Can Donkeys Eat Bananas? (Answered)

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“If monkeys eat Banana, donkeys also, should” was the first thought that crossed my mind, and yes, I was right, they do.

Generally, among animals that do eat bananas, monkeys are believed to have  made it to the top list.

Donkeys have a high taste for bananas as  they don’t only eat the bananas but also the peels. This is because bananas contain a high amount of nutrients and minerals such as potassium which is ideal for strong bones.

Beside other varieties like Straw, Hay, Silage, Mineral & vitamins, and so on, Bananas add a variety of diet to a donkey’s meal and enhance their appetite.

What are the health benefits of bananas to donkeys?

Can Donkeys Eat Bananas

Bananas are usually fed to donkeys because of their high potassium content. Also, they contain an appreciable quantity of Vitamin B, C and fibre.

There are numerous health benefits of bananas to Donkeys, and they range from minerals, vitamins, to antioxidants which are essential in their diet, making it an important part of their diet ratio.

Bananas are also a rich source of Vitamin B2, Fiber magnesium, Vitamin C Potassium and manganese.

Here are some of the health benefits of bananas for donkeys

  • Potassium – As well as helping the muscles and nerves to work, potassium will also help to keep your donkey’s heart healthy.
  • Vitamin B6 – This helps your animal’s body to turn carbohydrates and fats into energy.
  • Vitamin C – Not just an immune booster, vitamin C will also help your donkey to stay healthy by assisting with repairing any cell and tissue damage.
  • Digestion – When fed in moderation bananas can not only aid digestion but also help to treat some minor gastrointestinal problems.
  • Energy – Bananas are also a great source of energy which is why most farmers feed their donkeys with bananas.

Are Bananas Safe for Donkeys? 

Bananas are safe for donkeys not only because they are soft and easy to digest but also because they (Platano Burro) provide a Donkey with  low-calorie diets, reducing the risk of Obesity be in them.

After the consumption of straws, Hay and other dried fruits, their utility in terms of satisfaction is second to none when given succulent fruits like bananas.

The soft and creamy ripened banana does a whole lot of good.

While it’s safe to give donkeys bananas, I think it’s safer to  cut it in  a way that minimizes the risk of choking during the process of feeding them.

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Can I Feed my Donkeys too much Banana?

Yes, you can, even though it is very unhealthy and therefore, not advisable.

As it is with us, humans, Bananas though comprising the necessary nutrients for healthy survival should be taken in moderation.

Donkeys should not be fed with Bananas except in moderation as excess of it might lead to an undesirable state of its digest system. 

Also, make sure you do not feed your donkeys bananas as meals but as a fruit to aid in the enhancement of the other meals and in the provision of many good nutrients. 

Remember that, “don’t forget that the Donkey ate only 3 bananas” was KEKA’s reply when he was asked.

Can Donkeys eat Banana Peels?

Yes, they  can.

Unlike Humans who are  put off by the bitter taste of the banana peels, donkeys don’t really care about this as they take in the whole thing, delightfully.

Basically, I don’t have to throw my waste banana peels away, I give them to my donkeys.

Apart  from loving the fruit, Donkeys love and eat the peels too, which is completely safe for them.

But, I make no mistake about this.

I ensure the Peels are free from dirt and thus healthy for my donkey’s consumption

Can Donkeys eat Banana Chips?

No, they can’t.

Their digestive systems are not built to digest chips as such.

Unlike Humans who enjoy snacks, meat and dairy products, these are a great turn-off for donkeys as they aren’t suitable for them. 

Primarily most of their lives are lived  In the deserts, so succulent food not snacks should be needed to keep them hydrated.

Can Donkeys eat Banana bread?

No, they can’t.

I know we may be wondering why it’s so.

How that, they could eat banana peels and leaves but can’t eat banana bread.

Well, they can’t and shouldn’t be fed bread because it isn’t a healthy diet for them.

Bread contains starch which the donkey already has enough of a straw-based diet.

Moreover, the tendency of being choked is high. I don’t advise you to give them bread.

Can Donkeys eat Banana leaves?

As donkeys are herbivores they can and should be fed Banana leaves.

However, as they aren’t like sheep, goats or other herbivorous animals, I ensure I take caution on what I give to them and so should we too.

Aside banana leaves, fresh mint leaves, swede, turnips, parsnips, which holds and supply donkeys with lots of nutrients,

There are yet  vegetables, leaves and plants that are not safe for donkeys and you wouldn’t want to risk that. 

You can click  here to have a list of some plants/leaves that are harmful to donkeys.

As a general rule, we aren’t  supposed to change their ratio randomly and completely.

If we wish to add a treat, it should be done bit by bit to enable us test-run the outcome of such food on the donkeys.

Can Baby Donkeys Eat Bananas?

The term ‘baby’ doesn’t change anything.

They can and do eat bananas.

Bananas should be given to baby donkeys who might have difficulty chewing straw, grass and soon die to the strength  of their dentition.

Generally, eating bananas comes naturally to them.

Though, it’s believed that, if they aren’t exposed to eating such a heavenly nutritious fruit, they are likely not to eat them when they are grown.

But, that doesn’t always apply.

The baby donkey enjoys eating bananas as it is one of the most delicious and healthy treats.

Providing them with vitamins, Potassium , among other nutrients needed for healthy growth and development.


Whether young or old, the same is the case with donkeys when banana consumption is concerned.

In fact the baby donkey has a good deal with bananas for the taste and nutritional value they derive from it.

However, the ratio of banana they consume should be checked alongside other varieties/treats  like, Hay , Straws, 

to ensure appropriate distribution of nutrients round their bodies.

Finally, I don’t give my donkey bananas because I don’t know what to do with them, nor do I give them any other diet for giving sake.

The purpose of feeding them is to ensure good body development, strength and general Productivity.

To this end, I make sure the donkeys are placed on a healthy diet.

This would keep them smart, healthy and lively.

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