Can Alpacas Eat Carrots? (Answered)

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Carrots are root vegetables that come in different colours like orange, white, yellow etc.

They are quite nutritious and have a lot of benefits.

Can alpacas eat carrots? Alpacas love them and enjoy eating them and it doesn’t harm them in any way. Carrots are crunchy fruits that are high in fibre, carbohydrates and other essential nutrients.

And yes, Alpacas can eat them. Alpacas generally love fruits and vegetables as treats, but it is important to note that carrots must be shredded before giving alpacas to avoid choking.

Choking in Alpacas is very dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.

What are the health benefits of carrots?

Can Alpacas Eat Carrots

Carrots contain a lot of vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to the growth and health of your alpacas. Let’s discuss some of these benefits.

1. It contains vitamin A.

Carrots have a high percentage of vitamin A which helps alpacas to fight infections.

It helps in their overall growth. It also helps in bone formation.

Vitamin A is needed for your lovely Alpacas to develop strong bones and teeth.

Alpacas with weak bones avoid walking or standing for too long, they also often get bullied and eat less.

2. It has a high water content.

The water content in carrot is over 80%.

This makes it a very great treat for your alpacas as they require a great deal of water everyday.

It is important you provide alpacas with water as they get dehydrated easily, especially during summer.

The carrots will not give them their required daily water requirement but it would be a great deal of  help.

3. It is rich in fiber.

Alpacas need a diet that is very rich in fiber in order to maintain a healthy digestive system.

In fact their main feed mainly consists of fiber.

This is why carrot is good for them as carrots are high in fiber.

4. It contains potassium.

During summer or when it is sunny, alpacas tend to lose potassium which can be a danger to their health.

Carrots can help them regain this loss as it contains potassium.

So feeding your alpacas carrots on a hot day is wise and beneficial to them.

How many carrots can Alpacas consume daily?

There is really no fixed number of carrots you can feed your alpacas daily but all things should be done moderately.

Too much of everything they say, is bad.

A few pieces a day is enough in order not to overfeed them.

The size or age of the alpaca should also determine how many carrots it gets as treats.

Remember also that carrots cannot supply all their daily required nutrients, they are just treats and should be given sparingly.

Are there any disadvantages to feeding them with excessive carrots?

There are a few reasons why you shouldn’t feed your alpacas carrots excessively, which we’ll be looking at closely.

1. Overfeeding your alpacas carrots, can lead to choking.

So when feeding them carrots ensure you give them little at a time.

Choking in alpacas can lead to death if care is not given to them immediately.

This is why it is important you provide adequate water for alpacas at all times.

2. Malnutrition.

Feeding your alpacas too many carrots can make them neglect their main feed in favor of the fruit because it is sweet.

While carrots have health benefits, it can not supply them with all the nutrients they need to grow and develop properly.

Your alpacas will therefore look malnourished and gaunt.

They will also be susceptible to infections and diseases because of their unbalanced diet.

Can alpacas eat carrot leaves and tops?

Yes, alpacas can eat carrot leaves and tops.

In fact they are quite nutritious and beneficial to their health.

Carrot leaves contain vitamins and minerals like fiber, vitamin C, potassium, vitamin A, magnesium etc.

Since alpacas love to feed on grass, providing them with some carrot leaves will make them happy.

Carrot tops are also good for them because they are rich in potassium and vitamin K which alpacas need to grow properly.

They are less sweet and have an earthy flavor but if your alpacas love them, then you have nothing to worry about.

What about cooked carrots and carrot peels?

Alpacas can eat carrots in any form.

They can eat it raw or cooked.

Cooked carrots do not harm them at all. In fact, they are more nutritious and easy to chew.

You should however avoid mixing raw carrots with cooked ones.

Decide on which to feed them at a particular time and feed them just that.

Carrot peels are quite edible for them too and do not harm them.

Can baby alpacas eat carrots?

No, it is not advisable you give baby alpacas carrot.

The digestive system of the baby alpaca/cria cannot digest anything other than milk properly within a few days or weeks of birth.

To avoid digestive issues and complications, it is best you feed your baby alpacas only milk, till they are weaned and it takes a few months before this can be possible.

Usually between 4 and 6 months.


Carrots are crunchy fruits that are high in fibre, carbohydrates and other essential nutrients.

Alpacas love them and enjoy eating them and it doesn’t harm them in any way.

It is however important that you cut them into small pieces before feeding it to them, in order to avoid choking.

Alpacas should also not be fed carrots excessively as this can be dangerous to their health.

It can cause choking and malnutrition amongst other things. Carrots are treats and should be given sparingly. It shouldn’t replace their main diet as carrots cannot supply all their nutritional needs.

Carrot leaves are rich in minerals and vitamins and quite edible for alpacas.

Alpacas can also benefit from eating carrot tops as it contains more potassium and vitamin K which will help their growth.

Cooked carrot are softer and more chewable which is an advantage to your alpacas.

They are safe for them and won’t cause them harm at all. Home made ones are preferable.

Baby alpacas should not be fed carrots as their digestive systems aren’t strong enough to digest it.

They should only be fed milk for a few weeks or months after birth until weaned.

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