birds tend to use them for shelter when hiding from dangers like bad weather and predators. In addition, birds use trees and shrubs to build nests and as a way of finding food.

Select Optimal Foods and Feeders

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As mentioned, birds are diverse and have unique tastes. Therefore, acquire foods that meet the requirements of birds in your surrounding. You also need to select feeders that cater to their feeding style. 

Figuring out what works may take some time, so you can try using different feeders and seeds to attract as many bird groups as possible.

After selecting the right foods and feeders, and birds have started flocking to your backyard, the next step is to refill your feeders regularly. 

This means observing the feeders and determining how often you need to refill them. You can start by visiting the feeders weekly and seeing how much food is left.

Plant Vibrant Colors

Birds are drawn to bright colors, and this is because they mirror the colors of food and feathers of other birds. Hence, vibrant plants will entice birds into your yard.

When selecting plants, look out for more than colors. Choose flowers that taste and smell good. It is also a great idea to include fruits, nuts, and seeds in your garden because they will attract all kinds of avian creatures.

Offer Clean and Fresh Water

Water is just as essential for birds as food is. They need water for drinking and bathing, so if you want birds in your yard, you need to provide a source of water. You can do this by using birdbaths and shallow dishes. 

Change the water frequently to ensure it is clean and appealing. Additionally, be sure to clean your birdbath or shallow dish often so that the water you add remains pure.

Stay Away from Harmful Chemicals

After setting up physical structures in your backyard, it is only natural that you would want to use pesticides and herbicides in your garden. However, be careful about the chemicals you use. Some products are harmful to birds and are likely to chase them away. 

Therefore, you should avoid these products. Instead, invest in natural alternatives that keep your plants and avian friends safe. In fact, some birds eat certain pests and can be considered a pest control option.

Keep Your Cats Indoor

If you are a cat parent, it is best to keep your pet indoors or find a safe space for them to move around outside. This is because cats are natural hunters and usually prey on birds in their vicinity. 

Besides their predatory tendencies, cats have a certain scent that may chase birds away. Thus, you should take extra measures to ensure your cat does not leave their scent all over your garden.

You can do this by restricting your cat to specific areas away from flowering plants, birdbaths, and birdhouses. Furthermore, pay close attention during spring because this is the period when baby birds (that cannot fly yet) come out.

Tips for a Delightful Bird-watching Experience

Now that you know how to attract birds to your garden, here are some tips to help you enjoy your bird-watching experience.

Be Patient

As a birdwatcher, you need to be patient when expecting your feathered visitors. Birds move at their own pace, and sometimes it may take a while before they show themselves. So, try to sit back, relax, and enjoy the experience.

Learn to Blend In

Birds are easily startled, and any obtrusion can cause them to feel threatened and stressed. So, you need to make sure they feel safe. 

For one, be sure to wear clothes that blend with their surrounding. Secondly, move slowly, quietly, and calmly. This way, birds can move freely in your garden without feeling threatened. 

All you need to do is find a comfortable, shaded spot that allows you to observe properly. In time, the birds will get comfortable with your presence.


Bird-watching is an exciting activity that opens you to a world of colors, songs, and relaxation. Attracting these avian beauties to your home is not as complex as you may think. 

As long as you provide a safe environment filled with shelter, food, water, and a nesting area, you can easily entice birds to perch in your yard.

Following the tips and tricks in this article, you will be able to observe vibrant birds in your garden and enjoy the entire experience.

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