Can Donkeys And Llamas Live Together? (Answered)

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Donkeys and Llamas can coexist peacefully but require supervision due to the fact that donkeys can be somewhat territorial.

Both animals are utilized as sheep and goat guardians. It is recommended that you choose female donkeys because jacks are far too violent.

Donkeys are highly intelligent and possess excellent hearing and vision. 

On the other hand, Llamas are excellent guardians since they bond easily with goats and consume the same feed.

Males that have been castrated are the greatest goat protectors.

Males can hurt goats when attempting to mount them and can also be excessively violent toward humans. Both, though, would rather be alone than with their type. 

Specific prerequisites must be met before housing these two animals together from their food source to their refuge.  

Feeding Donkeys and Llamas Together?

Can Donkeys And Llamas Live Together

Feeding these two animals together is possible, as both donkeys can llamas eat virtually the same thing.

However, llamas enjoy eating hay (primarily grasses) and grain (rich in carbohydrates).

They need minerals and salt like donkeys that also enjoy eating grass hay and require sufficient salt in their feed to prevent them from chewing wood other things around.

Additionally, ensure that the animals have access to freshwater to drink. 

Housing Donkeys and Llamas Together?

It is possible to house donkeys and llamas together, though it is not recommended.

As donkeys can kick llamas, you should keep in mind that donkey kicks are different from other animals.

This is accompanied by force. Each, however, demonstrates a strong personality, with the donkey being more dominant than the other. 

Although it’d be better to put up a fence or anything to demarcate each species space—however, if you want to raise these two animals together, it is best to introduce them before releasing them to the pasture.

Some are very territorial, which can make them hostile, and llamas spit, so spitting on a donkey can result in a fight between the two.

Donkeys have more bodyweight than llamas which gives them a fair advantage over the other.

Furthermore, they also carry parasites viruses that can be detrimental to the health of llamas.

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How Do You Prevent Fighting and Competition between Them?

The best way to prevent fighting amongst your animals is by housing only female animals—female donkeys are less aggressive than males.

If raised with the pasture, she will be familiarized with the herd.

Also, females tend to be more docile and won’t have any need to fight except when irritated. 

This is the same with female llamas. They only spit, which happens only when they are annoyed.

Females only spit on younger ones or lower members of the herd. Again, it is to control them. 

So raising female donkeys and llamas prevents your animals from fighting and competing with each other.

Can You Raise Them, Young, Together?

You can raise both donkey and llamas together.

Llamas are a gregarious and friendly species that can be utilized as guardians due to their rapid bonding with their pasture companions.

Similar to the various guardian animals, it is better to raise donkeys with the herd they will protect while they are young.

While older female donkeys or gelded males can be introduced to a herd, foals that grow up with their flock will develop into natural leaders and protectors.

But most important of all is to raise them sex to sex (that is, female to female and keep the males separate).

Will Donkeys Kill Llamas?

In a way, a donkey can kill llamas. Donkeys are known for kicking, and that kick is done with great force.

This force can be harmful to llamas. Although this can be done accidentally, it still has a significant effect on the animals.

Furthermore, just like sheep and alpaca, llamas are susceptible to diseases, and donkeys are suitable carriers of pathogens that can affect the health of llamas.

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Can Donkeys And Goat Crossbreed?

In an ideal world, mating between these two species is wrong. However, male donkeys (even those that have been gelded) may attempt to breed with female goats.

Thus, coexistence between the two species is possible – as long as you are willing to put different measures to reduce or eliminate potential conflicts.

For example, there hasn’t been any record of a crossbreed between a donkey and a goat.

Do Donkeys Protect Llamas?

Not exactly. Donkeys protect the pastures, that is, the sheep and goats, not the llamas.

Most times, donkeys are more concerned about their territories than they are about the animals. 

They feed and mingle with the other animals on the pasture until a threat arrives.

They are a more alert grazing animal than horses, with superior hearing and a larger field of vision.

Llamas can guard sheep and goats against coyotes and wild dogs, whereas donkeys can guard sheep, goats, and cattle against wolves, coyotes, dogs, and bobcats. 

As a result, donkeys don’t protect llamas, as llamas are capable of self-defense. 

What Animals Can Donkeys Live With?

Donkeys can live with various animals, for example,

Donkeys and horses are excellent friends if they have sufficient space, food, water, and mineral availability to avoid feeling the need to compete and to avoid one another.

Certain donkeys and horses have incredibly intimate bonds.

Donkeys and other shelter mammals like pigs, alpacas, goats, and llamas, can coexist peacefully on the same pasture.

Still, they must be introduced carefully and monitored closely to ensure a suitable fit.

Some donkeys are very territorial than others, which can manifest as dangerously antagonistic behavior.

Donkeys and poultry birds. As with the sheltered mammal species, it is impossible to rightly say a donkey will put up with, welcome, or be very unreceptive to coexisting with poultry birds like geese, ducks, turkeys, and chickens, dependent on the donkey’s preference.

However, some donkeys do not mind living together with poultry birds as long as each species’ unique needs are met.

Donkeys and other donkeys. It is far preferable for a donkey to have more donkey buddies, provided they have sufficient space, food, water, and mineral access to avoid feeling compelled to compete.

Donkeys are gregarious animals, much more so in areas with fewer resources. Once they determine who is in charge, they usually cohabit harmoniously.


Donkeys and llamas may coexist, each performing a different purpose.

For example, donkeys are a more alert grazing animal than horses, with superior hearing and a larger field of vision. 

Additionally, they are less spooked or flighty than horses and are more inclined to stand their ground.

If the donkey brays loudly in response to danger, this may also deter predators.

Additionally, female llamas make excellent guard animals since they represent less risk of injury to livestock and are more protective, particularly of the young

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