Can Alpacas Protect Against Coyotes?

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Coyotes are predatory animals that look like wolves but are smaller.

They are scavengers and can eat anything they come across. Animals, insects, reptiles, fruits, grass etc. are all fair game to coyotes.

They also eat domesticated pets and animals when given the opportunity.

They often prey on rodents, poultry, dogs etc.

They usually do not attack humans but it is not unheard of.

Alpacas are often used to guard against coyotes. In fact, some people rear them for this single purpose. Alpacas’ natural dislike for anything canine makes them good protectors for smaller animals against coyotes and other similar animals.

Alpacas have been known to stomp coyotes to death when they manage to corner them.

If you have smaller animals like goats, sheep and birds, you can consider rearing alpacas with them for protection.

Are alpacas good livestock protectors?

Yes, alpacas are good livestock protectors.

Alpacas are very efficient in guarding farm animals from predators.

They are naturally guard animals and do not like intruders.

When they notice or see intruders coming near their herd, they react violently and aggressively.

When kept with livestock like goats, sheep, poultry etc. they adopt them and see themselves as their protectors which is a good thing for your small animals.

They chase off predators through many ways.

✓  They make loud noises that would scare off the predators and alert you to danger. If you rear alpacas as protectors, you should learn to distinguish their sounds and know when they are alerting you about a danger.

They also spit at predators. Alpacas’ spit have a bad smell that predators wouldn’t like. This spit also means the alpaca is angry and ready to attack. This would make any predator think twice before attacking or stealing away the herds.

They also walk or run towards an intruder or give a deadly stare. Any predator woud run when it sees angry alpacas charging towards it with an alarming speed.

They also protect livestock by cornering predators like coyotes and stomping them to death.

Why are coyotes afraid of alpacas?

Coyotes are not afraid of alpacas in particular but avoid them because of the serious harm they could do.

Coyotes are opportunists and usually prey on small farm animals that are defenseless and unprotected.

When coyotes notice that guard animals are kept with these livestock, they stay away, as they do not like confrontations.

Coyotes also usually hunt alone which can be a disadvantage when attacked.

When a coyote comes near a herd and alpacas are kept there, it’s easier for it to be cornered, subdued and killed. So it’s better to avoid that farm altogether.

Coyotes also stay away from alpacas because they react aggressively to intruders.

They sometimes spit, charge, bite and kick intruders and may even stomp them to death.

Do alpacas need a guard animal?

Alpacas are guard animals that protect livestock against predators but they are also preys to some larger animals.

Mountain lions, wolves and bears often prey on alpacas.

When coyotes hunt in packs, they can often overwhelm and kill them.

So it is important that protection is provided to keep them safe.

Pregnant alpacas and crias are also prone to be attacked because they are weak, and we all know predators like to go after weak animals.

So in these cases, alpacas do need guard animals.

You can consider getting llamas and donkeys to guard them.

They relate well together and won’t cause problems.

Do alpacas protect chickens?

Yes, alpacas do protect chickens.

If you rear chickens and you have lost quite a few to predators over time, you may want to consider getting alpacas to protect them.

I know you may be wondering, “will they do well together?” “Will the alpacas not trample the chickens?”

Well put your mind at rest, as alpacas are known to live together with chickens without causing harm.

Keeping alpacas with chickens keeps predators like foxes, raccoons and coyotes away.

It also helps protect the eggs of the chickens which means your business becomes better and flourishes.

Over time, your chickens could even bond with the alpacas and you’ll often see them moving together.


Coyotes are canine predators that often hunt alone or in loose pairs.

They look like wolves but are smaller. They often prey on small animals like rodents, goats and poultry.

Alpacas can be used to guard these animals against coyotes as alpacas are guard animals that protect their herds fiercely.

Alpacas are good livestock protectors as they are efficient in chasing predators away.

They can do this by spitting at the predators, biting them, or charging towards them aggressively.

They sometimes even stomp these predators to death.

When coyotes hunt in packs however, they can overwhelm and kill alpacas.

Alpacas are also prey to large animals like mountain lions, wolves, bears etc.

So alpacas also need guard animals, especially if you live in a place where these wild animals are seen often.

Pregnant and baby alpacas can also be too weak to defend themselves which will make getting guard animals wise.

Llamas, donkeys and shepherd dogs are good examples of guard animals for alpacas. You may want to consider them.

Alpacas can live peaceably with chickens and protect them from predators.

Raccoons, coyotes and dogs often prey on chickens and steal their eggs which can be burdensome.

Getting alpacas to guard them can solve this problem.

It is a good business decision as it means you don’t have worry about losing your chickens or their eggs.

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