Can Alpacas Eat Apples? (Answered)

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Apples are fruits known and eaten by most people and contain a lot of benefits.

They come in different shapes, color and tastes with different names.

They are full of vitamins, minerals and packed with antioxidants.

Can alpacas eat apples? Alpacas like apples and can eat them. In fact, you would be doing your alpacas a lot of good by feeding them healthy apples. The several varieties are healthy for them and do not harm them in any way.

We’ll be looking at some of its health benefits and why they make nice treats for your alpacas.

What are the health benefits of alpacas?

1. It contains water.

Apples are 85% water.

This is good news for alpacas because they require a great deal of water everyday.

Depending on the size and age of the alpaca, each one can drink up to 5 litres everyday.

You should even provide more for them when it is sunny and during summer.

Feeding them apples as treats help them stay hydrated and refreshed.

You can consider adding apples as supplements to their main diet during hot days and summer.

2. It has a high amount of fiber.

Apart from water, alpacas also need food that are high in fiber.

In fact, their diet is mainly fiber based.

They can extract the energy they need from fiber and apples are great source of this nutrient.

Apples eaten with the skin provide a lot of fiber and this is especially necessary for alpacas during winter.

Alpacas need to produce body heat in order to stay warm during winter and they need energy for this.

3. It contains vitamin C.

Apples also provides vitamin C for alpacas which helps boost their immune system.

Vitamin C together with other antioxidants found in apples can reduce the risk of infection in your alpacas and reduce the risk of some diseases.

This can also aid their digestion.

4. It is made up of calories.

It is not strange to see lean alpacas or alpacas suffering from weight loss.

One of the ways to battle this is to feed them more and watch their diet carefully.

Apples are high in calories and can help these alpacas gain weight faster.

In addition to their diet, apple treats will make sure your alpacas add weight or regain their weight in no time.

It is also good for pregnant alpacas as they require more food to maintain their weight.

Why should I not feed them too many apples?

Apples contain a lot of benefits but feeding your alpacas too many of it can be dangerous to their health. How?

✓ They can become overweight.

Apples contain a lot of calories and some form of sugar.

When your alpacas eat too much of these, they can be too fat or develop digestive complications like diarrhea.

✓ It can cause malnutrition.

Apple fruits are high in fiber.

Alpacas require a diet high in fiber but supplying them fiber from only the apple fruit will make them feel full.

This can make them neglect their main meal or eat only little of it.

And since apples can’t provide them with their needed daily nutritional needs, they will look thin and malnourished.

This can lead to a lot of health problems.

Can alpacas eat apple cores?

Apple core is  what remain after consuming the main part of an apple.

It is where the seeds are usually stored.

Alpacas can safely eat apple cores but the seeds must first be removed.

If you are too busy to bother at that moment, avoid giving it to them.

Apple seeds contain amygdalin which produces cyanide in the body and this is a very toxic chemical.

Alpacas are more vulnerable to cyanide poisoning because of their unique stomach structure.

The symptoms include loss of breath, staggering, loss of consciousness and eventually death.

Can alpacas eat apple leaves?

Yes, alpaca can eat apple leaves.

Mine eat them once in a while and I haven’t had problems with any.

Apple leaves can also boost their immune system and help treat diarrhea. It contains little or no sugar.

But I would advise you don’t feed them too many apple leaves as they may contain cyanide in small amounts.

Eating too many at a time might be dangerous for your alpacas.

There are other plants that are toxic free, that they would enjoy more.

Apple peels are also quite safe for them to eat.

They even contain more dietary fiber which is good for your alpacas.

What about unripe apples?

These should be avoided at all costs as they have a sour taste and are acidic.

You don’t want to cause problems for your alpacas.

Can alpacas eat apple sauce?

Depending on the apples used and how it was prepared, apple sauce can have a lot of health benefits for your alpacas.

If the peels were not removed, the apple sauce would contain more fiber and antioxidants which are good for alpacas.

The ingredients used also determines if your alpacas can eat it or not.

Sweetened apple sauce may not be good for them because of the extra sugar in it.

The spices used may not agree with them too.

So it is advisable you feed your alpacas with the apple sauce you made yourself.

This helps you ensure that your alpacas are eating food that is perfectly safe for them.

Avoid sweeteners and overcooking, avoid spices too.

You can add lemon juice while cooking the apple sauce to increase the amount of vitamin C in it.


Apples are fruits that are eaten in most parts of the world.

They have a lot of vitamins and minerals that make them healthy and beneficial.

They are quite safe for alpacas to eat and have a lot of health benefits.

Apples should not however be fed to them excessively as it can cause them to become overweight, have diarrhea or look malnourished.

Alpacas can eat apple cores but the seeds must first be removed as they contain cyanide.

Unripe apples are also not good for them as they are acidic and have a sour taste.

Your alpacas would probably not even eat them. They like sweet treats. Apple leaves are healthy and have a lot of health benefits for them.

Home made apple sauce are also good for their health.

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