Can Cats Hear Your Heartbeat?

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We all know that cats are curious creatures. But did you know that they can actually hear your heartbeat? Turns out, cats have some pretty impressive hearing abilities!

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Cats are remarkable creatures, and their senses are some of the sharpest in the animal kingdom. But can they really hear your heartbeat?

As it turns out, cats may not be able to hear our heartbeat specifically, but they are certainly aware of our general emotional state. A study published in 2015 found that when cats were played recordings of their owner’s voice, they experienced a decrease in stress levels.

So while your cat may not be able to pick up on the specific beat of your heart, they can certainly sense when you’re feeling happy, relaxed, or scared.

What Cats Can Hear

Cats have acute hearing and can pick up sounds from far away. They can also hear high-pitched sounds that are outside the range of human hearing. Cats have 32 muscles in each ear that help them to locate the source of a sound.

Cats can also hear your heartbeat. A cat’s hearing is so sensitive that it can detect pressure changes in the air caused by your heartbeat.

How Cats Hear Your Heartbeat

Humans aren’t the only ones whose hearts can skip a beat when they see their beloved pet. A new study found that when cats gaze into their owner’s eyes, they sync up with their owner’s heartbeat.

The study, published in Scientific Reports, found that not only did cats synchronize their meows with their owner’s voice, but they also changed their heart rate to match their owner’s heart rate.

To test this behavior, researchers had 22 cats sit in a room with their owner for 10 minutes while the researchers recorded both the cat’s and human’s heart rates. The results showed that when the cats were gazing into their owner’s eyes, there was a significant increase in the similarity between the two heart rates.

While it was previously thought that dogs were the only animals that could understand human emotions, this study shows that cats may be just as attuned to their owners as dogs are. So next time your cat is giving you those soulful eyes, know that they may just be trying to tell you something!

What Else Can Cats Hear?

Cats have excellent hearing and can detect sounds far beyond the range humans can perceive. They can also hear ultrasound, which is utilized in modern veterinary medicine to image bones and internal organs. A cat’s ear contains 32 muscles that can rotate the ear 180 degrees and tilt it up to 30 degrees, allowing them to precisely locate the source of a sound. Cats also have a form of peripheral vision that allows them to see in almost complete darkness.


Overall, it seems that cats can hear your heartbeat, but they are more likely to respond to other sounds, such as your voice. If you want to bond with your cat, try talking to them in a soft, soothing voice.

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