Can Bees Break Through Walls? (Explained With Facts)

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Bees are powerful insects with various questionable characteristics. These tiny creatures are capable of doing even what other larger creatures than incapable of doing.

For numerous decades, it’s been discovered that bees have the capacity to break through walls.

Bees can literally drill and break through walls, especially wooden walls. They can cause structural damage if not properly managed and they have been known to also cause nuisance to people’s homes where they are found

They literally drill their way in walls and even dwell there.

Although this appears to be unbelievable, it’s quite an accurate fact.

People who live close to the woods or a colony of bees face the risk of being invaded by the insects. With time, bees are able to break through walls by constantly drilling.

It is important, however, you understand that bees can only break through wooden walls.

Walls built with concrete and cement are impenetrable by bees.

What to do if bees are in your wall?

Can Bees Break Through Walls

If you happen to find bees in your wall, it’s highly recommended to get help from beekeepers.

Every experienced beekeeper knows exactly how to lure bees out of your home to a much safer place.

But before you decide to contact an experienced beekeeper, confirm if the insects are truly bees.

Sometimes, there are disturbing insects that may occupy your wall, and you’d probably think they are bees.

Stinging insects such as wasps can appear to be bees in your wall.

You should be able to tell the difference.

More importantly, once you’ve confirmed that the insects occupying your wall are bees, you must detect if they have built a best or if they hovering over your home.

If the insects haven’t built a nest in the wall, then you’re lucky. It won’t take much to drive the bees away from your home.

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How do you know if you have bees in your wall?

Detecting the presence of bees in your wall isn’t difficult.

The simplest way to do this is by paying close attention to your home to realize if there is any suspicious sound in the wall.

Bees are not always quiet. In fact, they are always noisy until night comes when they have to stay dormant and rest.

If bees are truly in your walls, you will definitely hear making their usual disturbing sound. If they are just moving in, you’d hear them drilling through the wall.

Once you’re sure of the noises you hear, then you can make further confirmation by examining the wall.

Is it bad to have bees in your wall?

Except you are a beekeeper, bees are not friendly domestic animals that you should have around.

Considering the fact that these insects are aggressive creatures that can be significantly harmful to humans, anyone can opine that it’s dangerous to have them in one’s walls.

When bees are in your wall, it’s possible they can attack you if they feel threatened. This is likely to happen when the insects have dominated the wall.

As a result of this, it’s advised to take action immediately you discover bees in your wall.

Contact a beekeeper and get help as soon as you can.

How long will bees stay in my wall?

As long as a nest has not been built in your wall, the bees would spend a few hours and leave.

That is, almost every day, they will visit your wall, spend some time and eventually leave.

However, if these insects have created a nest in your wall, then there’s a more serious problem.

This simply means that they have decided to reside in your wall, not having any intention to move out.

So, if this is the case, you’d always have the bees around your home.

This is one reason why you must take action the moment you observe that these insects are beginning to dominate your wall.

Once they make your wall their home, it would require some level of expertise to chase them out. You won’t be able to drive the bees away on your own.

What kind of bees live in walls?

Bumblebees are one of the most common types of bees to find in walls.

They are quick to inhabit walls once they get comfortable within them. In most cases where bees have been discovered in walls, they happened to be bumblebees.

Like other bees, bumblebees are quite aggressive and fierce. They are good at drilling through walls as well.

Another kind of bee you are likely to find occupying your wall is honey bees.

Honey bees are very active and quick to dominate a place they are comfortable in.

As soon as they start visiting a wall often, they will create a colony.

How do I get bees out of my wall?

Trying to drive bees out of your home all by yourself is not advised at all.

These insects are dangerous due to the harm they can cause by stinging someone.

You probably lack the professional knowledge needed in getting them out of your wall.

If you notice bees in your wall, the best thing you can do is to reach out to a pest control company.

A pest control company definitely has experts who know how to ideally take bees out of your walls.

Alternatively, you can contact a beekeeper. There are countless beekeepers who will gladly come to your aid to remove a bee colony from your wall.

In the course of trying to repel bees from your wall or getting them out of the wall, ensure you don’t do anything that will hurt or kill the insects.

Can bees bite through walls?

Bees are powerful insects. There are some types of bees that don’t sting but bite. In as much as they are unable to sting, their biting ability is quite impactful.

They are able to bite through wooden walls, as well as other hard surfaces.

As a matter of fact, biting through walls is how they typically break through.

But interesting, bees can’t bite through walls instantly.

They are not drilling machines that can penetrate walls in seconds. It takes time before bees are able to bite through a wall.

They can spend several weeks drilling through a structure before they can get access.

Can bees cause structural damage?

Bees can’t possibly destroy a house the way an earthquake or tornado would. Nevertheless, they can still cause some significant damage.

You must understand that bees are powerful and persistent creatures, even though they are tiny.

Their collective strength can go a long way whenever they are determined.

A large colony of bees is powerful enough to cause some level of destruction in walls.

As long as they have made the wall their habitation by building a nest in there, the strength of the structure will begin to deteriorate gradually.

More importantly, considering the fact that they drill through the wall, this can weaken that particular area of the building.

Besides, wooden structures aren’t as strong as structures made with cement and concrete.

With time, bees can cause damage to a wooden wall.


It won’t be wrong to conclude that bees aren’t just dangerous due to their stinging ability alone.

Aside from causing harm to humans and animals, these insects are capable of affecting your building by creating a colony in it.

But in as much as you are trying to get bees away from your home, ensure you don’t do anything to kill the bees.

Killing bees, especially honey bees, is illegal in the United States.

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