Can Bees Be Pets? (Answered)

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For many of us out there, our pets are just like other family members, and we think about their safety just like how we think of ourselves.

Just like dogs and cats, bees could also be kept at home with us as pets.

It is entirely safe to keep bees in a place where cats and dogs roam.

The only exception to keeping bees with cats and dogs is to know if your other pets are allergic to bee stings.

This article would talk about all you need to know about keeping bees as pets.

Do bees enjoy being petted?

Can Bees Be Pets

Bees do not like being petted. They can tolerate some forms of contact.

You could pick them from flowers by holding the flowers in your hand and then lifting the flowers over petals till the bee gently gets off and stands firmly on your palms.

Most times, your pet bees might pick some of the pollen or nectar from your palms and then fly off on their merry way.

Some research shows some evidence of the problem-solving and intelligence skills bees have.

But little is understood on the emotional makeup of bees.

It is believed that bees could create bonds with people due to the natural biology of their species.

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How can you become a friend with a bee?

If you want to be friends with a bee or your new pet, you could offer bee shelter.

It would be best to treat these bees the same way you would typically treat a human friend.

You could leave out drink or food for bees because pollinating plants and shrubs is not easy.

Some studies were done from Newcastle University in the United Kingdom, which stated that bees could go through different moods.

This research doesn’t prove that bees have emotions like we humans.

How smart are Bees?

As stated by scientists, your pet bees know how to add and subtract.

Moreover, they could teach a lot of other bees to finish simple tasks.

They could help people understand what is known as collective intelligence.

Several researchers know that bees are brilliant, and these bees could do some highly amazing things.

We as humans do not all look the same to bees.

Some studies have proved that bees with 0.01% of the neurons that humans have could easily remember and recognize your face out of others around.

What makes bees chase you around?

Your pet bees would enjoy following you around because your sweat attracts them.

Your sweat is sweet to your pet bees.

As a result of their attraction to your sweat, they could chase you around till they have a feel of your sweat before they would let you be.

They might not get aggressive towards you if you know how to handle them when they chase you.

You need to be calm and let them have their way, or you could take your bath and wash the sweat off.

How can you get your pet bees to love you?

You could get covers for your pet bees.

Your bees need some time off from the heat and the sun.

You could give them things to sip on. Try using colorful bee balms.

Your bees would be all over you. When you’re planting flowers, get colorful ones.

It would be best if you planted flowering vegetables.

Don’t make use of pesticides. Plant flowers that have single petals.

Try keeping Bumble Bees. These are also known as the friendly bee.

These bumblebees are the gentlest out of every species of bees.

There are around two hundred types of bees. They usually live alone, and they do not swarm around people.

It would be best if you were not afraid of your friendly pet bee.

They could sting you whenever they feel threatened, though.

At times, your pet bees could hold a grudge. Bees are typically known to attack and chase intruders.

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What can you do if your pet bees start chasing you?

If your pet bees start chasing you, get into an enclosed space, like a car, or keep having fun and running till they stop chasing you.

It would be best if you got about a quarter-mile farther than the spot where the chase began.

Ensure you cover your face using anything close by that’s handy.

As you cover your face, make sure you can see through too.

Don’t ever jump into a pool or a body of water to escape bees. That’s nothing but bad news.

How long can your pet bees remain annoyed?

If you made them angry or annoyed, your pet bees could calm down in about one week or two.

It depends on what you did to make them angry.

If they are annoyed or angry because of the weather’s flow, they could feel better as soon as the weather changes or a new plant blooms.

You can make your bees calm by providing them with what they need.

Also, when you want to collect honey and open their hive, you should try distracting them by bringing things to sip or beautiful flowers for them to suck on.

This calms your bees, and you can get your honey peacefully.

How can you bring back a dying bee?

If you realize one of your pet bees is tired, and it looks like they are dying, you could mix water and sugar.

This would help bring them back to life. You could easily mix about two tablespoons of granulated white sugar using a tablespoon of water.

You could place your spoon up till the point where the bee would easily reach.

When they reach it, the solution will bring them back almost immediately.

Just like every other animal around, bees need to have sources of water to survive.

Bees enjoy drinking water, and they use water for several other purposes, like dissolving honey which has turned to crystals, and honey that is too thin which has become dense and too thick.

Do bees need to poop?

Oh yes, your pet bees poop. Their poop is clean, and bees groom themselves in a way you wouldn’t notice that they poop.

Grooming is essential to maintain their dark yellow fur.

Can your pet bees hear you?

Unlike we humans, bees do not hear with their ears. They notice the sound using their entire bodies, like their sensitive body hair and antennas.

Do bees poop in honey?

You might ask if honey is bee poop. Honey isn’t bee poop.

Honey is the result of flower nectar which bees produce through dehydration and the reaction of enzymes.

Bee poop is simply the fiber that isn’t digestible found in pollen and honey that bees consume as their only food source.

Would your pet bees love it if you play them some music?

Several studies show that bees could sense the movements of air particles associated with airborne sounds.

Your pet bees could detect the frequencies of music that reach around 500 Hz.

This means bees get attracted to music that has around 250 – 500 Hz frequency.

These remind them of the sounds they make while in the hive. It makes them feel at home.

Do your pet bees have a heart?

Yes, bees have a heart. These hearts do not have veins or arteries, though.

Bees have an aorta which is the vessel that leads out of the heart, and it pumps blood from the back of the bee to the front.


Bees can be pets.

There are several things bees can do that would surprise you.

Bees have a heart. Bees have feelings.

Bees have mood swings.

Bees can chase you if you hurt them, bees can tell when you come home, bees love listening to music, and so many other things.

Just as people keep cats and dogs at home, many people like you and us could keep bees.

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