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It’s very okay to want to spoil your alpacas with treats once in a while.

A lot of people assume that whatever you eat is equally safe for your alpacas. This is not necessarily true. 

While many human foods are perfectly safe for alpacas, some are very unhealthy and downright dangerous.

So it’s critical to learn which fruits and vegetable alpacas can eat. 

This leads us to our topic for today. Can Alpacas eat oranges? Do you want an answer to this question? Then Stay put!

Can Alpacas Eat Oranges?

Can Alpacas Eat Oranges

Yes, Alpacas can eat oranges. Oranges are fine for alpacas to eat. Oranges are full of vitamins that are very beneficial to alpacas.

However, like other citrus fruits, oranges can increase the acidity level in the stomach of your alpacas.

Therefore, they should be given oranges to alpacas occasionally, not regularly.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Oranges To Alpacas?

Oranges aren’t just enjoyable. They are extremely beneficial to your alpacas’ health. Here are some of the benefits of oranges to alpacas 

1. Promotes healthy immune system

Vitamin C is a major content of oranges. It is vital for a healthy immune system for alpacas. It is very important in preventing and fighting against infections. 

2. Promotes eye health 

The Vitamin A present in them play an important role in keeping the mucus membranes in the eyes healthy. 

Vitamin A also prevents age-related muscular degeneration. Animals, like humans, can go blind.

To keep their eyes healthy, they must consume Vitamin A-rich meals.

3. Prevents constipation

Oranges have both soluble and insoluble fiber.

This helps in keeping their intestines and stomach functioning smoothly, preventing irritable bowel syndrome.

Additionally, the fiber helps treat constipation of alpacas to a greater extent.

5. They keep blood pressure in check

Oranges are also rich in minerals such as magnesium. Magnesium is an important nutrient that should be included in alpacas’ diet.

What this nutrient does basically, is to keep your alpacas’ blood pressure in check. 

6. They contain antioxidants

Oranges are rich in antioxidants. Antioxidant protects body cell by getting rid of free radicals that cause damage to alpacas’ cells.

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How Often Should I Feed Them Oranges?

Oranges are acidic. This can lead to allergies such as stomach upset in some alpacas.

Therefore, caution should be applied when feeding alpacas oranges. 

As a result, oranges should be a snack for alpacas. They should not be consumed often but, occasionally. 

Ideally, an alpacas should be served half to quarter of an orange a day.

Can Baby Alpacas Eat Oranges?

Yes, baby alpacas can eat oranges. However, it’s always best to feed them oranges when they’ve grown to a certain age.

Ideally, baby alpacas should only feed on milk from their mother for about 3-6 months of their lives.

Furthermore, baby alpacas might be more susceptible to gastrointestinal upset than adult alpacas.

This is because their stomach is still very weak and unfamiliar with a lot of food.

For that reason, it’s recommended to offer baby alpacas very small amounts of orange.

Can Alpacas Eat Orange Seeds?

No, Alpacas should not eat orange seeds. This is because orange seeds contain a trace amount of toxic compounds.

This is not good for your alpacas’ health. 

Ensure the seeds of oranges are fully removed before offering them to alpacas. Oranges seeds can also make your alpacas choke. 

Can Alpacas Eat Orange Peels?

Not at all, alpacas should not eat orange peels. Orange peels aren’t necessarily toxic to alpacas.

However, they can cause other undesirable signs in alpacas. 

Orange peels are difficult to digest and can cause stomach upset.

In extreme cases, orange peels might create a dangerous blockage in their gastrointestinal tract.

This blockage is usually life-threatening and might likely require emergency surgery.

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Can Alpacas Eat Orange Tree Leaves?

If you’re wondering if alpacas can eat orange tree leaves, well the answer is ‘yes.’ Orange leaves, as well as other citrus leaves, are all safe to alpacas. 

However, it’s best to allow them to eat the orange leaves fresh from the tree or completely dry the leaves before feeding them to alpacas.

Doing otherwise can pose a threat to alpacas.

Furthermore, do not feed them orange leaves right after they’re cut from the branch.

This is because the leaves release toxic substances while they are wilting.

Things To Watch Out For Before Feeding Them Oranges?

As good as oranges are, there are quite several things to watch out for when feeding alpacas oranges. Here they are;

1. Moderation: When feeding alpacas oranges do so in moderation. As earlier stated oranges are snacks.

They should be considered as treats. It is better to give them small pieces for example peel the orange, remove the seeds, and slice them in halves 

Oranges are quite soft so they won’t be a threat to your alpacas. They will likely not choke when eating them.

But in the case of hard fruits, Ensure you cut them in bits.

2. Give them edible parts of an orange: As earlier said, not all parts of oranges are edible such as the peels.

So you have to be certain on what part you are feeding them with. 

3. Oranges are acidic: This leads to stomach aches in alpacas. You have to ensure you don’t overfeed them with oranges.

4. Feed them only clean oranges and leaves: Before giving oranges or orange leaves to your alpacas, you should wash them with water. 

How Can I Feed Oranges To Alpacas?

When feeding your alpacas oranges, be sure to peel them and remove the seeds. Don’t give the whole fruit and instead, divide it into segments. 

You can add orange slices into a mixed salad made of alpacas-friendly fruits and vegetables such as apples, carrots, cucumber, and celery.

You can also use some orange juice as a dressing.

Stay away from store-bought orange juices and other orange-flavored snacks and drinks as they are full of artificial sugars and are very bad for your alpacas’ health.

However, to give your alpacas an amazing treat, combine oranges with other treat. Here’s a delicious treat to try out;

Rocket salad with orange, cheese, and pine nuts

This is a delicious salad with soft goat’s cheese, roasted pine nuts, and slices of orange with a simple dressing.

Here are the ingredients:

·       1 orange,

·       2 tablespoons olive oil

·       A little salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste

·       A handful of pine nuts

·        100g rocket leaves

·       50g cheese

Here’s the process to making it

1. Slice off the top 1/4 of the orange and squeeze the juice out to get about 1 tablespoon of juice; mix juice with olive oil in a small bowl and season to taste with salt and black pepper.

2. Peel the skin off the rest of the orange and then cut it into thin slices.

3. Roast the pine nuts in a dry frying pan for a few minutes.

4. Place rocket leaves in a large bowl. Divide the goats’ cheese, toasted pine nuts, and slices of orange over the salad. Drizzle the orange juice dressing on top. And then, serve to your alpacas.


Oranges are tasty fruits. They can be eaten by alpacas. Oranges are super beneficial to alpacas.

Its rich vitamin C content helps boost the immune System of alpacas. 

Both the peels and the seeds of oranges are not edible. Their fleshy part is very edible.

Oranges generally do not pose any threat to alpacas except when taken in excess.

Oranges are acidic, hence precautions should be taken when consuming them. They are treats and should be left as treats. 

Furthermore, oranges can be combined with other fruits as a salad to give your alpaca a treat to remember! 


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