Can Donkeys Eat Strawberries? (Answered)

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Ever wondered if donkeys like strawberries and if they can eat it, then you need to watch this article to the end

Yes, donkeys can eat strawberries. Strawberries and delicious treats for donkeys; you can use strawberries to train donkeys. If you want to use food/treats as a training tool for your donkeys, strawberries will do the trick.

Strawberries can be considered as one of the treats or fruits that your donkeys can consume.

They are high in vitamins and filled with water, they also have a reasonable amount of fiber. All these make strawberries a fantastic option for your donkeys.

Follow us as we explore the health benefits of strawberries to donkeys, the ways you can serve strawberries to your donkeys, things to consider when you want to feed strawberries to your Donkeys.

What are the health benefits of strawberries to donkeys

Can Donkeys Eat Strawberries

Not only are strawberries great treats for donkeys, but they also have several health benefits for donkeys.

Feeding your donkeys strawberries is good on several levels. We are going to explore some of these health benefits of strawberries to donkeys; they include:

  • Appetite
  • Hydration
  • Nutrition
  • Fiber
  • Weight gain

1. It helps their Appetite

Feeding strawberries to a donkey that is just recovering from sickness is a good way to stimulate the appetite of that donkey; this will, in turn, aid the recovery of the donkey.

Appetite is an important part of a donkey’s health, if your donkey does not have an appetite, it will not eat, and this can lead to several health problems.

So whenever you want to stimulate the appetite of your donkey, a good way to do this is to feed them strawberries.

2. It helps in their Hydration

Considering that strawberries have a high water content, it is a good way to help your donkey stay hydrated.

Much like giving them watermelon, strawberries are also high in water, so even if they don’t drink much water eating strawberries could help keep them hydrated.

Hydration is very important to any animal; dehydration could lead to exhaustion And sometimes death.

This doesn’t mean you should feed your donkeys only strawberries.

There is no substitute for water, so endeavored to give your donkeys as much water and keep them hydrated as much as possible.

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3. It is a good source of Nutrition

Strawberries are high in nutrients; they have vitamins, minerals, Antioxidants on a whole lot of nutrients that are good for the health of your donkeys.

Feeding your donkeys strawberries from time to time could be a good way to supplement the nutrients they get from other sources of food and keep them healthy.

This is part of the reason that strawberries are considered a healthy treat for donkeys.

The nutritional benefits of strawberries cannot be overemphasized.

4. It is high in Fiber

Strawberries are a good source of fiber; this helps in the digestion and overall digestive health of your donkeys.

Feeding your donkey strawberries could help their digestive system, which would, in turn, reduce Constipation and improve overall health.

5. It helps in Weight gain

Because strawberries are not very high in calories, they can be a great treat for donkeys that would not make your donkeys gain weight excessively.

Using strawberries to train your donkeys is a good way to limit the calories they consume and put a lid on their weight gain. This would, in turn, benefits their health.

Strawberries have several health benefits for donkeys; they’re packed with potassium, vitamins, folic acid, fiber, and minerals.

These help the bodies of your donkeys work properly.

You don’t need to feed your donkeys buckets of strawberries daily. Just a handful a day is enough to give these benefits.

How often should I feed them strawberries?

When it comes to feeding animals treats, you have to be cautious; you shouldn’t feed your donkey strawberries more than once a day.

Like it is popularly known, “too much of everything is bad

This becomes especially true when it comes to animals and their treats.

Depending on what you use strawberries for feeding your donkeys more than once a day would strawberries could be counterintuitive.

If you use strawberries as a form of appreciation of your donkeys when they perform well, then you shouldn’t spoil them with it by giving them too often.

Give strawberries to your donkeys as a tool for training them and encouraging good behavior.

You shouldn’t give them more than once a day because if you feed them strawberries, often it would lose the effect that it has on them; it could even lead to bad behavior because when you don’t feed them strawberries, they could act out.

One of the reasons for not feeding strawberries to your donkeys often is the cost of strawberries.

If you intend to feed your donkey strawberries until they are satisfied, you will spend a lot of money to feed your donkeys.

This is due to the fact that strawberries are not cheap and donkeys eat a lot, so to feed donkey strawberries often, you would have to spend a whole lot of money to buy those strawberries.

It is advisable that you feed your donkey strawberries in moderation; you don’t want to spend too much and end up spoiling your donkeys or feeding them strawberries too much that would adversely affect their health.

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Can baby donkeys eat strawberries?

Yes, baby donkeys can eat strawberries.

You will have to dice them into smaller pieces when you want to feed strawberries to your baby donkeys.

You could also mash the strawberries and feed them to your baby donkeys.

Can donkeys eat strawberry leaves?

Strawberry leaves are also nutritious; donkeys do feed on strawberry leaves.

However, it is not easy to get strawberry leaves, but if you can get your hands on them, your donkeys should love them.

Donkeys eat a variety of leaves, and strawberry leaves are one of those varieties that they can eat.

How can I serve strawberries to my donkeys?

 You might be thinking, how do you serve strawberries to your donkeys?

You don’t need to have any special Recipe or preparation for feeding your donkey strawberries. You could do it in one of the following ways.

  • A handful a day: Simply taking a handful of strawberries and feeding them directly to your donkeys is a great way to serve strawberries to your donkeys. This method does not require any special cooking or preparation. Just make sure you wash the strawberries and your hands are clean. Are you can feed them to your donkeys.
  • Mashed strawberries: This is a good way to serve strawberries to your donkeys; you mash the strawberries, take the mashed strawberries on a plate and serve your donkeys. This recipe is good for feeding strawberries to baby donkeys.
  • Diced strawberries: Dicing the strawberries before you feed them to your donkeys could be a good way to serve strawberries to your donkeys; this way, there is little chance of them choking on the strawberries, and it could take longer for them to finish the strawberries. Just make sure whatever you use in dicing and preparing diced strawberries for your donkeys is clean.

Things to keep in mind when feeding strawberries to donkeys

There are a number of things to consider when feeding strawberries to donkeys. They include:

  • Weight of donkey
  • Activeness of donkey
  • Teeth of donkey
  • Health of donkey
  • Cost of Strawberries

Considering the above before feeding strawberries to your donkeys is very important.

If the teeth of your donkey are not in good condition feeding them strawberries is not advised.

If your donkey is unhealthy and is put on a strict diet, feeding that donkey strawberries might be a bad idea.

If your donkey is overweight, giving it more, treats might not be a good idea, but it could also be good to switch up the treats to something as healthy as strawberries.

Generally, more active donkeys burn more calories, so feeding an active donkey strawberries might be better than feeding inactive donkey strawberries.

Cost is also an important factor in deciding to feed your donkey strawberries or not.

If strawberries are in season and cheaper, it would be a good choice to feed your donkeys strawberries; however, if it costs too much to get strawberries and video donkeys, you could find alternative treats for your donkeys.


Raising donkeys is no small task, from what they eat, shelter, water, to treats.

We hope that this article has been able to help you know that strawberries can be fed to donkeys, and they are beneficial to donkeys.

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